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Honor killings: Where is the end?

Updated on July 11, 2010

killed for honor

It is wrong to say that girls in India have a right to choose their partner, at least not those in rural India. What's more, if girls dare to choose their life partner or fall in love, God save them. It is quite upsetting that girls and even boys are being killed for honor. In most parts of rural India, particularly in Haryana, Punjab and Western UP, parents or guardians do not allow their girls to fall in love. And those who dare to do so have to risk their lives, with most girls marrying their boyfriends and eloping - the only alternative available to them.  But where do they go? Nowhere. Wherever they go, they remain unprotected. The hawkish eyes of their guardians or parents get hold of them quite easily. What is the result? Both the girl and the boy are either killed or the dagger falls only on the boy, while the girl is married of to someone overnight so that the incident goes unnoticed. I know this. You know this. Every second person knows this. But who would dare to speak up? None. Recent statistics show that about 1,000 young boys and girls become victims of honor killing in the country, with the numbers rising fast every year.

Now even some incidents of honor killing have been reported even in urban India. You would be surprised to know that urban India has reported incidents of honor killing that involve daughters and sisters of the so-called respectable families in the country. Some families of doctors, Civil servants, media persons, Income tax officers have also contributed to this trend of honor killing. 

Every day, the same story flashes headlines - so and so girl from such place killed for honor. We have scaled new heights in IT and every field, but where we stand as far as this issue is concerned? 

Now we can say that daughters are not needed in this country. While some kill their daughters even before they are born, others throw them in burning oil just after their birth, and some others kill them for honor, when they fall in love.

I am saddened at this scenario - sometimes speachless, sometimes vommit out my anger, but still can't do anything to curtail this trend of honor killing. 

Will daughters continue to be killed like this? Do daughters, once considered goddesses, deserve this? Falling in love with someone, or with someone from the same GOTRA, caste is no crime. Nobody checks the gotra, caste of the person they like. Who thinks about these non-issues while falling in love? Love is a gift of god reserved for the one who understands us and our feelings. 

Will the fear of honor killing prevent our girls and boys from falling in love? NO, then why this brutal trend?

Save your daughters yourself before INDIA losses all its daughters to honor killing or dowry killing or any other social crime against girls.


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    • profile image

      hunny 7 years ago

      ya good job

    • FirstStepsFitness profile image

      FirstStepsFitness 7 years ago

      Respond in english geet jaggi so everyone can understand :)

      None of the practices are right how can anyone have such little regard for human life ?

    • profile image

      geet jaggi 7 years ago

      hello ravneet ji, tussi bikul sahi gal kitti hai, ye honor kiling de layi sadi government nu kuch karna chahida hai.