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How American Mass Media Turned The Connecticut Shooting Into A Good Old Fashioned Child Sacrifice Ritual

Updated on December 15, 2012

The Connecticut School Interupted My Day Watching TV

I turned on the news in the mid afternoon pacific standard time to hear the latest and see what the stock markets were doing an hour before closing and the only story on every one of the news stations and financial news stations was this breaking story of a mass shooting at a Connecticut elementary school. The story was developing of course everyone would have some basic curiosity as to what happened and who did it and why. A lot of young innocents were killed. Had a school bus gone over a cliff killing twice as many young children the news story would have been a lot less involved, Guns would not be being blamed nor possible ice on the highway that caused the skid over the edge. The media immediately started making a narrative story out of the tragedy. Every single talking head on TV and on the Radio and Internet news services and blogs wanted to take this story by the handle and run with it as the messenger. I even saw Brett Baer on Fox News break into an ongoing news conference by police on the scene of the crime to let the audience know he wanted to get the ratings for telling the story then turning the TV screen back to the live news coverage of the police explaining what they knew. One by one on all news networks every talking head was taking credit for telling the same story twisting it into their personal perspective such as O'reiley finding "experts" to say that the whole thing was caused by "evil". It used to be believed that mental illness was the work of the devil so the evil thesis makes perfect sense from that perspective. On my face book page one by one news media people who i had followed in the past started to post their perspective on the story as if it somehow centered around them or their expertise analysis. Then I saw that one published photograph of a understandably in shock woman probably one of the mothers of the dead children in a moment of grief and pain no one in the media had any business publishing. That photograph made me truly angry because the life that this story was taking on in the mass news media really was going way beyond rubber necking to the extreme. It was instantly becoming a circus of social psychopathology. With that photograph of that woman caught in some telescopic camera lens the media circus masters were telling their audience that they themselves were all feeling the same anguish and pain. It hit the Internet and spread like wildfire

Shakespeare said all the world is a stage. He may have never dreamed of an unfortunate event like this becoming a reality tv show staged for the benefit of media ratings. Then it dawned on me that I had seen something like this before. No not the Columbine school massacre nor the shooting at the Clackamas Mall in Oregon a few days before. Where I had seen this before was in ancient greek tragedies on a stage with the wailing women and the pathos. Those ancient plays were once performed steps from where animal sacrifices were being performed. So I realized why it maters so much to the mass media that we know who did the shootings , Where he came from , how old he was , what he looks like , what his motive might have been in every sort of speculation possible , that he was a loner or an honor student, suicidal , mentally ill, on drugs, evil and everything else about him. Why so many details are important? As i said if a school bus with 80 children went over a cliff and everyone on the bus died the unthinkable would not be as thinkable as what the media has to say about a story where someone could be held responsible on his own free will. In other words the mass news media tempts the audience into thinking about why if they were the killer they might have killed so many innocents and then committed suicide. That is part of the problem and why we have so many rare events like this one where people like this shooter act out a fantasy of avenging , killing innocent people, having out of control anger issues in order to rationalize the senselessness of mass murder and suicide. Going back into the dim distant past where human sacrifice was a corner stone of social order in many ancient civilizations the exact same dynamics applied with the seeming difference that the innocent children were being killed to appease angry gods. When O'reiley talks about evil being the cause he might as well mean the devil and Satan which of course i appeasing certain deities...sacrifice.....which means sacred killing. Was this a sacrifice? Maybe so. Maybe the shooter considered himself the executioner of the sacrifice in some compartment of his twisted mind? Regardless of how twisted his mind, the mass media was already guiding the story into one of a sacrificial ritual. The liberal media was trying to guide it being a narrative about a mass sacrificial ritual of agony , despair and grief of that crying mother on the cell phone photo that never should have been published to make it an issue for their perceived need for gun control. The conservatives wasted no time channeling the pathos of the story in to their good old fashioned line that this was a sacrifice of innocents warning us as if they are biblical prophets that society is in a state of moral and even mental degradation.

