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How A Tweet Proved Feminism Is A Lie.

Updated on January 2, 2017
A lovely tribute that caused the feminist storm troopers on twitter to lose their minds
A lovely tribute that caused the feminist storm troopers on twitter to lose their minds

,The above is a tweet sent by a good friend of a woman who died too soon to the lady's twitter account. These two had known each other for years so the remembrance was truly lovely and sad all at the same time, unless you are a third wave feminist. Then it’s awful. I could get very sarcastic here but for a moment just look at the tweet, look at the blowback the man received and then ask yourself are we living in some alternate version of reality because no way in hell was there anything wrong in that tweet.

Dear Feminists no one cares anymore what you think. You have caused an immeasurable amount of damage to our daughters, nieces and to us. As a member of Generation X I never got what you feminists were after. Equality? We have that. No matter how loudly you scream about not being equal you have equality. So, what’s your point? Or, do you think you are superior to men? No, that is not how it works. But wanting feminist superiority is a sign of a strange type of gender fascism that has yet to be detailed. There is a deep hatred for men among your ranks and the above gentle words and your ensuing freak out proves that misandry is real.

What is misandry? Misandry means literally the hatred contempt for, or prejudice against men and boys. It is the parallel form of misogyny. The adjective is “misandrous”, or, ‘misandristic”. Misandry manifests itself in different ways through outright discrimination, denigration of men, violence, and objectification. Or, more broadly misandry is the hatred, fear, and contempt of men. I saw it as a young teenage girl listening to my second wave feminist sisters complain about how men are scum. Really? All men are scum has got to be the worst generalization and fallacy I have ever heard in my life. Why? I would look around at the men I knew, my Dad, brothers, uncles and friends and think what a large pile of kitty litter I just had dumped in my poor ears. Of course there are bad men out there. Trust me I dated my share before I realized that the issue wasn’t them it was me.

Gloria Steinem, the high priestess of misandry and the abortion industry.
Gloria Steinem, the high priestess of misandry and the abortion industry.

In the 70’s and 80’s we girls growing up could not help but have some of Steinem’s and others sleaze rub off on us. Just enough to think the third date was the moment you could have sex with a guy. That a one night stand meant nothing and that birth control was not really bad for you. We were told we were liberated because dammit we could have sex anywhere at any time with anyone. It was supposed to be fun. Studies have proven that a lot of that is well for want of a better word bullshit. It was one big lie, the older women told us because they no recourse they had to perpetuate the myth they were enslaved to. No matter how loud Madonna yelled about her vagina being the source of her empowerment, or one of the others marched around screaming about abortion the lie was obvious for those of us who chose to confront it. I had a friend who had two abortions. I was supposed to be proud. What I saw was a girl who was ashamed of herself and she wasn’t honest enough about her behavior and what she thought was true to change. She is now an even bigger feminist because the guilt you could see oozing out of every pour was real. Instead of confronting her issues, she chose to double down.

When I chose to confront the mess that even the smidgen of feminism smeared on me I was appalled. Disgusted by my behavior, who I associated with and what I saw in the mirror. It dawned on me that I was becoming a little like the Women’s Studies freaks I somehow found myself hanging out with in college. That had to stop and it did. There was a lot of truth in what my Mom would tell me about dating. Make him chase you and stop expecting so much from boys you don’t know. Stop moving so fast. My Dad would say you choose the boy not the other way around. His words sunk in after years of thinking I knew better. But, try explaining that to a 70's woman who bought the feminist lie hook, line, sinker and reel? A woman who owned every copy of Ms Magazine, read Steinem'ss garp and believed it. A woman who spent her whole life blaming men for her screw ups and is on a continuous self-serving journey to “Find her self”. Or the even more utterly silly new age feminist phrase, 'self actualization'. These women teach at University's, write columns, rant on twitter about things they know nothing about and host TV Shows like The View. The reality is second wave feminists left their husbands and family’s to “find themselves” in the 70’s and they left a trail of ruined girls and boys in their wakes. My life changed for the better the moment I took my parents advice to heart. It’s funny but the confidence a non-feminist woman has when dealing with men is far greater than the confidence a radical feminist has when dealing with men. How can you tell? A non-feminist woman will not be intimidated by men. She will ask for help. She will actually demand good behavior. If a guy starts being a slug or a jerk she lets him know in a way that leaves little doubt as to her annoyance without going into a feminist rage. A radical feminist will go into man hating attack mode. I have seen it up close. I have seen it from a distance. It is ugly. But this behavior comes from the fact these women are insecure, not confident and they know it. If they scream and denigrate somehow this empowers them, or something.

Why am I bringing this all up in light of the Steve Martin tribute to his friend, Carrie Fisher? Because the blowback Martin received from the insane feminist social justice warriors was completely out of bounds. He was being a gentleman and said she was beautiful. Are men not allowed to call a woman they admired and loved beautiful now? Is being a gentleman some sort of sign of ‘patriarchy’? Seriously is that what these ox like professors teach these kids? And we wonder why our boys look so forlorn. Our girls are over sexualized and think having sex indiscriminately is OK when its not, and our boys are left wondering how to be a man because slowly the men around us are being emasculated by the ever present thud of jackboots from the feminist left. Or is this just a mass wave of anger and downright bigotry? If a guy like Martin said I was beautiful I’d be floating around for hours on that ego boost. If they ever read Carrie Fisher’s last book, The Princess Diarist they might be upset at Harrison Ford at something he said to her when she was down on herself. “You have the eyes of a doe and the balls of a samurai”. Let me tell you something if that man ever said that to me I’d likely never come down off the high. But I guarantee some bat guano crazy Women’s Studies nut read that and freaked out. Real men beware the clown posse is out for blood and they mean it. Though seriously I doubt Mr. Ford who is the example of cool would give a damn what some unstable social justice warrior chick with hair the color of a peacocks tail thinks.

In the end when I think about Carrie leaving us too soon I think it took her going out like a shooting star to bring this conversation up. A lot of girls every day are giving up on feminism. I know I never needed these crazy women from NOW telling me how it was. Everything I am and became is because of the men in my life and my mom. When I look back on the skinny gawky little teenager I was I realize I was already on my way and without the help of some angry man hating harpy. The examples of what feminism did to the lives of women older than me and to my friends was all I needed to see it was a huge lie and then I grabbed my shotgun and went hunting with my dad. I was already there, and Carrie was already there to.


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    • MarleneB profile image

      Marlene Bertrand 

      22 months ago from USA

      We are definitely on the same page with shared thoughts about feminism. I don't think I ever called myself a feminist. I guess I never really understood the concept. I never understood why women had to single themselves out as something different. I could go on and on, but I would simply end up repeating what you have already eloquently stated. Great article. Great discussion.


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