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How Dangerous Is the Russian Meddling as Suggested by a Forum?

Updated on July 9, 2018

The Russian Dossier a report of fiction and used to trick the FISA court into giving warrants to invade the privacy of American Citizens.

How dangerous is what Russian Meddling in the 2016 election? Where is the proof of any meddling, and how then could it be dangerous?

The Russian Dossier was created at the cost of $9 million dollars paid for by Hillary Rodham Clinton to try an find something that she could use to win the election. We didn't need to look to Russia for election influence in our country, we only had to go as far as the Democrats, the DNC and Hillary Rodham Clinton. They however found a better use for this made up Russian Dossier by using it to get a FISA warrant to monitor Trump and his team. This was the second attempt at getting a FISA warrant, but this time the Dossier made the difference. It is believed that the FBI also paid to get this Dossier.

The Dossier has long been proven to be bogus and a work of creative fiction. They CIA couldn't legally spy on Trump an American Citizen in America. The F in FISA means Foreign. So how did the CIA get around that. Well the British have an equivalent to the CIA, and while British implies they are in Britain, they also have a place in the CIA building in Maryland. While neither the CIA or its British equivalent can spy on their own country, there is no law that says they can't spy on each others country and then share the information. And that is what they did.

The meeting that we hear about with the Russians in the Trump Tower was actually set up by the CIA. This along with the Dossier gave them a warrant that would allow them to Spy on Trump and his team. This means that the Robert Mueller investigation that was built on that bogus Dossier needs to end.

The result of this article as related to the question posed in the discussion

In the next capsule

I go over the discussion threads and comment on the comments. The end result is that not only is the question of "How Dangerous is the Russian Meddling" but there is now explanation of what is the Danger?

In addition, there is no explanation of how this alleged Danger has any magnitude of to rate the danger. How do you answer how Dangerous, when there is no danger enumerated. To try and comment on the assertion there is a danger without any facts to comment against is an effort in futility. The question then becomes fiction.

Remember the additional information and the web citing the article that details, well talks about the Niki Haley "Purported" faux conversation with Russians.

Judge for yourself and if you have any valid contributions to the articles please comment. Facts are always welcome.

How dangerous is Russia's meddling?

This is a question in the forum discussions, and as suggested by hubpages, it stimulated me to write this hub.

As part of this topic the author adds additional information. That additional information is not a fact, as the summary of the information used the word, ”Allegedly”. The web citing that the author used had the word, “Purported” instead of “Allegedly”. Both of these words indicate an unsubstantiated non verifiable assertion. Additionally, my search for the original Nikey

Haley conversation that was purported to have occurred resulted in only finding the purported conversation.

  • So one of the questions is where is the real original conversation to be found?
  • How did the author of the web citing get this conversation?
  • The forum discussion starts the process by answering the question without even verifying its authenticity, much like the main stream media dispenses its “Alleged News” reports.
  • Is the author of the discussion biased against president Donald Trump and anyone in his control?
  • Was there any fact checking to make the “purported” assertion?

Then the discussion starts with someone’s thought or opinion that has no facts or foundation. More like another biased person agreeing with the author.

  • The person thinks Russian Meddling in US elections is dangerous.

This brings in an assertion that has no facts, foundation or verification. This thought is asserted as if it was a fact. But it is devoid of not only facts, but any information to confuse it as a fact.

  • This person then follows it with a comment on the Niki Haley faux conversation that isn’t even verified. Saying it was funny, and a tiny bit disturbing.

What is really disturbing and not funny at all is the misuse of treating opinions, and unverified information as facts. And then running to conclusions that are built on rubbish.

The Next person adds more opinions as follows

  • Absolutely Dangerous
  • We see the damage it causes already.

These are opinions, and as asserted one can see the bias against president Trump.

That person continues with more opinions sans facts.

  • The person attacks Trump supporters for dismissing the danger.
  • Saying we interfere in other countries, so we have no rights to complain.
  • Then the person claims that it is out of scope for the post.
  • Another attack on Trump supporters.
  • Calling their actions mere rationalization in order to excuse any Russian involvement to get Trump elected because that was their responsibility in order to get him elected.

There were no details even asserting what these “dangers” are so they are dismissed for lack of any foundation.

The fact is that the US does interfere with many countries and they have been doing it for a very long time. So it is valid to make that comment. It is relevant to the post when the US tries to interfere with Russian elections.

That doesn’t make it a rationalization of getting Trump elected or the fact that he got elected. There are many reasons why Trump won the presidency. And even Hillary Clinton blamed FBI Director James Comey for losing her the election.

Another person then comments.