Everyone in the mass media was attempting to cozy up to the story and telling their audience that they were somehow intimately associated with the story and that you would need them to get close to the story so the social psychopathology keeps rolling on. There are paintings of people over the years who had artists paint them into pictures were Jesus Christ is alive and standing next to them and interacting with them. The media news messengers were spending most of the day inserting themselves into a story where they really have no business being . You may say well, this is not really a human sacrifice of innocents. Of course not but the media news people are treating it that way after the fact as a kind of emotional spectacle they want you to connect with as the TV viewer or radio listener. They want you to identify with all sides in the story and play act it in your own mind as to what you would have done or to ask the question why the shooter would have ever done what he did. It is a trap that almost no one figures is being set for them to fall into. You don't have any fantasies about killing innocents until something like this starts blasting at you and you find no pleasure in it but outer out there in the land of people who believe their celebrities on television are like demigods are people who cant totally differentiate fantasy from reality and they get the wrong idea about the shooter as a kind of tragic figure himself to be identified with. From that we get the next copy cat or the next massacre somewhere else. Should the news media ignore the story? Of course not. But the way everyone tries to own the story and become the primary teller of the narrative of the unfolding story is the beginning of a massive social psychopathology not very much different than sentiments in and around human sacrifice temple complexes in ancient cities. When you think about how far the disturbance goes in the media with Jay Leno later that evening saying to his audience he almost cancelled his show because of the pain and agony he and his audience likely felt there is something definitely wrong. It is along the lines of human sacrifice of innocents because everyone is supposed to be living the grief and agony of an event they have no proximity to and no more reason to be involved with than an accident like a bus crash. It is as if we are supposed to need people who step up and do horrible things like this but we can't directly hire them to do it we just have to wish we have a blow out media circus with greater numbers of viewers watching because the unthinkable we really love thinking about has actually happened. O'reiley said it right it was then evil but the evil is in him too because this who media event goes way beyond simple rubber necking. It is not enough for any of the news media people to say we now lack commitment laws for dangerous mentally ill people. We now have to know why mentally il people do horribly bad things and how and why they thought that. Is that to prevent us from thinking such dangerous thoughts or is it because this is really a theater of human sacrifice of innocents for our national entertainment? Now that the shooter has been identified as an honor student the idea about knowing what he was thinking becomes much more a question about how it would be rational in his mind becuase he was smart enough to know better. What the mass media should know is they don't know and may never know and speculating is inserting the minds of too many people into an area where all they really need to know is a crazy person did a crazy horrible thing and it does not mater what he thought when he did it.


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Hi, Lex!

      Well, although I may not agree with every point you make, your passion about the bias of the media in many instances is right on point. You mention the misinformation about the shooter's mother being a teacher at the school... it is interesting the same situation just occurred in the Benghazi case with Susan Rice. She was handed information to report to the country before all of the facts were known, then the Republicans used it to crucify her - when the whole situation was not even under her purview... it was Hilary Clinton's area of jurisdiction! If the information is incorrect about the boy's mother, then the same thing has occurred - someone provided incorrect information that was passed on to the public. There should be a time-out for more information to be gathered and early reports should be clearly identified as "hearsay" and not as facts.

      But, as I understand your bigger point: the media abuses the freedom of press to promote misinformation in order to serve their own ends - and these ends might be political or monetary. Do you remember the Rosenthal case in the 1950s? (link provided here: Innocent people were killed by the government because of this same media frenzy and bias. So, in this I totally agree with you - the media has long been shirking its responsibility to the American people in pursuit of political and monetary gains.

      However - I don't think it will change anytime soon, which is a sad thing for America!


