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Honor Those Who Died in Orlando, Stop Cowering

Updated on June 13, 2016

I refuse to "credit" ISIS with the Orlando attack, I refuse to empower them by recognizing their claim of chance. We only empower ISIS when we hand them credit (and our fear) for the mentally ill who self-radicalize reading internet posts. Stop it. ISIS did nothing but reach out and hope they snagged a weak fish in their net. They are not on our doorstep and their cowardly efforts don't deserve "credit" for this attack. This is not an act of war on their part, it's an act of weakness.

Saying this is not an endorsement of ISIS, it's not soft on terror, so don't be an asshat and let that thought come out of your mouth. ISIS is its own danger, ISIS must be dealt with. But we don't need to run around like Chicken Little screaming the sky is falling every time a chance apple falls on us.

We need to do better to keep the guns out of the hands of those with mental illness and criminal issues. We need to have a better background system and treat it with care and balance. Perhaps if the terrorists ex-wife had a system she could trust, he would have been reported for domestic violence and denied in his background. Oh wait, we don't consider domestic violence an actual act of violence and FL doesn't restrict people from weapons with "minor" offenses or under investigation for DV. I can't imagine that the outcome of Stanford's rapist sentencing is going to convince women that reporting violence is going to get the anywhere.

Then there are those that are screaming about building up our military, "Obama made our military weak!" What exactly would our military have been able to do to stop this guy? Nothing. Whining our military is weak is a ludicrous and useless reaction to this attack; a fearful reaction that caves to the psychological war they're playing. He was angry, he was reportedly bi-polar or suffering some other potential mental illness -- he would have found a reason to do wht he did because no one around him had a ready means to address his issues.

And our military isn't weak, so piss off. We spend a Trillion Dollars on it and peripheral support every year. You're a cowering fool if you think our military is weak. Stop it. Stop empowering terrorists by calling us weak. Stop feeding them their next newsletter.

Terrorism is as much a psych game as it is a game of violence -- and you're losing it for us by attacking your own country, president, and fellow citizens with fits of fear and anxiety.
Yes, ISIS is trying to kill you -- with any tool they're able to grab by chance. There is no organized effort of large scale here that we need to address. Our federal and local police have been wildly successful at putting down organized efforts in this country since 9/11 -- yes, under both Bush and Obama. We don't have to worry about suicide bombers in our farmer's markets every month exactly because we are not weak and we are not incompetent.

All Muslims are not ISIS. They are not even most Muslims. ISIS is not here en masse. There are not millions waiting to be radicalized by them in our country already. Stop being a coward. Stop trying to lose the battle. Terror is designed to make you fear everything and lash out, make yourself more enemies out of fear and distrust, weaken your strategies, make you do fearful and desperate things....all the things you say when you call us weak and attack our leaders for being weak.

And stop arguing if Orlando was a hate crime or terror, it was both. And yes, the man was mentally ill so can we stop with the "if he was a white man" bit? More division, more in-fighting, more insulting your fellow countrymen. Yes, it was hate; yes, it was terror; yes, he was mentally ill. Move the hell on -- a house divided against itself cannot stand, dividing us over these points is shameful and degrading -- to the victims, to the families and to our nation.
Honor those that died in Orlando yesterday, stop acting like a coward.


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