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How American Drones and the CIA Target Terrorists

Updated on January 1, 2013

While American drones can target and follow identified terrorists, the chances for more casualties other than the target (called "collateral damage") remain high. To avoid killing innocent kids, women and men who were just too close to the target, the CIA in Afghanistan and Pakistan via local informers use what locals call "patrai".

However, before the device is given to the informer, the CIA must recruit local farmers and others to locate terrorists on the hit list. The CIA pays them and once the informant is trusted, the device is given to them. Many are paid $120 to plant the device and if it is a success, they will get $1000+.This device is a tiny tracking device about one inch long in clear plastic with a 9-volt battery. The battery allows the infrared light to function. The device helps pinpoint the target although, satellites and drones sweep the area electronically for mobile phone, internet and radio traffic. Of course, terrorists are aware of the devices and now scan all vehicles with camcorders set to infrared mode to detect them. Of course, terrorists can easily destroy them once discovered and because the device is on a battery emitting, eventually the battery goes dead.

CIA missiles have killed 246 militants in 2012. Informants, when found, usually are beaten and killed, so far, 250 of them have been killed.


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