That person basically says that any country meddling in other countries is what nations do for power and influence. If we don’t like other countries doing it, then we need to demand that our country stops doing it.

The first person continues

  • Once again saying the Russian meddling is dangerous to us?

My comment then are the following unanswered questions.

What is the Russian Meddling”

When did it happen”

How did it work?

Where is the proof?

And there is a follow up list of many questions to understand the details of any Russian plan which too date there is no evidence, or even an opinion about their method and execution.

  • The person continues with we should mitigate against it.
  • The claim is made basically as in what parents say to their children. “Do as I say and not as I do”.

This again is simply avoiding the comment and reasserting the baseless biased assertion.

Another person then asks What is this so called DANGER?

"If we're going to raise an outcry over the tremendous danger and immorality of Russians (or anyone else) trying to influence people's minds in our elections then we need to shut down our own efforts in their elections. To fail to do so is hypocrisy at its worst."

I agree with you it's hypocritical, but we do a lot of interfering in and dictating to oter countries in many areas. For example, we've supplied arms to militant groups in other countries. If Russia supplied arms to militant groups here in the U.S. should we throw up our arms and say, oh well, we do it, too?

The first person then responds with a remark trying to make this person above foolish for even broaching the comment.

At this point the next comment just went emotional without providing any facts, or foundation,

The forum ends with

What would be the point of rehashing the subject?


The point of this article is to demonstrate how the left, and especially the left on hubpages make statements that have little to no basis, little to no facts, and appear to be their emotional opinions and wishes.

Hubpages support these emotional and unAmerican whining from them. This is neither objective or professional.

It is one thing to hold liberal views and make comments on conservatives and even the president of the United States, but it is not OK to make them without having any factual or even any objective basis.

These liberals spend their time calling their wishes and their absurd baseless accusations the truth. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is clear from their comments and their articles such as in this forum that they have no facts to support their views.

I would hope that they would submit compelling factual arguments to prove me wrong here, or anywhere on hub pages.


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      8 months ago from Orange County California

      Well folks, you can plant this discussion, it has come to a dead stop. RIP

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      8 months ago from Orange County California


      You are too clever for me as I still don't understand how it pertains to this article.

      Your last two paragraphs are simply wrong.

      The next to last paragraph is a statement of fact.

      The birther issue is a requirement of the presidency.

    • Reason and Facts profile image

      Alvie Dewade 

      8 months ago from New York, NY

      I thought you were asking for feedback. You were clearly objecting to the harsh language in the comments, which you say indicate a political bias of HubPages and denies your ability to be a featured article.

      I thought I'd demonstrate how such boos and jeers from the crowd (1) aren't unusual, (2) don't indicate a bias of the platform in which those criticisms are aired, and, referring to your own language in the original article, (3) are a common technique to find tiny avenues of reasonable guilt or innocence by being hyper selective in facts so the conclusion is what the author wanted in the first place.

      "Pay attention to the vile, rude and unAmerican wording in these statements."

      "As part of this topic the author adds additional information. That additional information is not a fact, as the summary of the information used the word, ”Allegedly”. The web citing that the author used had the word, “Purported” instead of “Allegedly”. Both of these words indicate an unsubstantiated non verifiable assertion. Additionally, my search for the original Nikey."

      And lastly, the birther issue could not be a better poster child for an unsubstantiated smear campaign.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      8 months ago from Orange County California


      What does this have to do with the Russians and this article or even the forum that inspired it.

    • Reason and Facts profile image

      Alvie Dewade 

      8 months ago from New York, NY

      Here's a few of the headliners, but make no mistake, starting win Gingrich in the 90's, the neo-con machine has perfected the fact-less crisis creation. And yes, while liberal commentators or pundits may come off as rabid, I assure you their language or as you put it, their unAmerican-ness, is no more egregious than the Limbaugh's or Beck's.

      What you find less of with liberal politics, is there have been far fewer Alan West's, Michelle Bachman's, and Sarah Palin's. It's one thing to listen for a blog to lie and make accusations. It's another when it's a member of the House of Representatives or as a Vice Presidential Candidate.

      1. In May 2010, Republican Darrell Issa of California stated that the ***ALLEGATION*** that the White House had offered Pennsylvania Representative Joe Sestak a job to persuade Sestak to drop out of the Pennsylvania Senate primary election against Arlen Specter "is one that everyone from Arlen Spector to Dick Morris has said is in fact a crime, and could be impeachable". With the possibility of becoming chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform in January 2011, Issa said in October 2010 that the committee would not seek to impeach Obama.

      2. Rep. Michele Bachmann claims Obama's trip to India will cost the taxpayers $200 million a day. Then, it was picked up and pushed even further by the likes of Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck, and Drudge, even adding in 34 Naval warships to the entourage.

