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How Can Trump Bankrupt An Already Bankrupt Nation?

Updated on June 23, 2016

Really Bankrupt?

Yes. America is technically bankrupt. When a household has more debt than what they earn in one year, they are bankrupt!

As of this writing, the USA debt stands at $19,543,426,278,000. That is 19 TRILLION

This debt represents 104% of our GDP (Gross domestic product).

The USA pays over $250 BILLION every year just in interest on this debt. Just imagine if the fed raises interest rates!

How Did This Happen?

How this happened depends mostly on who you like, the democrats or republicans.

How this really happened is big government giving away the store. yes, give away a whole bunch of money. We can print more!

Banks go under - give them a bailout. Car industry - bail them out too.

Average American - Give them the bill!

The Obama administration is responsible for adding 10 TRILLION dollars to the national debt. This is based on the debt when he got elected. It's on google! Easy to find with no political spin.

How Can Trump Bankrupt us?

Well, he cannot. We are already there!

Let's look at how Trump can stop the bleeding:

1.) He will slow immigration - the USA gives billions of dollars to illegal immigrants. Disagree with that? Do you really think illegal immigrants come to the USA with a bank roll. No! They go right on welfare, get medical benefits, and more. Where do you think this money comes from?

2.) Start Repairing Infastructure - America is falling apart. Has Obama done anything about it. Very little. This will create jobs and therefore, taxes into the system.

3.) Get Rid of Bad Trade Deals - Yes, we are getting our butts kicked on trade. China basically owns us. He will slow the imports and increase exports. Good for the deficit and debt!

What About Hillary?

This is so easy. The Hillary campaign will be nothing more than 4 more years of Obama. They believe in the same things:

open borders

big government


and more

Bernie would have been worse. He wants free college. Where do people think money comes from???? Maybe college is not an entitlement.

Maybe if you want college, you have to pay for it. Oh, too expensive? Blame Obama. He created the college debt bubble. Handing out student loans like water. College fees had no where to go but up!

Either way you cut it. America is already bankrupt!

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