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Amanda Knox Work Without Visa In Italy?

Updated on January 17, 2012

Amanda Knox 22 Hours Ago


Italian Work Visas

There have been so many inconsistencies in the Amanda Knox story that one has to wonder why and how anyone could believe this woman has a leg to stand on in Perugia?

The first is her story of moving to Italy to study. Student visas are pretty easy to get although it isn't necessarily wise that to allow a student who didn't speak fluent Italian and despite media reports still doesn't speak fluent Italian move to that country. Knox clearly wasn't up for learning on the fly.

Second it is almost impossible to get a work visa in Italy. Strike that it is impossible to get a work visa in Italy if you are an American. So you would have to wonder how Amanda Knox who didn't speak Italian managed to obtain a work visa. Work visas are obtained from Italian Authorities only if you speak fluent Italian. I know I have tried to get an Italian work visa and it is not easy the bureaucracy alone is horrific and work visa is a highly coveted visa so there is a log waiting line. You have to know someone, speak the language and have the job well in advance of obtaining the visa. So how did Amanda Know who didn't speak Italian obtain and Italian work visa? Working without a visa is a criminal offense in Italy.

These claims are highly incredulous as Amanda Knox clearly was not capable of working or studying in Italy. What is apparent is that she had more ambition than brains and did not care for the Italian legal system. This is a huge error of judgement to think you can move to a country and just work there without following the laws. She probably thought she could get away with it because she over estimated her own intelligence and lived in a country were foreigners have a high disregard for immigration law.

As for the media reports she is frail, thin and losing her hair? This picture is 22 hours old. Knox is smiling. Her Italian was not fluent are well spoken. She answered as a very immature spoiled child.

When the verdict is returned and Ms. Know isn't sent free then maybe and just maybe then she will realize she has not conned anyone and her aversion to conformity of Italian law with cost her her youth.


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