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Hospitals, Clinics and Institutions to Avoid in the Philippines (Guide to Young Doctors of this Country)

Updated on October 14, 2010

I've summed up every opinion and here is a short list: (As of 5/18/09)

1. School Physician

P8,000.00 to P12,000.00/month

                Benign on most months

         Very Toxic during the months of June and July since you need to do PE all the students

                With teaching load (Quite forced)

2. Bulacan Polymedic Hospital

P600.00/24 hours (12nn-12nn) 50/admission, 10/suture, 100/circumcision

                Newly renovated, 2 floors , 50-60 bed capacity. OR, DR (new), specialty clinics (almost all specialty), 

                Along a main road in Bulacan, owned by a surgeon.

                Meals not included.

                1ROD per duty, will take ER, wards, OR assist. with ROD quarters



                 Very delayed salary

                 Recent resignation of nurses

4. Abott Laboratories/Mercury Drug

P (?)

                 Free Clinic

         Supposedly half day, extended till afternoon

                 Very delayed compensation

5. Sabater Hospital

P1,400.00duty, 100/admission, 100/suture, 200/OR assist


        WARNING: Chief ROD manipulates the schedule of duties without informing the duty beforehand, 

You may end up having no duties at all

6. Santicissimo Rosario General Hospital Valenzuela

P800.00/24 hours duty


          Basic pay not given right away (Very Low Pay)

7. Pohnpei, Micronesia

Consultants are forced to do OPD work as a GP

A-Hole administrative officer

Unfair Labor Practices

8. Fe del Mundo Medical Center

P1,000.00/24hours duty - 10%tax = P900.00/duty

    BASIC PAY you have to get from someone. (HASSLE)

    with INCENTIVES but VERY VERY VERY DIFFICULT to GET (RODs need to have lots of PATIENCE and 

    constant FOLLOW-UP to all the BITCHES at the ACCOUNTING DEPT. who treat you like a BEGGAR)

    Benign but NURSES are INEFFICIENT

9. Angelicum Medical and Diagnostic Clinic


    9AM-5PM; 12-1PM LUNCH not included in the PAY

    NO FREE LUNCH (kinda usual)

    TAKE NOTE: 25-40 PATIENTS (Lots of demanding patients)

    INCENTIVE: P150.00/walk-in consult (Quite Rare) 

10. OCW Clinic

(3rd flr regent bldg. 1415 gen.luna st. ermita manila)


    9AM-5PM; LOW PAY

    NO FREE LUNCH (kinda usual)

11. Las Pinas Medical Center


    DOWNSIDE: Assigned at the OR on all OB cases

             Labor watch (Have we graduated from this already?)

             Dra. R.M. - Biatch Consultant

             Staff nurses that are also biatches.

             Prior history of Walk-out from previous moonlighters

             No Incentives (pls. verify)

12. Asian Hospital and Medical Center


           The Prestige, very CLASS A Hospital

             Good for the RESUME/CV

             Departmentalized Moonlighting

    DOWNSIDE: No free meals

             Commuting is quite HASSLE.

           No Incentives? (pls. verify)

13. Southern Luzon Hospital and Medical Center

3k/duty, very NEW hospital and the lobby looks like a HOTEL.

    DOWNSIDE: OBSERVATION PERIOD - 24hrs and will wait to be given duties.

                      NO FREE MEALS

                      CLEARANCE if you will resign

                      SLIGHT problem with the Salary

                      Errands not under the scope of the JOB, e.g. doing powerpoint presentations 

                      They require BLS, ACLS

                      6 months CONTRACT

                      3k/duty subject to 10% witholding tax, total is 2.7k/duty

                      2 duties/week is required

14. Center for Health Services Inc. (CHSI)

P200/hr for 4 hours

    DOWNSIDE: WARNING!!! They would say or post ads that there is an opening for MedTechs, RadTechs, Nurses, Company Physicians and Clinical Specialists, but in reality there is NO REAL OPENING. 

    An insider from the said company told us that they would accommodate you for the INTERVIEW but your RESUME would just PILE UP along with the others that PREVIOUSLY APPLIED.

He also showed us the tall pile of Resumes on the floor.