      3. At a 2013 town hall meeting with constituents, two years after Obama had released his long-form birth certificate to the public, Congressman Blake Farenthold said that Obama should be impeached due to conspiracy theories relating to Obama's birth certificate. Farenthold said that he thinks that "the House is already out of the barn on this, on the whole birth certificate issue."

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      8 months ago from Orange County California

      Here is another example of how hubpages calls this kind of writing acceptable quality. The following is just one thread of comments, and you should decide for yourself the level of quality of this writing. You should also note the lack of any facts or foundation other than the opinion of the writer.

      Pay attention to the vile, rude and unAmerican wording in these statements.


      • "Delusional Donald's" Third World DUMP

      • support a "Satanic Spawn of DARKNESS" ~ 70 to 80% of AMERICA & the WORLD are with the RESISTANCE ~

      • He'll be GONE Soon GOD Willing, s

      • who'll be the GOP's 2020 Presidential Candidate? OJ Simpson, PF Roy Moore or perhaps the REMAINs of Charles Manson????

      • WHY not join the Rapidly GROWING RESISTANCE against Dangerous Incoherent Russian STOOGEs like "Delusional Donald", Gen. Kelly & McMasters, CON-Man Paul Ryan etc

      • u FAIL to Grasp the FACTs and "Scope & Depth" of UNPRECEDENTED Irreparable DAMAGE "Delusional Donald" has already caused to the USA ~

      • Vladimir Putin's STOOGE

      • an agenda which has already Significantly WEAKENED this once Great Nation in almost every way ~

      • We are now relegated to survival in the equivalent of a third world dictatorial state ~ I*N*S*A*N*E ~

      • If "Delusional Donald" isn't the ANTI-Christ, it will NEVER Exist ~

      • apparently U missed "Delusional Donald's" Degradation of OUR FBI, CIA & POW's

      • while he CONSTANTLY KISSEs the Ring of his Superior Vladimir Putin ~

      • AND a Film CLIP Capturing this idiots


      • Deranged Behavior which

      • Proves his Mentally Instability / RETARDATION:

      • neglected to read my last few comments which clearly detail the "Damning PUBLIC Evidence"

      • which will ultimately be the DOOM of Mr. Drumpf ~

      • No, U can't impeach an individual for mere "Physical APPEARANCE",

      • but if there was ever a CASE to be made to do so,

      • it would be against "Delusional Donald" ~

      • NOW I know WHY Trucks are strategically placed so the MEDIA can't get a good shot with their cameras, he looks like a COWARDLY, Weak & FLABBY

      • 71 Year OLD Failing Schlubb in his little Golf Costume ~

      • Not much better in his CHEAP lookin' suits either ~

      • At one point in the past, I wondered WHY some individuals could still listen to a BABBLING, Incoherent Russian Poodle IDIOT like him,

      • then I remembered even Strange WEIRDO Losers like Marshall Applewhite, Jim Jones, Tiny Tim & Radiohead were somehow able to build a somewhat loyal following ~

      • your "LITTLE Stooge" "Traitor Trump" REFUSED to Enact "Russian Sanctions" that Congress Passed,

      • he IMPLORED Russian Agents including "Wiki-CREEP's" to STEAL Property belonging to AMERICAN Citizens, that's called ESPIONAGE,

      • he also DEGRADEs OUR FBI, CIA & POWs

      • while KISSING Putin's Russian Ring ~ ALL are CRIMEs and or Conspiracy against the United States and

      • that's just the Beginning of this CHARLATAN's ANTI-American Actions

      • which severely UNDERMINE the very fabric of the USA ~

      • Go ahead just simply DENY the Existence of these FACTs ~

      • And always remember, just because U POUT & Scream & Sob about it,

      • your REFUSAL to Face REALITY will NEVER Negate the Truth ~

      • Well, when Vladimir Putin's little stooge

      • Traitor Trump" gets fitted for an Orange Jumper & begins NEGOTIATIONs with "BUBBA" for "Top Cell Bunk",

      • the Entire WORLD will Rejoice ~

      • We PRAY

      • he and his entire "Grifter Family"

      • are Imprisoned

      • BEFORE they can fulfill Putin's Entire ANTI- American AGENDA ~

      • Tom Steyer's RESISTANCE is BUILDING & the Special Prosecutor is INDICTING,

      • let's PRAY they END this Apocalyptic NIGHTMARE in short order ~

      • even if U might be a foreigner, but do yourself a favor and go

      • watch the "Lester Holt/Donald Drumpf Interview",

      • the Access HOLLYWOOD Tape, the Film of "Delusional Donald" IMPLORING Russian Operatives to Commit Espionage against the USA on Nationwide Television,

