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How Can We Achieve World Peace — Part I

Updated on November 28, 2014
Cycle Rally For Peace
Cycle Rally For Peace | Source

For me, peace is a holistic word where the path is more important than the destination. This is all because I think peace achieved through self change is more stable than peace achieved through centralized governmental power.

I will strive to nurture and educate myself with the various worldly efforts of social responsibilities and then further inculcate them in my daily rituals. It is the first step which I need to take towards offering my little drop of effort to fill the peace bucket.

Today in this techno savvy world where it is getting digitalized with a pace never seen before, I can very easily compile a few articles and distribute it via this medium. Further, I can write about the cultural diversity and how they all are important to make this world beautiful. I will try to propagate this beauty of world diversity through various print and electronic mediums showcasing it the essence of the world peace which will help in its furtherance.

Human beings love to live in a social order, but this order needed to be beaded in a single chain. I will try to involve people from my area by arranging peace meet, peace weekend runs, and peace luncheon to keep the thinking process churning out new ideas to achieve this goal of sound and stable socia peace and order.

What I will sow today is what I will get tomorrow, like charity peace too begins from the smallest social dwelling unit of this world, i.e., family where I live. I will strive to involve my family in the various tools I will use towards making this peace process successful.

I feel education is more important than food to set the world in orderly form. I can teach at least a few kids in my neighborhood during the weekends who do not have access to the quality education I am bestowed with. This will rationalize their brain and help them in deciding and differentiating good from bad.

Also, I feel pupil getting religious preaching is great but only religious preaching and no knowledge of other subjects is dangerous, as this can give rise to fanaticism and disturb the world peace. So, I will work in this direction by sharing my old books, notes, and stationeries with those who are fed with only religious scriptures and no other subjects. This will let them know the world better from different points of views and respect everyone.

Peace Marathon
Peace Marathon | Source

Peace is the most precious gift which we cannot ignore for long. I will stride every step of my life inching towards this goal, as everything else becomes meaningless without peace.

I will make it a point to not only actively participate but also involve the people of my area in various peace march and rallies taking place in our area.

Also, inviting a peace speaker to inculcate the ideas and feelings of peace is a great notion, which I can ask my housing society to do once in a while.

I will celebrate each and every festival and try to involve people from various segments of the society along with me. This will let us know each other better and enjoy every moment of life. This will also help us to respect and understand each other's culture laying the foundation stone towards establishing peace in the society.

This is I think how can we achieve world peace. What is your take on it?

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    • pinto2011 profile image

      Subhas 3 years ago from New Delhi, India

      I liked the way you have expressed and defined in one line. I wish this becomes true to all of us.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 3 years ago

      Peace is a virtue we can all benefit from in our lives an extend it to others to create a bettr world for all.