15. Ospital ng Muntinlupa

1.8k/duty basic + incentives 

    DOWNSIDE: VERY TOXIC!!! So you are utilized more than 100%.


16. Halcyon Maritime Clinic

15-16k/month minus tax, 8-5pm Mon to Sat

17. San Florenzo Diagnostic Clinic

15-16k/month minus tax, 8-5pm Mon to Sat

18. Clinicomed

11k/month minus tax, 8-5pm Mon to Sat

19. Asia Pacific Medical Center

P900.00/duty (annual PE/Consultation),

travel fee (to APE site only), Night differential


                       Salary is given every 5th or 20th of the month

if you accumulate P3k above minus TAX

                       WARNING: P900/duty reliever onsite at STO. TOMAS, BATANGAS 

                                       6AM call time, you'll get home late 6PM

                                       Transportation is a VERY OLD JEEP with no AIRCON

PAP SMEAR is done but with no additional pay.

20. Tropical Diseases Foundation

WARNING! They would post ads looking for a clinic physician

but the position would entail you to do PTB related RESEARCH.

21. Maritime Clinic for International Services

                     DOWNSIDE: P18k/month minus tax (P3.5k)

                     NO VACATION LEAVE

                     NO INCENTIVE LEAVE of 5 days (mandatory by the Labor Code)

                     DIRTY POLITICS 

                     MARTIAL LAW (Boss = resurrected Ferdinand Marcos + Imelda Marcos)

                     You might be assigned in encoding ICD 10.

                     INTERVIEW process will take you 2 DAYS and

you will WAIT till 5-7pm to be ENTERTAINED by the CEO

                     WARNING: Salary can be ENTICING but do your MATH.

                     Company will TRANSFER at INTRAMUROS

22. A multinational pharmaceutical company (to be revealed soon by lulu)

with good Compensation and Benefits

(70K + car + gas + every benefit we never had as an intern/resident in the hospital).

But the flaw is you have the BOSS from HELL,


23. Acecor Ambulance Conduction Company

P700/duty basic plus P300 every conduction after your 1st patient

                   If you have lots of patiens, GOOD PAY!!!


Please add up your own experiences with these BRUTAL and INHUMANE institutions and clinics.


This post serves to WARN my colleagues from accepting JOBS that will be a LIABILITY to them.

And for the following institutions to TREAT DOCTORS FAIRLY or at least COMPENSATE us APPROPRIATE to our level of Professionalism.


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    • profile image

      DocDevelopingCountry 2 years ago

      This is the Philippines... this isn't some 1st world country... Be a doctor in the USA or Australia, where pastures are definitely greener. Sorry that you were born here where our corrupt government and mismanaged funds are taking us for granted. Why do you think a lot of doctors gave up their M.D. status and became a nurse in the USA instead ? Deal with it. Ph is Ph. I know it sucks but that's how it is.

    • profile image

      Doc Laj 3 years ago

      hi :) same pa rin ba now ang rates for school physician? thanks in advance

    • profile image

      cess 3 years ago

      I'm not a doctor but I have a concern. Where can I file a complaint against the doctor's misconduct/unprofessionalism? Thanks for your reply.

    • profile image

      Francis 3 years ago

      Hi there, we are currently searching for a medical doctor or gp for a skin care clinic. part time / full time. please email resume at


    • profile image

      DocJP1979 3 years ago


    • profile image

      Doc doc 4 years ago

      Hello! I'm currently moonlighting at Fe Del Mundo and noticed that a lot has changed since this was posted. We clarified with the Chair of the IM dept regarding the delayed salary issue, and he told us that there were mismanagement issues in the past. So far ok n raw ung payment system, and I would like to encourage new GPs to try moonlighting at FDM for the following reasons:

      1. Benign.

      2. They raised the basic PF to 2800/24hrs for single duty. Plus incentives. So even if benign, usual salary per duty is 3k at least.

      3. Own quarters. Daily maintenance.

      4. Free meals.

      5. Very kind and accommodating staff. Efficient ER nurses.

      6. Very kind ER secretary.

      7. Very approachable consultants.

    • profile image

      DokAga 4 years ago

      Yung reklamador na Doktor..magtayo na lang nang sariling Hospital..l

    • profile image

      miles 4 years ago

      Thank you ackermannMD for guiding us thru your post/blog.

