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Hospitals Can Legally Deport Illegal Aliens

Updated on May 4, 2013

Hospitals can deport illegal aliens without any required proceeding or permission from ICE. This happens when they are seriously hurt in the USA and after their own resources can no longer pay for the care. About 600 such cases have occurred in the past five years. When this occurs, the hospital can pay for the cost of the flight home without consulting any court or federal agency.

This is a little known removal system that allows any US hospital to do so to curb losses and costs because the non-citizen has no ability to pay. The formal term is "medical repatriation" which allows hospitals to put patients on international flights, often while in a coma, to be returned to their home country.

Hospital must provide treatment to anyone in emergency situations regardless of citizenship, but once the person has been stabilized, the obligation ends because of the high costs.Since many illegals cannot obtain Medicaid, once their own funds are gone to pay bills, if the person is comatose, they can be deported. If the person requires a nursing home or rehab, they can also be sent home by the hospital-just like that. The illegals have no recourse.

Advocates for illegals claim this is unfair that a hospital can do this. Yet, exactly what should be done then? Should the US taxpayer just get stuck with the bill? A new lawsuit has ignited the issue. Two Mexican workers in Iowa found work at Iowa Select Farms, which provided them with medical insurance even though they had no visas or other immigration documents. In other words, illegal.

Everything was fine until the men were returning home from a fishing trip in May 2008 when their car was struck by a semitrailer truck. Both suffered serious head injuries.

Their work Insurance paid more than $100,000 for the two men’s emergency treatment. But not pay for long-term rehabilitation. Two local rehabilitation centers refused to take them because of this.

The hospital then decided to deport the two men, still comatose, as they were carried aboard a jet bound for Veracruz, where a hospital had agreed to take them. Today, one is partially paralyzed and claims of receiving inferior treatment in the Mexican rehab close to his home. His lawsuit claims this and had he been in the USA, he would have been better off. He said that "the hospital did not Mexicans". The judge threw out the case.

The Iowa hospital simply does not want to be left with the bill whether it is from an illegal alien or a legal one or a citizen.


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