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How Donald Trump Could Be Impeached

Updated on May 23, 2017
Matthew DeWitte profile image

Matthew DeWitte is a current student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison seeking a triple major, and plans to attend graduate school.

Clinton stepped down from office before being impeached.
Clinton stepped down from office before being impeached. | Source

Impeachment Guidelines

The impeachment process was established in order to remove a president from office if he or she is found guilty of a crime committed against the United States. Almost certainly the president will never be prosecuted under the law, and will only be asked to leave office. There have only been two presidents impeached while in office: Andrew Johnson and most popularly, Bill Clinton. As stated previously, both presidents saw no punishment post-presidency.

The most popular way a president can run into legal issues would be obstruction of justice. Failing to provide info or blocking means of information in order to "save face" could prove enough for the Congress to warrant an impeachment. The impeachment process is heard by the Senate and called for by the House. During the hearing, a select group of members from the House of Representatives serve as a jury of some sort. The most formal impeachment process would involve the prosecution of a president, however it has never come to such major circumstance. Typically, if a president understands they have a good chance of being impeached, they will step down and hand the job over to the vice president, in order to save themselves from years of scrutiny and embarrassment. This was most namely seen in the case of Richard Nixon following the "Watergate" scandal.

The impeachment process is one of the ways presidents are held in check throughout their time in office.

FBI Director Comey is set to be heard by the House in the near future.
FBI Director Comey is set to be heard by the House in the near future. | Source

How Trump Might Face Impeachment

Recent developments have arisen following Trump's firing of FBI Director Comey. Some speculate Donald Trump fired Comey before he was able to testify against Trump for using Russia as a way to win the 2016 presidential election. It has long been analyzed whether Russia did or did not in fact play a role in the election, however Russia themselves have said they meddled. Whether this is true or not has still gone unproven.

The fact that the meddling has not been proven is one reason why it will be so hard to impeach Trump. If Russia can not even be proved to have messed with the election, Trump may make the argument there was nothing for him to cover up, and blame the Comey firing on the media being too involved with the mess that he had to fire him just to get them to stop talking about the issues.

Also, Donald Trump currently enjoys a majority in both the House and Senate, proving why it may be hard for him to even be tried in the first place.

While the media may act like Trump is likely to face impeachment, the real probability is highly unlikely.


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    • profile image

      Wild Bill 3 months ago

      I hope Trump is impeached because Pence would then become president and he is a true conservative.

      Even better, the liberals would then try to impeach Pence which would show they are just crying wolf. That would give Republicans the presidency in 2020.

    • profile image

      Wild Bill 4 months ago

      I agree with Angel because what are Democrats hoping will happen if Trump is impeached; they will put Hillary in? Nope, Mike Pence is next in line and he is actually a real conservative with political experience. Plus, they can't keep impeaching Republican presidents for the next 4 years. Their best bet is just let the Don self-explode and take over when he is done.

    • Alternative Prime profile image

      Alternative Prime 4 months ago from > California

      Not only is IMPEACHMENT a Distinct REALITY at this point, but Criminal Charges LOOM Large over Donald John's head as well considering the "Special Prosecutor" was Assigned 2 INVESTIGATE all things Unlawful & TREASONOUS which any ALERT individual would realize is a SLAM Dunk Case ~

      The CORRUPTION & Danger is Unprecedented ~

      X-Treme Crisis has ENGULFED not only OUR WHITE House, but the USA & the World ~ It appears as if Vladimir Putin CONTROLs many Republican PUPPETs including Donald John, ANTI-American WEIRDO Steve Bannon is trying desperately 2 "DECONSTRUCT" Our Government before he's REMOVED from our White House, Foreign Terrorist Attacks are on the RISE, N.Korea DIRESPECTs Donald by ACCELERATING their Missle Capabilities, China Manipulating Donald etc etc ~

      A Thorough INVESTIGATION will Require Subpoenas to attain access 2 "Buried Evidence" such as Tax Returns, Business DEALINGs , I believe that's when Donald John will be given the same OPTIONs as Richard Nixon was by Republicans ~ The BIG Difference between Nixon & Trump is that the "Trump CRISIS" is far Deeper & the SCOPE of "DANGER, Treasonous Activity, Tumult & DESTRUCTION" to OUR Country & her Constitution is Decisevely Greater ~

    • Angel Guzman profile image

      Angel Guzman 4 months ago from Joliet, Illinois

      The politically smart thing to do is keep the impeachment talk down and if democrats perform well in 2018 consider that option maybe.