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Trayvon Martin: Homicide Investigator wanted Zimmerman arrested

Updated on March 28, 2012
Chris Serino, right
Chris Serino, right
Jason Giroir's post
Jason Giroir's post
Jason Giroir
Jason Giroir

Officer in Trayvon Case wanted to arrest Zimmerman

Several news outlets are now reporting that the lead homicide investigator on the Trayvon Martin case wanted George Zimmerman arrested and charged with manslaughter. Detective Chris Serino signed an affidavit saying that he was unconvinced by Zimmerman’s version of events. His request was overruled by the State’s Attorney citing lack of evidence.

In other news, a New Orleans Police officer who is under investigation for the shooting of a 20-year-old black man posted on a local TV channel’s blog “Act like a thug, die like a thug.” He then went on to tell another commenter to “come to our town with a "Hoodie" and you join Martin in hell…” Officer Jason Giroir has since resigned before termination procedures were started.

Two things about both of these incidents: the first is that it shows that there were conscientious police officers there the night Trayvon died who knew that something was wrong with Zimmerman’s story. I hate to say that the police believed Zimmerman’s account on face value, but it certainly seems that they did a cursory investigation. For example, one question posed by another writer today pointed out the fact that Trayvon obviously had identification on him. Though his parents did not know until almost two days later that Trayvon was dead, a report filled out that night lists Trayvon’s name, address, date of birth, and phone number. Why didn’t the police call that number? He also asks if the police had Trayvon’s phone, why didn’t they answer when his father called?

The thing that bothers me about the other report, and this can be applied to Sanford too, is that police departments have cultures and the one in New Orleans seems to be toxic. For a professional officer to label an unarmed teen a thug is reprehensible, but then to compound it by inviting another young black man to his town and threatening him with death for wearing a hoodie is criminal.

We need to change the culture of justice in America. It begins with those whom we hire to police our streets. It also begins with an honest conversation on race and inequality in this country. Let’s start the conversation today.


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Black skin would like a security guard for george zimmerman.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      This guy geroge is going to get off watch and see hes a great lier I mean a great lier and their are people like geroge are great at what they are like the father of the lie john 8:44 says the sad thing is geroge is walking and trayvon is dead no justice because the judge and the jury and geroge lawyer belives him and people buy it. Instead of puting the puzzle together they just say ok that makes sents geroge for example Im at my friends house helping him with his house but im really over to the mall you see what im saying I can say any thing on the phone its easy as 1,2,3. Its easy to li but its hard to tell the truth. But I could not do what geroge did because im a honest man.

    • LHwritings profile image

      Lyndon Henry 

      6 years ago from Central Texas


      Habueld, thanks again for continuing to stay on top of this case, relate important emerging news, and keep the focus on the realities of what so many perceive clearly as another racist atrocity. I've voted this Up and Useful.

      The extremist Tea Party right are exposing their core racism in trying to turn this murdered young man (Trayvon) into a street criminal (wearing a hoodie and armed with Skittles, ice tea, and cellphone) who lured the noble, innocent Zimmerman into following him, then attacked him, forcing poor Zimmerman (who outweighed Trayvon by 100 lbs and carried a loaded 9mm) to shoot and kill the black highschool student. Why was Trayvon wearing a hoodie? After all, any innocent young black male would just let his head get soaked in the rain, and wouldn't be walking the streets at night, anyway -- clearly suspicious behavior for any black person.

      This portrayal may sound ridiculous, but it's the kind of racist drivel now emerging from the far right as they rally to justify the extermination of one more black youth. Some are now demanding that Trayvon's parents "apologize" to Zimmerman. In response to one of these postings, I asked if the parents were also expected to pay Zimmerman for the bullet he expended in shooting Trayvon.

      I don't think the "culture of justice" will be changed merely by a "conversation" --- but an honest reporting of the facts is critical, and my thanks again for your efforts.


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