      Can i make it clear that Fe Del Mundo Medical Center is not a hospital to avoid.

      PF is P1400 + generous incentives, less 15%. There is a separate fee for dialysis sessions you attend. Compensations are given every 15th and 25th of the month. There are free meals TID. You have your own airconditioned quarter, with two beds, a TV, and PC with internet connection. Consultants are efficient and not demanding. Most of the staff are kind, and respectful.

      Di man po on time ang bayad palagi, sana po intindihin na lang natin ang ospital. Hindi naman po tayo nagdoctor para sa easy money diba? Hindi naman tayo maghihirap sa ilang araw o linggo na delayed na suweldo, pero na lang kung balahura tayo gumastos.

      Napagiwan na nga po ang ospital. Pero hindi naman po ang prinsipyo at tungkulin natin bilang doktor diba? Ospital po ito ni Dr. Fe Del Mundo, na tinayo nya para makatulong lalo na sa mga bata at pamilya nila. Ang mga nurses, hindi nga kasing efficient ng ibang ospital, oo. Pero, tayo bang mga GP o moonlighter efficient din kaya palagi kagaya ng GPs o moonlighters sa ibang ospital? Papaalala ko lang po, pediatric hospital po ang ospital na ito. Ang IM/adult surgical cases, maonti kung icocompare sa dami ng kaso sa malalaking tertiary hospital. Tama lang ang katoxican at kabeningnan dito. Kulang sa pasilidad, pero ginagawan ng paraan ng mga consultant at staff para punan ito. Halimbawa na lang, kinocoordinate ng mga residents on duty ang mga CT scan ng pasyente, na madalas sa De Los Santos Hospital ginagawa.

      Please po, sana ireconsider nyo itong ospital na ito.

      Maraming salamat po sa paggabay ninyo.

    • profile image

      doc jayr 5 years ago

      Stop moonlighting and start on training. That way. You'll going to be the boss so you wont have to complain on so many things

    • AckermannMD profile image

      AckermannMD 5 years ago from Des Plaines, Illinois

      Your Welcome

    • AckermannMD profile image

      AckermannMD 5 years ago from Des Plaines, Illinois

      Please email me the details

    • AckermannMD profile image

      AckermannMD 5 years ago from Des Plaines, Illinois


    • AckermannMD profile image

      AckermannMD 5 years ago from Des Plaines, Illinois

      No 13th month pay

      On Holidays usually its double pay

    • profile image

      juana, md 5 years ago

      Thankful for all the tips and feedbacks!

    • profile image

      liza jane 5 years ago

      " well i do it@

    • profile image

      Md.bisaya 5 years ago

      May isa p hospital sa batangas maliit n lugar 2,ooo per 24 hrs duty.toxic lalo n sa opd.ang m.c. Wala incentive,opd 25 pesos,suturing 50 pesos ke malaki or maliit tatahiin mo,puro magkakamag anak Tao dun,most of the time libre lahat pati kamag anak nung me ari ospital,wala k makukuha charge,at ang ok sa lahat wala tv at air on ang quarters he he,super LNG maghanda libre naman food.

    • profile image

      siberianhusky79 6 years ago

      im working in a small govt community hospital. i admit every day i learn from my two other colleagues who never question my management . i may not know all the correct protocol but i tried my best to give my best, to share a joke or lighten up the burden of my ailing patients. i might be getting as little as 12k per month for the 8 days duty but im contented with it especially when my patients appreciate and acknowledge the sacrifice i am doing. may be to my fellow doctors , we just need to take the reality that everybody really have to start from the bottom. pagalingan na lang na maghanap ng pag momoonlightingan. in due time, magiging competent din tayo tulad ng mga seniors natin and hopefully by that time mabigyan na tayo ng break either here in our own country or outside. live simply and things will gonna be alright.

    • profile image

      memberandguest 6 years ago

      I'm liking this discussion and I'd like to make my thoughts short and bulleted.

      1) Doc Jake does have a valid point that a lot of moonlighting physicians make mistakes and lack basic knowledge and may end up compromising patient care.

