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How Could Humanity Die Out one day?

Updated on March 7, 2017

No humans

Unknown what lives on...
Unknown what lives on... | Source

I am not sure this is possible. I believe there will always be someone that survives.

But, what if that does happen?

I guess someone would need be somewhere else to observe and take notes. This would ask the question on whom would take over the planet?

The planet could simply get populated with animals that served whatever happen. Plants take over the planet.

How to survive would be the main objective. But, I am talking about why it happened.

So, maybe an alien race find the planet. Well, all is lost. There is no humanity on it. So, there is no one to ask questions.

The only evidence would be in fossils. If we are gone... how would aliens that arrive here on Earth know about our brains? There is only fossils to examination. They could easy say another race might have ruled the Earth. Even a new population of Aliens might claim it and say they are the first here. If we are not here whom is to stop them?

This would be their planet.

They want to learn from us..

Say the aliens that take over find some evidence about the humans. They might note that we lived to rule over other creatures. We have attempted to communicate though technology and straightforwardness. We attempted to work together to get things done. They would also note individualism.

They might see us as trying to destroy our-self. Individuality or the group might have lead people struggling. They might try to understand why our wars happened in the first place. The history of our people might help them to not make the same mistakes in their future.

The possible out reach to the stars was not advanced. We could not reach them in a space ship or any technology created by humanity.


They could see this as a lack of trying to find new resources in outer space. Other planets could have newer elements that could have allowed humanity to survived for a longer time. This new element could have been used to keep use from using out own resources.
The lost of resources might lead to less travel and being unable to escape extreme circumstances.

Money for food

Aliens could note that people use money to get food. This might be crazy talk to them. Everyone needs food. So, paying for this item could lead to confusion.

All people need food for them to work at maximum capability. Leaving people without food does not help the community and will stunt the growth of the economy.

People could have lost life by simply running out of food or hording food only for the people who can pay for it.

Causing our people to suffer

The fact that there is a homeless population will be confusing. People on Earth once had shelter. Why not build shelters for everyone? Why are their homeless at all?

Chaos in an environment might have lead to the end of some of the population.

No plan to protect themselves

Most only planned for a how they live right now. They didn't think about what would happen.
This might not be a problem if someone dies right away. But, this would be a problem if there is medical bills for a hospital stay that can not be paid. The hospital might only have a number of days the poor person can stay.

In other cases, the medical insurance might not have covered the person staying the night. People might not have survived the night.

People that can afford to stay in the hospital will take priority over the poor.


Infection from hospitals could kill off some people.


War could have lead to a large number of people dying. This happens a lot and although it will not kill off everyone it could make a dent in the population.

Low Birth Rate

People might decide not to have any more children. They might want to have robotic complains that have no children. This could destroy humanity if no one is willing to have children.

The cost of having children will go up in price. Others will not be allowed to have children or made unable to have children in some way. This might be because of radiation, choice, health condition, funds or genetics.

Meteorite or something foreign to the planet being brought here

We might have been destroyed by aliens. This might be actual aliens. It might be a foreign body that enters the Earth. A meteorite might kill everyone off.

Rich received the priority over the dying population though our laws

Our laws protected the richer population. In doing so, the poor population destroyed the rich.

More prisons for the poor

Our government may have imprisoned us. And, they started to destroy the population that did not agree with us.

We didn't agree with the Rich

Education became something that only the elate needed. The other population became like puppeteers to get them rich.

Paranoid Rich

The rich decided to exile themselves becoming paranoid. They trusted no one and died out by their own hand when they could not take living any longer.

They think we are coming to get them.


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