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Houston Metro Bus Driver's Are Reckless, Have Bad Driving Records And Fail To Maintain Set Schedules - Videos

Updated on November 27, 2015

Harris County Metropolitan Transit Authority Bus

One of the many Metro buses in Houston, Texas.
One of the many Metro buses in Houston, Texas.

News Report Shows That Houston Metro Bus Drivers Have The Worst Driving Record

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Houston Metro Victims

Have you been a victim of verbal abuse by bus drivers in Houston, Texas or another city?

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How To File A Complaint Against Houston Metro Drivers

I have been riding Metro public transportation in Houston, Texas for well over eight years. During this time I have seen a steady decline in the attitude of the bus drivers as well as the lack of ability to adhere to a schedule, on time, as published.

Also, during the past several years, I have had the opportunity to interview upwards of 60 riders of the Metro System here in Houston. Out of these riders, many agree with what I am publishing in this article.

Starting with the attitude of most of the bus drivers, we see much arrogance and rudeness towards passengers. The drivers think that they are above the passengers and look down on the passengers. The disrespect that I have witnessed just recently has astounded me. The bus drivers will never admit to missing a stop, taking off too fast or stopping to fast creating a passenger to fall or stumble. There was one instance earlier this year in which I had just gotten on the bus with several others and the driver jumped on the gas and the bus jerked forward, very hard. A woman fell flat on her back.

Now it should be noted that Metro policy is that the bus is to remain motionless until the passengers are seated on the bus. This is not honored by ANY buses that I have been on.

Back to the woman laying on her back on the bus I was on. The driver continued for a full block, finally stopping at the request of other passengers. The other passengers helped this woman to a seat. The bus driver asked the woman did she require medical attention to which she responded that she did and requested an ambulance. The bus driver got arrogant, got out of his seat, walked back to this woman and stood towering over her speaking in a very threatening and intimidating manner. He thought that no medical attention was necessary and told her so. He further pointed to all the rest of the passengers and told the woman that she would be responsible for all those people being late and/or missing their transfers. Before he was done, this lady was in tears and agreed to not have an ambulance summoned.

That was one example and I shall share one more. This morning, a lady pulled the cord, the bell and light went off and the driver just kept going. Upon the passenger confronting the driver to be let off the bus, he argued with her that she did not ring the bell and that no light went off. This driver kept on arguing with her and even when stopped, would not open the door to let this person exit until he was done disrespecting her. There were four of us on the bus at that time, and we all saw and heard the bell and light.

As stated, this is getting to be a daily event, myself witnessing disrespect or being disrespected myself by a driver. This is while only riding two to four buses a day! Magnify that over the 100 or so routes with many buses each route in Harris County and it is simply unacceptable.

Now to speak of the schedules and the inability for drivers to adhere to them. This has gotten extremely worse over the past few months. There was a time that you could count on the buses, with very rare exception, to be within a minute or so of the published schedule, whether on paper or online. Of late, this simply is not happening. Drivers will run up to 15 minutes early to get to the next transit center where they can stop and take an extended break. What this creates is people miss the bus and their other connections for the morning or day resulting in being late for work.

In the opposite extreme, if not running early, they will be running on the average of ten minutes late. Again this creates a scenario where folks miss their connections to other buses and/or the train.

Granted, Metro does have a number you can call and report the driver and bus number. They have actual people that you can speak to without getting a recording. However, I have done this and went through the steps of filing a complaint. The result, well there was no result. I was told each time I would be contacted by a follow-up person and that has yet to happen ever.

My advice, should you find yourself a victim of verbal abuse and disrespect by a Metro employee, as well as schedules repeatedly not adhered to, is to call the number: 713-635-4000, file a complaint, and then be sure to jot down the complaint number that will be given to you. Follow up by contacting the Mayor's Office and your district representatives via email or phone calls. Be sure to have the complaint number handy and reference that. An alternative is to contact the media here in Houston and let them know of the incident.

If enough people do the above change will come to Metro here in Houston. The drivers may not like it, but the drivers can be easily replaced by others who appreciate the job, the security and the public that chooses to use a "green" means of public mass transit.

Update from 7/14/2012: Here is an example of how Metro bus drivers act and are allowed to get away with totally NOT doing their job properly. On the Saturday morning of 7/14/2012, there were about twelve passengers waiting at Wheeler Station for the 6:46am 8 South Main Bus. The driver was running late. We observed the driver dropping off folks behind Wheeler Station and then taking off. At that point they are supposed to circle in and pick up those at Wheeler Station heading South. This driver did not make the circle nor pull into Wheeler Station, but just kept on going heading off to the Medical Center area. Upon calling the number that Metro has posted, 713.635.4000, to report this violation, I received a recording that the offices were closed on the weekend to call back during weekday business hours. So the driver left a dozen of us stranded there and got off the hook as no one could see the bus number to report it at a later date which is what Metro requires. This incident cost me a reprimand from my employer, on my personnel record, and an hour's worth of wages at time and a half.

Metro Complaint Phone: 713.635.4000

Mayor's Office Email:

Mayor's Office Phone: 713.837.0311

Another Houston Metro Bus Driver Stopping, Abandoning The Bus With Passengers with engine running


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  • Dale Hyde profile imageAUTHOR

    Dale Hyde 

    6 years ago from Tropical Paradise on Planet X

    Hello! I do know that on MetroRail, babies are allowed to stay in their strollers. Seems like a conflict of policy if that is allowed but the same is not allowed on Metro buses.

    Thanks for stopping by, reading and commenting. :)

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    It is disturbing seeing all this and they had the nerve to tell me that my 5 month old could not bein her stroller on the bus. They drive like they don't know what they're doing. What happens if they crash or flip over and my child isn't secured in her stroller? What then? I told them if I take my child on that bus and she can't be in her stroller I'd sue them for everything they have. This is ridiculous!

  • Dale Hyde profile imageAUTHOR

    Dale Hyde 

    7 years ago from Tropical Paradise on Planet X

    Hello, gmwilliams! Thanks for sharing about New York City. I have never had the opportunity to go there and "enjoy" the thrills of attempting to use the mass transit system there. I think, from what you describe, some of the NYC drivers are migrating down here and slowly inching in with the ways you are familiar with! I do see a lot of "out of service" signs on many buses now that you bring that up!

    Thanks for stopping by, reading, and commenting.

  • gmwilliams profile image

    Grace Marguerite Williams 

    7 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

    If you think Houston is bad, I live in New York City where the bus drivers have their own schedule. I mean that quite literally. Sometimes passengers wait for over 30 minutes for a bus and the bus drivers routinely put out of service on their buses and drive past the passengers.

    Bus drivers in New York City are even more arrogant than the ones you describe. They are often surly to the passengers if an intelligent question is asked. Many passengers take down the bus driver's bus number and name and report the incident but to no avail. Civil service protects the drivers. Well, welcome to the club of poor service!


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