      2) Still, even specialists make mistakes. It is not unique to GP's/moonlighting physicians.

      3) Doc Jake's post, although it has a point, was made to offend and condescend (hanggang 100 pesos per hour ka lang).

      4) The point of this post is not to greedily seek money but to avoid institutions with POOR WORKING CONDITIONS, compensation being but one out of a myriad of concerns.

      5) Asking for a just compensation or even a higher one does not make one a heartless, greedy doctor. All doctors think of monetary compensation; it's practical. If some institutions offer a lower pay for the same work, it's only logical to avoid it. It doesn't make you any less caring of a doctor, it's being practical.

      6) I applaud AckermannMD for posting this because some hospitals/clinics/institutions really do take advantage of doctors. Again, it's not just about money, it's about working conditions. I honestly think this is borne out of concern for other doctors to not be taken advantage of by some erring institutions.

      7) Again, DocJake is right that a lot of moonlighting physicians lack basic knowledge. However, the solution is not to blindly limit their pay or demean or belittle them but to enforce and encourage a higher standard in the practice of medicine. We must demand more from ourselves and our colleagues. We owe it to our patients.

    • profile image

      cadeleine 6 years ago

      i would like to know if as a relever doctor of a clinic, I am entitled to 13th month or holiday pay?

    • profile image

      docpogi 6 years ago

      yes... i agree with genesismd... hindi mo dapat pintasan ang kapwa mo doctor lalo na pagdating sa diagnosis at management.. minsan doon pa nag-uugat ang mga medical malpractice suit.. hindi mo alam kung ano lang ang capacity ng hospital nila o kung ano ang nakita ng doctor sa pasyente o presentation at time of examination at kung ano lang available na pwedeng ibigay... minsan nga kahit pareho kayo ng especialty ay magkaiba rin kayo ng diagnosis at management... kaya nga sa case conference ay nagtatalo talo pa ang mga consultant... the mere fact na nairefer sa iyo as especialist ay ibig sabihin noon na narecognize nila as first liner kung ano ang problema.. ibinigay nila kung ano ang sa tingin nila ay makakatulong sa pasyente bago ipadala sa iyo...

      i agree na hindi lahat ay puro pera pero sino ba ang hindi nangangailangan ng pera... at lahat tayo ay naghahanap din ng magandang pagkakakitaan... balance lang ng vocation at pay na narereceive ng doctor ang gusto lalo na ng mga bago pa lang nagpapractice ng medicine... siempre, ang doctor ay inaasahan nilang makaluwag-luwag din at hindi naman kahilera lang ng ordinaryong manggagawa ang kinikita.. kadalasan ay naaabuso ang mga moonlighter ng mga kapwa doctor na siyang nagpupuyat at nagbabantay ng mga pasyente nila.. sila na lang kaya ang magpuyat kung mababa ang tingin nila sa kapwa nila doctor... hahaha...

      ang dapat lang ay magkaisa ang mga doctor at laging isaisip ang medical ethics... kaya nga merong mga especialties ay dahil hindi kaya na maging magaling ka sa lahat ng larangan ng medisina... meron tayong kanya kanyang linyang pinagkakadalubhasaan... at kung ipinasa sa iyo ang pasyente ay dapat mong igalang ang doctor na nagrefer sa iyo... ibig sabihin lang noon na alam nya ang kapasidad nya at ng hospital na kanyang napuntahan.. at alam din niya kung anong sakit ang kanyang nilulunasan... kung hindi nya alam yon ay hindi nya sa iyo irerefer ang pasyente at baka ibang especialty ang mapupuntahan noon... hahaha...

      sa ngayon ay maraming doctor ang nakakalimot sa medical ethics... merong mga nagsisiraan ng kapwa doctor nya... merong mga professional jealousy na nakikita sa ibang mga doctor na pakiramdam nila ay sila lang ang magaling... ang hindi nila alam ay yung ganoong mga pag-uugali ang nagpapasama sa mga doctor at nagpapahamak sa kapwa doctor..

