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How Donald Trump Won

Updated on January 30, 2017

How Donald Trump won the Presidency

By Brook James

I’ve been hearing a lot of Hillary/Bernie supports, questioning how this could happen.

The Media has NO idea how this happened. Celebrities had no idea this would happen.

The Polls all said this wouldn’t happen. So, HOW did this happen?

Let me explain something to you.

There was a HUGE underground movement going on across America, that many never even knew was happening. You think that millions of people suddenly just decided to vote for Trump last minute? NO!

Most Americans knew they were going to vote for Trump, many kept quiet. Some never even budged. Many said they would vote 3rd Party or not at all. Those where lies. We all knew.

In fact, most of us knew he would win.

This is how we knew.

Donald Trump knows something about the American people that the Hillary did not. The Republicans have been living in hiding, we have been going on with our lives hoping and praying that something would change. We have been suppressing our views due to mass criticism from most Liberals and Lefties. We nod our heads in agreement, or just shrug every time something has been put into place that we don’t agree with. We have LOST our voice. We aren’t allowed to say we don’t support Gay Marriage, we aren’t allowed to say we don’t support Abortion on demand and don’t want out tax money going toward that. We aren’t allowed to say we think our military is suffering. We aren’t allowed to have an opinion. When we do, WHEN we do. We are Racist, bigots, Homophobic etc. There is no reasoning with some Liberals and MOST MAIN STREAM POPULAR CULTURE!!!

Popular Culture has been leading the way in ALL the progressive movements.

And there is a huge majority of people who are sick and tired of not having a voice.

SO, this America is what happened.

When someone’s voice is no longer heard, they began to feel angry, they start to search for other likeminded individuals to share their opinions and voice with. Those 3 or 4 people then start a community of friends. Now all over the country is small cells of groups of Conservatives who have views that they share with each other during get togethers etc. This group eventually grows. Now we have churches with people in them who share similar views and are no longer able to voice those views at the pulpit in fear of not being Politically Correct. These people then form small groups.

Now what do we have. Cells of people living their everyday life who have views that aren’t being heard in Popular Culture or Main stream media.

Where could their views be heard?

Social media? Correct!

Millions of Republicans went to Social Media, posted YouTube videos or scripture or small things that made many skim over or not read or watch. But what does that start. A movement.

An underground movement! lead the way for most Republicans someone mentioned Alex Jones and one person looked him up. Another saw a Hillary For Prison sign and thought it interesting and looked it up. Others started their own YouTube pages to voice their opinions. This then starts a REVOLUTION of underground republican conservatives. Now comes Trump a man who understands Social Media and uses it OFTEN.

He played you! And he was BRILLIANT! “Don’t trust the NEWS MEDIA” that was said repeatedly. WE already knew we couldn’t trust them based on the fact they were not voicing our opinions. NOW here comes someone to stand up and say you can’t trust them. Many questioned Why and did research. Some called it lunatic and Hate speech. Donald Trump IGNITED the underground movement!


When election day came, those people, who’s voice had been hidden for 8 years, came out. Millions of them came out! When polls showed that Hillary would win, we all smiled underground and waited. We all knew. We waited until the last day. When many thought, they had this election in the bag by a long shot. WE KNEW! We came out by the millions. We proved EVERYONE wrong! This underground revolution is no LONGER underground! Wake up America! It’s time for OUR voices to finally be heard!


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