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How Dirty a World can Businessmen make, you have an Idea?

Updated on February 16, 2018
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Probir is a content writer with ample experience in various domains. He is from Kolkata, India and runs a content agency, Contentoto India.

The Businessmen are Banana-Managers.

I'll kill you if you go against me with a banana.
I'll kill you if you go against me with a banana.

The Businessmen are the Culprits of all Evils in Societies.

Read a lot of disturbing news today. I am shocked by the levels of degradation these businessmen, women supporting them and some psychopaths can go down to.

First, our own Indian Entrepreneur-like Banana Manager- NiMo

NIrav Modi is an example how some of the blatantly corrupt Hindi businessmen exploit the financial system, utilizing their networking with hi-profile political leaders. I have no respect left for Hindi businessmen and the Hindi society at large at all because I know this is just the tip of the iceberg which the associated bank, PNB could no more contain under the veils.

Buy Sins, it has the best ROI

These businessmen who have no respect for ethics and human values are bastards who not only live a dirty life but also spread the disease of corruption in the society they live. The support of nice-looking and seemingly innocent women supporting these non-deserving money moguls are equally responsible for such a low-level social life we have in India. These materialistic women are a curse for humanity and they deserve the kind of punishment only the most prolific bastards should get.

Psychopaths' Favorite Nation- the US

The school shooting in Florida shows the level of vulgarity the US has reached where killing people out of extreme madness becomes a continuous affair. In fact, a country made of loot-loving businessmen where becoming rich by hook or crook and living a life that more or less a slang-inspired conundrum that is immortalized by a porn-actress obsessed President shows us the disadvantages of having faith on the businessmen who are the very destroyers of social well-being and happiness in the civil society of all human beings.

Don't think You are Safe

Live in no contentment. The disease is so widespread that women, the majority of whom live in fear and distress, hardly reveal the level of degradation our humanity has spiralled down in the age of technology and digital crimes. Add to the fire the gasoline being added by value-less politicians and you will see how unsafe, dirty and degraded life we live in the yet nascent 21st century.

Disgusting Businessmen Communities

I consider these businessmen wherever they are, in India or US, responsible for this dilapidated condition of our societies. These people have a point of view that everything is a commodity, and they are empowered by a group of nasty network, equipped with all kinds of evils, incuding mudereres, money launderers, rapists and constant harassers who exploit all kinds of possibilities a nasty minds can think of.

They're a Dying Community

There is a warning to these people. Their outer-world image, containing plush residences, hi-fi looking lifestyles which are in fact all a big show, and shining armamments that incude pricey automobiles, yachts, porn and all other kinds of dirty behavior they self-willingly make a sign of success are just an attainment of success these people think to be of great value.

Dance and Sing - It's Time to Make Merry

To me, these Fortune-inspired businessmen are crawling insects without any backbone obsessed with sins and dirty lifestyles who deserve the worst kinds of punishments with all media-made ugly women who support these fellows. The time for thier judgement is near and unlike other times when these extremely nasty fellows managed to save thier butts that are incapable and ineligible to get a seat amid peace-loving and sane people will get a fitting reply from all angles they can think of. Let's see how many billions can save them from the tryst with their destiny.

Enjoy, Baby!

Ending with a sentence these money moguls are obsessed with- "Enjoy the life."


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