      bakit nga ba ganoon... ang tingin ng publiko at mga politiko ay ang pagiging doctor ay isang serbisyo publiko at masama kung maniningil ka... kung anu-ano na ang mga batas na naiisip nila at mga regulasyon sa philhealth para maabuso at sila ang magpapogi sa mga tao... hindi naman sa ayaw ng mga doctor na tumulong sa mga tao o gumamot ng walang bayad, kaya lang ay wag na nilang pangunahan ang doctor o gumawa ng kung anu-anong batas para maabuso ang mga doctor... ayaw siguro ng mga mambabatas na mabawasan ang kanilang PORK BARREL at the expense ng mga doctor... maging kapwa doctor na nagmamay-ari ng mga health insurance ay inaabuso rin ang kapwa doctor sa pagbabayad ng sobrang baba at delayed...

      sa panig naman ng BIR ay ang tingin nila ay negosyo ito at parang mga kriminal na laging binabantayan ang kita ng mga doctor kung tama ang ibinabayad nilang buwis.. hindi naman maaring ibawas sa kita yung mga promisory notes at libreng consultation... at hindi pa maganda nito ay parang hinaharass nila ang mga doctor sa kanilang mga kita... para sabihin ko sa inyo, ang dinayang record book at ang honest na record book ay walang pinagkaiba kapag binuklat ng BIR... ang dinayang record book ay sadyang minali para bumaba ang babayarang buwis, ang honest na record book ay pilit na hahanapan nila ng mali para magkaroon ka din ng offense... so pareho lang na dapat i-penalize... mga doctor pa nga ang itinuturo ni pinoy na karamihan sa bumubuo ng 1.7milyong professional na nagbabayad lang ng nasa 7,000 buwis... ang hindi niya alam ay kakaunti lang doon ang mga doctor at ang karamihang noon ay mga professional na sadyang sa panahong ngayon ay mabababa ang kita... hindi nakikita ni p-noy na dapat ay alarming yun sa pilipinas dahil ang mga professional ay maliliit ang kinikita na dapat tulungan at kasama na rin doon sa mabababa ang kita ay mga kapwa nating mga doctor...

      maraming problema pa sa lipunan ang kinakaharap ng mga doctor mula sa bumababang pagtingin o paggalang sa kanila, medical malpractice, pasisimula ng practice lalo na sa mga doctor na walang pampuhunan o pambili ng shares ng hospital hanggang sa mga pang-aabuso sa kanila... kaya dapat lang tayong magtulungan at hindi magsiraan... lalo na sa mga ilang doctor na nakaupong mambabatas ay dapat nilang tulungan ang kapwa doctor at hindi pasamain o ipahamak, o abusuhin...

    • genesismd profile image

      genesismd 6 years ago from metro manila

      i,m a diplomate in one field of surgery but presently i'm doing moonlighting jobs for the sense that i want to experience it and now i'm even enjoying it.

      for doc jake, u have a very good point of telling that to your fellow doctors, but you should remember that above anything else you should learn to respect your fellow doctors first. most of them grab moonlighting jobs for financial reasons, and afterall, they don't demand a very large compensation for that, they are just asking for a JUST compensation...just like anybody else doing it for a job!

      during my days as resident, i have experience a lot of referrals from outskirt hospitals and clinics and many of them are being mismanaged...why? because most of these referring institutions lack specialists. i think you are a trained internist... maybe, correct me if i'm wrong, you may be expert in medical aspect but are you as good as i am in facing trauma cases? most probably not...and most probably you could have also referred a trauma patient that was also wrongly managed by you..that is why, you should stop criticizing your fellow doctors too much. we are only humans. we are not perfect. we may not be able to provide the best,ideal or just even the appropriate treatment for our patients, but at least we tried!! with no malice, with no other intentions but to save their lives and limbs...peace!

    • profile image

      meannmd 6 years ago

      helpful naman din po ang mga post na ganito lalo na sa mga newly licensed GPs like me. kasi wala talaga kaming idea about moonlighting. We are the ones very prone to be underpaid or abused. Thank you Doc!

    • profile image

      Doc Clem 7 years ago

      @Doc Jake

      Sana you don't badmouth your fellow doctors. Nag-aral ka naman siguro ng ethics nung med school, right? Wag tayong mag-away-away.

