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How Age Discrimination Increases Economic Woes in the US

Updated on August 9, 2010

This article is for those 60 yrs or more, at least some of it is. It also applies to many over 50 yrs. Age discrimination can really occur at any age in the employment field. You might be 40 yrs, interview with someone who is 25 yrs, they might feel weird being a superior to someone who could be their parent. You could be 17 yrs. and quite capable of doing the job yet not hired because the manager simply wants a more more mature person. At the other end of the spectrum, you might be 45 yrs or much older and face the same situation that the 40 yr. old faced, except here, physical differences appear more blatently, which are hard to camouflage with hair color, face lifts etc.

Google just got hit with an age discrimination suit from a young 54 yr old man. His superiors called him an "old man" and a "fuddy Duddy" behind his back. The Calif. Supreme Court ruled that Google (where hardly anyone is older than 35 yrs) must go to trial.

As the economy spins donuts like a Corvette driven by a wild 17 yr. old, over 10 million adults are still out of work, looking, collecting unemployment that can last well over a year with the Federal extensions. There are six applicants for every job still. The US economy is stalled creating far less jobs than what is needed to cure the issue. For those too young for file for Social Security, the dilemma is real-how to survive. They sell their prized possessions, like, restored cars, adult toys they once enjoyed just a few years ago, like jet skis, race boats etc. They live off their savings and retirement funds, praying that something comes before nothing is left.

For those in their early 60s, the odds of getting a job seem remote as ever. You have the age factor, the health factor, even though you want to remain working, even though you are as skilled and qualified as some 30 yr. old-yet, face it, you and they know what age you are. If you are lucky, you might look like, at best, 45. At worse, you look older than your years.

The situation is scary. Try getting a job at that age (unless you are in the medical or legal field). The odds are stacked against you and their is little one can do because age discrimination is subtle in actions and whispers and the fall back position for those who are caught is always a vague "work related issue" or "not a good fit".

Thus, many apply for social security, early retirement. They have no choice. They need income. Because so many in their early 60s are doing this, the Social Security net is reaching a crisis, earlier than expected. Money is running out. Some of the older workers have been searching for work for 18 mos. Many had careers over 20 yrs. before they lost their job. They want to work, yet, the work world discriminates against them for being too old. So, now they file for social security, over 2.75 million just last year, a record.

Congress is considering raising the retirement age to 70 yrs before full SSN benefits are paid, if they don't, the money will not be there. Because of a bad economy, many nearing retirement age to collect are unable to file work so they file for SSN, which in turn, drains the benefits even more to the point the retirement age is raised to 70.

Can you really imagine a 65 yr old applying for a job, he's qualified for, competing with a "young" 50 yr. old or worse, a kid of 35 yrs, and actually getting the gig? The system is rigged for failure.

So, if you see an older person looking for a handout or some help, give them a break because sooner of later time will put you in that age group when things may even be worse.


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