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How Greed is Destroying the Earth

Updated on February 27, 2015
Burning the earth
Burning the earth | Source

The Earth does not have infinite resources, and there is a limit to the amount of abuse it can take. Oil is big business, and it is no secret that oil companies make over 375 million dollars per day. That is a lot of money, and many would agree that it is dirty money. In essence they are getting paid to kill the planet on a daily basis. Everyone is well aware that burning fossil fuels such as oil and gas creates pollution. Everyone is wide awake to the knowledge that by using oil and gas, we are killing the planet more and more each day. So why do we keep doing it is the big question.

The answer to that question lies in the way the system is set up. First of all, automotive companies could create only electric cars now if they wanted to. The technology is now available for car companies to create only electric cars. Yet they continue to manufacture gas-powered cars, knowing full well that they could produce electric cars instead. Why do they do this you may ask? The answer is that they are in bed with the oil companies. The automotive industry is in ties with the oil industry and they have an agreement together to keep building gas-powered vehicles.

The reason they have this agreement is greed, the oil industry wants to keep getting richer even though it is rich beyond anyone’s hopes and dreams. The oil and gas industry is responsible for much of today’s global warming epidemic. Another portion of the global warming epidemic is due to deforestation which is also linked to the oil industry. Without oil and gas many of the forests that were cut down would not have been cut down. The machinery used to cut down forests uses gas to power itself so without the gas the trees would still be there. The oil industry is linked to a lot of disgusting stuff over the years.

The newest and most terrible of the oil industry’s exploits is the tar sands in Canada. The gasoline that a small car burning fuel from the tar sands is as if it were a large SUV burning the same amount of fuel. The oil from the tar sands is dirty and it is leaving a huge mess behind. The Alberta oil sands are also producing large lakes of toxic sludge. Producing a barrel of oil from the tar sands produces three times more greenhouse gases than it would take with a conventional barrel of oil.

If the oil industry were to exploit the oil sands to their full potential it would create more climate pollution than the USA and China combined. The motivating factor in all this destruction is greed. You see it on TV shows where they show eager young oil drillers going out to find places to drill for oil. They are eager to make money and they don’t hide from that fact either. People are ready to kill their own home just to make money. What good is making money if one day you aren’t around to use it. It doesn’t make sense, why kill your own home just to make money. You can’t eat money, and you can’t drink oil. The oil is in the ground for a reason, it should stay there.

When you burn a tire in the street it creates a disgusting smell and toxic fumes. Burning oil is just as gross, and we shouldn’t do it, oil is meant to stay in the ground.

We need to create awareness about this problem and let people know that they should stop buying gas-powered vehicles. By completely ignoring gas-powered cars we can slowly win the war on this terrible problem. It would be great too, if someone were to come up with an invention that we could fit onto our tailpipes to completely remove the pollution our cars create. Why no one has come up with such an invention is a mystery to me. It is shocking to me that our lawmakers have not forced the oil companies to shut down. The truth is that our economy is so dependant on oil that even our lawmakers are afraid to do anything about it. The truth is that we need to completely stop using oil and suffer for it for 5 to 10 years. During that transitional period we would learn to live without oil and gas, no matter how hard it would be. We would get around with electric cars, bicycles, and boats. We should be willing to go back in time technologically in order to fight the oil and gas problem. Suffering through 10 years of not having fast transportation would be worth the risk and hardship. The result would be that we would win back our dignity as a species, and we would prove that are able to live without greed.

Are we truly going to let greed kill our planet, or are we going to kill greed and live like respectable human beings for a change. What is it going to take for someone with some guts to stand up to the oil and gas industry and to tell them enough is enough.


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