    • AckermannMD profile image

      AckermannMD 7 years ago from Des Plaines, Illinois

      Usually the clinical abstract is obtained through the medical records section, you can always ask the staff politely on why you needed it badly.

      If not you can always ask your son's attending physician to better channel your request.

    • profile image

      JohnMc 7 years ago

      i dunno if my concern would fit in here, but i cannot find anything on the web that can answer me.

      My concern is the long process of obtaining an abstract from this hospital,my son was confined last december 2010, and we needed the abstract for reimbursement purposes, we requested it last Jan. 10, and until now it is not yet available, im so pissed at the office who processes the abstract, i am trying to beat a deadline for the PhilHealth reimbursement and this people don't seem to care, they give different excuses eg; the OJT was sick, F#()*$ you're telling me your OJT was sick for a month?! argh!

      sorry for venting out, anyone here can help me where to proceed with my complaint? thanks!

    • profile image

      PJ 7 years ago

      sorry ackermann but i agree with doc jake. if you really understood what he was trying to say, then you wouldn't get offended. he already said na hindi niya nilalahat ang mga GPs, so what the heck is your problem? ako rin i'm disgusted with fellow doctors who lack the minumum capabilities. isipin niyo naman na kapakanan ng mga pasyente ang nakasalalay, tapos kakampihan niyo pa yang mga incompetent doctors na yan imbis na ipaglaban ninyo yung mga pasyenteng naaagrabyado? all of the instances that doc jake were mentioning were valid, tapos kakampihan niyo pa yung mga doctors na sinasabi niya? UNBELIEVABLE. ok lang if they are willing to learn from their mistakes, pero i've met a lot na puro reklamo lang at compensation ang bukambibig. we should all realize that this is a vocational profession first and foremost. syempre well compensated tayo dapat, pero kung ang monetary benefits ang una niyong iniisip , then you guys are in the wrong profession, i'm very sorry to say.

      FYI I'm a GP. And although marami pa kong hindi alam, i'm willing to learn from those who know better. And i understand na sa umpisa ganito talaga, barya barya lang ang suweldo. pero i want to be a doctor e, not because of financial gain but because i want to help. i may not be making much, pero what i'm getting is just (barely) enough to get by. but because i love my profession, kahit na hindi ako yumaman basta masaya ako sa ginagawa ko, ok na yun sakin.

    • profile image

      paltikMD 7 years ago

      hehe makulay pala diskusyon dito mga kapatid ko sa propesyon.

      may punto ang bawat panig, mahirap lang talaga pag naka-type ang mensahe dahil maaring mabigyan ng ibang interpretasyon ang iniwan mong post.

      nagbahagi lang naman ata ang ating katotong si Dok Jake sa kanyang karanasan sa ibang mga moonlighters pero kagaya nga ng sinabi nya, di nya nilalahat ang mga moonlighters na palpak. kung baga bato bato sa langit, ang tamaan - may bukol.

      ako po ay naniniwala na nagsimula tayong lahat bilang doktor na limitado ang alam at kahit madami ka alam sa theoreticals e hindi mo ito magamit ng 100 porsiyento kaagad agad. kaya nga dapat lagi tayong naghahanda tuwing bago magduty (recall the basics) at wag mahiyang humingi ng pointers tungkol sa management ng pasyente (lalo na sa mga bagong kaso na di pa nakaengkwentro dati) sa kaibigan, kabarkada, brod, sis, kadikit na seniores na mas may alam sa atin sa oras na tayo ay mablanko upang sa susunod na engkwentro e alam na ang tamang gagawin(pasalamat tayo sa Globe, Smart Sun TalknText TM etc dahil mabilis na lang ang pagtawag ng SOS).

      Experience is the best teacher sabi nga ng mga matatanda, at sa palagay ko naman po ay walang doktor na maglalagay sa 2 letrang ikinabit sa pangalan nya (MD)at sa mga numerong iginawad ng PRC sa alanganin di po ba?

      pax et bonum!

