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How Do Conservative Republicans Differ From Liberal Democrats?

Updated on August 21, 2014

In the world of politics, there are two major parties. On the right side are conservatives, who are also known as republicans, and on the left side are liberals, otherwise known as democrats. The two parties have differing view on just about every subject under the Sun. While every liberal democrat or conservative republican may not agree with their party on every signal issue, they do agree with the party’s platform on the vast majority of issues.

Views on Government

Conservative republicans believe that the government should play a smaller role in the lives of its citizens, and support a Constitutional amendment requiring the Federal government to balance the budget by limiting spending. Conservative republicans are also in favor of decreasing funding to, or eliminating many social programs, such as welfare, and are against wealthy citizens paying a higher tax rate. In contrast, liberal democrats favor a larger government presence, saying it should provide a safety net for disadvantaged Americans, and this includes continuing social programs and expecting the wealthy to pay what they consider to be an appropriate tax rate for that income level.

Views on Business

Conservative republicans favor a limited government role and business. They want to deregulate healthcare, eliminate environmental restrictions on businesses, and lower or eliminate a minimum wage for workers. They also believe in limiting – or putting a cap on - the amount of money that an individual can receive when they sue. On the other hand, liberal democrats believe that government intervention protects workers and consumers from the effects of corporate greed.

Views on Religious Issues

Conservative republicans have a pro-life stance and oppose abortions, and physician-assisted suicide because they deem these forms of murder. They are against the legalization of same sex marriages because they say that the Bible considers homosexuality a sin, as it does adultery and fornication, which is premarital sex. In addition, conservatives are in favor of the death penalty. However, liberal democrats believe that medical decisions should be left in the hands of patients and their doctors. They also believe that morality cannot be legislated and people cannot impose their religious beliefs on those who don’t share these views.

Views on Social Issues

Conservative republicans support government school vouchers to parents who send their children to private schools and religious schools, and they support faith-based government initiatives. They oppose affirmative action and other types of race or gender-based programs, initiatives or requirements, and are also against illegal immigration. They favor increases in military spending and oppose gun restrictions. On the other hand, liberal democrats favor using tax dollars to improve the quality of public schools. They oppose religious initiatives, but favor race and gender-based programs and they support a more liberal policy for dealing with illegal immigrants. Liberal democrats support a smaller military and stricter gun laws.


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