      • then go read the "Emoluments CLAUSE" of the U.S. Constitution which Charlatan Drumpf

      • is now in VIOLATION of ~

      • I know it's written in English which might not be your PRIMARY Language, but give it a shot anyway ~

      • Trump is GONE,

      • I'm confident he and

      • his Bone-Headed Attorneys know it as well,

      • so are his ACCOMPLICEs "Squinty Pence",

      • CON-Man P Ryan,

      • Junior Drumpf,

      • "Pig PILE Steve Bannon",

      • Ivanika & her FEEBLE Little Boy Jared Kush & perhaps many many more ~

      • But I do understand your "DENIAL of Reality" as a "Psychological DEFENSE" ~ Try to STOP "CRYING, Whining & SOBBING"

      • about your BOZO Russian Puppet & become a PATRIOT for once ~

      • For those of us, the Vast MAJORITY of Rational Human Beings

      • who are not "Irreparably FIXATED"

      • on "Flunky FAKE Faux News Channel",

      • the Real EVIDENCE Against "Delusional Donald"

      • & his ENTIRE "Family of Trump U Charlatans" is "GREAT, Growing & Damning" ~

      • 2 INDICTMENTs & 2 Co-Operating Witnesses so far by the Special Prosecutors

      • spells DOOM for the Orange Orangutan Dangerously ROAMING our white house grounds as we speak ~

      • WE, the MASSIVE Resistance

      • against this Impotent,

      • Demented Megalomaniac

      • Pray he's REMOVED

      • B-4 he Intentionally & Irreparably DEGRADEs the USA & Entire World Permanently, to the point of no return ~

      • For just a TASTE of the Damning EVIDENCE Against him, go watch the Lester Holt interview

      • where Donny in his own words, Confesses to "OBSTRUCTION of Justice",

      • then watch the disgusting "Access HOLLYWOOD Film" where he in his own words, Confesses to Abusing Women,

      • then go read the U.S. Constitution which clearly illustrates his "Emoluments CLAUSE" Violations,

      • then go watch him on NATIONAL Television, here he tries to UNDERMINE Our Electoral System

      • by imploring our ARCH Enemy Russia / Vladimir Putin Controlled Wiki-LEAKs, to commit ESPIONAGE Against the USA ~

      • ALL are considered exhibits credited toward CRIMEs ~

      • This is just a TASTE of the "PUBLIC" EVIDENCE Against him,

      • who knows what Special Prosecutors have secured in PRIVATE and although he deserves the most SEVERE Penalty for his Dis-Loyalty to the United States & Gen. Washington and or General Patton would have executed said PUNISHMENT, LIFE in a musty, dimly lighted Prison would at least get this SICK Old Man off the streets and away from OUR Nuclear Arsenal ~ Poetic Justice ~

      • Public EVIDENCE Alone CONVICTs "Delusional Donald"

      • of Several IMPEACHABLE/Indictable

      • Crimes against the USA & Humanity ~ "Obstruction of Justice", "ABUSE of Power", "Emoluments Clause VIOLATIONs"

      • which includes ACCEPTING & Receiving Monetary Consideration from Foreign Governments including our arch enemies,

      • "Inciting Violence", TREASON, Subversion are just some of what we know of, just wait until the "Criminal Investigation Concludes"

      • Not to mention he's "Mentally DERANGED"

      • to the point of the 25th Amendment kicking in,

      • he's an IDIOT,

      • a Meglomanic, Paranoid

      • & the most IMPOTENTLY

      • Un-Prepared JOKE ever to become

      • "Pseudo-President" ~

      • This Unprecedented "NIGHTMARE" will END Soon, Poetic JUSTICE would be Prison for The DRUMPF's

      • who will NEVER get to Enjoy the Gargantuan "WEALTH Transfer SCAM" they managed to pull off while HOMELESS Americans spend another CHRISTMAS on a Cement Mattress ~

      • Kharma will certainly take hold of this PATHETIC Excuse for an EVIL Force,

      • and who knows, perhaps an ETERNITY spent on the Cold STREETs Penniless will be

      • this weird looking "Russian PUPPET's" Final Chapter ~

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      8 months ago from Orange County California

      It is interesting when the hubpages chooses Quality as the reason for not featuring an article. It seems that it is usually an article that is in opposition to their political bias to the left.

      I would welcome comments that can show how this article or any of my articles lack quality. In order to do that you have define the template for quality, and then apply it to the hubpages quality measure. Does such a quality measure even exist at hubpages?


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