    • profile image

      doc pao 7 years ago

      pareng ackermann salamat sa info...very helpful...been an rod in one of the hospitals for a doesn't mean na moonlighter ka hindi ka marunong...medyo below the belt yung sinabi ng isa...lahat ng natapos ng medicine ng ilang taon magagaling yan...wag sana manghimasok sa mga nagmoonlight...wag babaan ang tingin sa mga gp...parepareho lang lahat tayo nagtratrabaho...minsan mas magagaling ang mga moonlighter kasi dami na nakikita na kaso...lahat naman ng nagtratrabaho mapa empleyado basta nagtratrabaho may right na magreklamo sa sweldo...tayo din mga doctor meron right...hindi porket hindi trained ng specialty wala na right magreklamo...mahalin ang kapwa doctor...

    • AckermannMD profile image

      AckermannMD 7 years ago from Des Plaines, Illinois

      @Doc Jake - I'm not one of these mediocre doctors you're pointing fingers at.

      If you want for us doctors to be respected and be paid appropriately, "LOVE YOUR FELLOW DOCTORS FIRST."

      Obviously, "You already upheld yourself as a supreme BEING."

      The newbies don't stand a "CHANCE" in proving their "WORTH" in your presence.


    • profile image

      okidoki 7 years ago

      nice job ackermannmd. @doc jake: 100 pesos/hr? san ba yun? 2400 per 24 hr duty yun. ok na yun kesa 1k/24hr duty ang binabayad o 600/8 hrs. minemenos naman masyado yung mga doctors. doki bilib ako sa yo, kung makapagsalita ka parang maski minsan hindi ka pa nagkamali sa paghandle ng patient.

    • profile image

      doc_loka 7 years ago

      It is not wrong to complain about these poor working conditions fellow doctors.. these are the hospitals that are offering moonlighting jobs not residency training .. we go into these jobs because of our financial needs. We do not demand grand compensations, but only decent pay, enough to pay for our daily needs and to contribute to our families who have worked so hard to put us thru medschool.. my point is.. after spending almost half a million pesos and 5 years in medschool... it is ok to complain.

    • profile image

      Doc Jake 7 years ago

      did I say anything like that? sinasabi ko lang naman na ang dami sa inyo reklamo ng reklamo, wala namang karapatang magreklamo. basic knowledge na kailangang alam ng lahat ng doctor, mapa GP man o tapos na magresidency, hindi pa alam. tapos ang kakapal ng mukha magreklamo. for moonlighting, i think 100 pesos per hour is enough. ano bang gusto ninyo, 500 pesos per hour for doing things incorrectly? competent doctors wouldn't take offense with the things i've said because I DO HAVE A POINT. competent doctors have the right to complain, hindi ko sila pinapatamaan. ikaw Princess, why did you take such offense na you had to resort to calling names? You don't have to answer. it's evident from your reply that you know that you're one of those na pinatatamaan ko.

    • profile image

      princess 7 years ago

      doc jake's an ass... lakas mo magsalita, kasi post-grad ka na. anong akala mo sa mga nag-moomoonlight, subordinates? the fact that you yourself did moonlighting post-res means you NEED the money. and did you feel that you were compensated enough? where's your effin loyalty to your colleages?

    • profile image

      Doc Jake 7 years ago

      and i haven't even mentioned yet the numerous referrals I got during residency coming from moonlighting physicians. mali maling diagnosis. mali maling gamot. mali maling interpretaion ng labs. complete and utter mismanagement. again, hindi ko nailalahat ang mga doctors na nagmoomoonlight at mga GPs, marami rin namang marurunong at magagaling sa kanila. pero based on my personal experience, an overwhelming majority sa mga yan hindi alam kung ano ang ginagawa nila. kung titingnan mo umasta akala mo mga doctors talaga, pwer itapat mo sa mga marurunong na doktor, makikita mo na nagdodoctor doctoran lang sila. and these are the doctors who keep on complaining that they deserve so much more than 1500 per 24 hours? in my opinion, any doctor who can't manage a patient properly does not even deserve a single centavo. pasalamat nga sila sumusweldo pa sila.