    • The Lex Blog profile imageAUTHOR

      The Lex Blog 

      5 years ago

      The coverage of this story by the media was rotten from the very beginning. Now we find out the reporters just created a false story line that the mother was a teacher at the school where the shooting occured. The reporters were in a big hurry to get the story first before the story actually started to materialize in anything that could be called facts. There are other issues not even covered such as why ambulences arrived at the scene of the shooting and instead of immediately moving the children and taking them to hospital they pronounced them dead at the scene and left the place as a CSI crime scene for long term investigation. Like what? I would have been insensed as a parent because there are actually people who do seem dead who can be revived in a hospital setting or in an ambulence. Maybe I have the story wrong because i was listening to what was being reported? The media has now descended on the town like they did for the OJ simpson ordeal and won't be leaving anytime soon. That indication came from reports today where the town was hinting that they liked the commerce being brought to the town but they don't like the cirucmstances and theydon't want to lose their privacy which now seems inevitable because even the conservative outlets like Fox and the Wall Street Journal are as invasive as possible trying to get what ever tidbits in the story they can. It is disgusting. If just three children this age were shot in a classroom in an inner city chicago school almost nothing would be reported about it. Have 27 dead with 20 very young children and they are all middle class white suburban children and then the story gets huge. Look at the difference between the coverage of the Clackmas mall shooting with just 2 people dead and 1 person wounded plus a suicider two days before and then this. The killing of innocents in a massacre just gives this story a very powerfull handle. It makes the story teller important. It frightens children and it frightens adults who are also still children. At the same time there is a subconscioius or unconcious theme that is very appealing not just to the reporters and the writers of the story but the public that wants to hear the story and digest it long term in the alimentary canal of their brain. Remember how the OJ simpson story went on for more than a year or three years where all programs on all new stations would be interrupted and no other news stories matered? The entire US news reporting industry changed for ever because of that. All kinds of people associated with OJ's case became life long media stars and we still have to see and listen to them as experts on everything and nothing as a result. The handle for OJ was big important celebrity who according to speculation by police and everyone else may have committed a henis crime. 100 percent of the news in the story became speculation on a daily and minute by minute basis. After that reality tv became a reality and junk tv shows like CSI became the rage. Now this story becomes the plum prize for media talking heads and one has to ask one's self why and secondarily do I want to hear about this story as the major story of interest for the next ten years? Do I want to be concerned about this story for the rest of my life? I don't and I hope you don't. The media exploitation of the story is already getting too creepy for me. It is not representive of what happens in American schools. It is not representative of the kind of security we want to see in our lives and we don't want homeland security or the TSA moving in to our already rotten public schools. It was an unfortunate event and still a highly unlikely event. The statistical probablity of it happening to you or your kids is less than getting killed in or by an automobile as roughly as many people a year as got killed fighting in the vietnamese war as american soldiers are killed every year by automobiles in the USA alone. The statistical probabilty of a school bus crash killing more children than this is actually higher. The statistical probability of winning the powerball lottery super prize by a group of parents may be about the same as the probability that this would happen. I am not saying it does not have to be a story but I do see the subconcious exploitation of the media going into business making this a human sacrifice with some kind of moral attached to it which was exactly what human and child sacrifice was about. In midieval times the newly converted chirstian pagans of europe would sacrifice innocent children at either end of a bridge being built over a river . They would do this to appease the power and the evil scour of a river. Such sacrifices were not done in private but as public spectacles and that is exactly what this is. The media that does not show us the pictures of the decapitated butchered people in the mexican drug war that the mexican media shows are spared that but not this. This is the same media that would not show the pictures of children that were abused and killed by one perpetrator or another and this time the identy of every slain child is going to be dragged into the public field of view. The media is as pathological as the savage guy who did this. I saw his picture today in the news . First i thought it was his mother, then they are saying he is dianosed with a mental retardation issue but was an Honor student. could that mean self esteem classes? idiot psychologists and child development idiots pushing him along in life? I find a bit of conflict between honor student and autism. In fact I am suspicious that the autism dianosis is bs because now the so called professionals are saying almost every thrid child suffers from this. I would if i wrote the story just speculate that maybe if this is a mentally retarded individual that never got ahead in life they way he sees others around him, he might have been jelous of this very young children in the school who had a much brighter future than he had to be living at the time. I can wait to speculate on that until we even know that the suspect is who the police say they have not released the identity of yet.

    • taburkett profile image


      5 years ago

      The media exploitation of these situations is a result of the demonic immoral world that we live in. Intellilgent yet mentally ill people live precariously as a dominant minority in our society where they manifest a difficult cultural position for the human race. During the reporting of each disaster, the vicarious paparazzi float a conceited concept of feelings through biased pandering as if they themselves personally possess a higher compassion than those directly involved. This creates further immoral degredation in the society as they display dramatized edited mobile minutes that actually victimizes the public. The elaboration of victim feelings by the immoral media extends the normal time necessary for healing as they delve and forret for excuses for the perp that created the disaster. While some discussion for the victims is necessary, local loving support is the best remedy, but the immoral media turn the disaster into a 3-ring circus by pouncing on the victims as if they possess some ability to resemble normalcy. As a previous victim I can honestly say that the immoral attitudes of the paparazzi preclude the normal recovery needed by the victim.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Very interesting perspective, Lex. If you were in control of the story - exactly how would you have covered it?

      I submit that this was not about the media using it as an opportunity to increase their ratings - I guess I have not yet reached that level of cynicism in my view of the world which, admittedly, might be a shortcoming of mine... However, although the seemingly endless recounting and interviewing that follows these horrific events can frustrate some of us, as a friend very simply pointed out to me a few years ago, everybody does not have access to the news at the same time...

      I have to say that I do not see the equivalency between a school bus going off a cliff and killing every child on board and a son shooting and killing his mother and several innocent children; the only thing that the two incidents have in common is death. However, although I do not think that the media are using this for corporate gain, I think that ultimately you raise a good point about the media hyping events to bait and hook their audience.

      You may not agree with me, but FOX news is a master at this and inflates even the smallest matter against the Democrats - and especially Obama - for just the reasons that you remarked on. But they are not limited to the Democrats in their hype: their recent feigned outrage over using the word "holiday" instead of "Christmas" is just one example of the type of theatrics you mentioned.

      BTW - I apologize for my suggestion that you expand into more national issues: I wrote that after quickly scanning the list of your articles that appeared on my screen. I am glad to see that you do, indeed, comment on issues that go beyond your state :)



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