    • profile image

      Doc Jake 7 years ago

      I see nothing wrong with doctors asking for better compensation, but please, ask yourselves first if the things you are asking for are reasonable and if you really deserve such compensation. After i finished residency a few years back, I decided to try moonlighting first before I started my private practice. Honestly, I found it annoying when these young doctors kept on complaining about the work load and the low salaries, when they don't even know how to properly handle different emergency cases. Sabihin na natin na to handle a certain type of arrythmia would require further training, pero pati protocol sa paghandle ng cardiac arrest mali mali pa? pati IV fluids hindi alam kung ano ang dapat ibigay at kung ano ang hindi dapat. A lot of these doctors can't even read ecg tracings and they can't even interpret x-rays and several lab results correctly, and they have the gall to complain about their salaries!? sure, a lot of them were fresh grads, but a lot of the doctors I've met were already moonlighting for years! hindi ko naman nilalahat, pero i'm willing to bet na marami sa inyong na clamoring for better pay dyan don't deserve higher compensation. WHo cares kung napakalaki ng nagastos niyo sa med school? The question is, are you guys really fit to be doctors after all that education and training? Make sure that you are really excellent and responsible physicians first before opening your mouths, otherwise, you are no different from spoiled brats who create such a big fuss whenever things don't go their way.

    • profile image

      rocky 8 years ago

      some have unprofessional non-medical staff that gossip about results, too. =(

    • profile image

      Guest MD 8 years ago

      just wondering... what should be the base salaries? How are we supposed to know whether the other clinics/hospital are paying well also? So what's the basis for us to complain? What are the figures we should expect? Perhaps the reason for the above is that there are no standard rates except I guess depending on the government hospital rates? How about in residency? Don't they give us adequate compensation also? Maybe there should be a review for the doctor's rates so that all clinics and hospitals would have a standard rate. Perhaps we could not blame these establishments because maybe there is just no standard rates given yet. I think we should complain to the PMA with regards to these issues.

    • AckermannMD profile image

      AckermannMD 8 years ago from Des Plaines, Illinois

      Thanx for understanding!

      Anyways, I've noticed that Dr. Quack and wade are using the same ip address.


    • profile image

      chestnut, md 8 years ago

      amen to that dr. abu!you're right.. we are not superhumans. we too have children to feed, clothe and send to school. we work long hours and more often than not we get battered every day in the hospital mentally, physically and spiritually.. don't get me wrong, i love my chosen profession.. i just think that we need to be compensated fairly, even the lowliest clerks have rights..

    • profile image

      Dr. Abu 8 years ago

      I think Dr. Quack and Wade are not physicians...there is nothing wrong with doing charity or service to humanity...but doctors deserve JUST COMPENSATION for their SERVICE...we never finished schooling for free. Don'tbe too much of an'll just end up disillusioned...besides idealism won't send your kids to school, it cannot feed you...

    • profile image

      doclouie 8 years ago

      doc, salamat sa mga posts. kahanga-hanga ang advocacy mo. natuwa ako nang malaman kong Thomasian ka din.

    • Research Analyst profile image

      Research Analyst 8 years ago

      Thanks for the insight into the profession, it is helpful to know what doctors have to deal with sure makes me appreciate the medical profession more.

    • profile image

      Dr. Quack 8 years ago

      young doctor and already whiney? haha. cant wait for you to be a diplomate. maybe you'll charge me P10,000.00 per consultation.

    • profile image

      wade 8 years ago

      um.. im thinking ur not a very good doctor since you complain about toxic work environment and low pay. you are suppose to have low pay from the start. and its suppose to be a toxic treating patients. duh.. good doctors have costumer or patient's care as priority even if patients are demanding. i even notice that most of the successful doctors even do chartiy and does not charge PF who can't pay.

      i think you should have chosen a different profession. really..

    • profile image

      wade 8 years ago

      um.. im thinking ur not a very good doctor since you complain about toxic work environment and low pay. you are suppose to have low pay from the start. and its suppose to be a toxic treating patients. duh.. good doctors have costumer or patient's care as priority even if patients are demanding. i even notice that most of the successful doctors even do chartiy and does not charge PF who can't pay.

      i think you should have chosen a different profession. really..

    • profile image

      GMA 9 years ago

      Very substantial information!

      More power Ackermann!

    • profile image

      MannyV 9 years ago

      Thanx for the nice info!!!

      God Bless!


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