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How Iran Can Get a Nuclear Bomb Within 30 days

Updated on March 28, 2013

By most accounts, Iran will have the nuclear warhead by 2014, but that is assuming all the intelligence is correct. The Israelis say the time to prevent them is by July 2013, after this, if nothing is done, any attacks will probably have a minimal impact. Others state that Iran could have enough weaponized material within six months, or by late Fall. Even if the attack to halt it occurred, most think it would only delay them, not stop them.

However, all Iran really needs to do, if North Korea is willing, is to buy one from them and ship or fly it incognito to Iran. NK and Iran are like brothers when it comes to sharing nuclear weapon data it seems. The Iranian rockets are NK products. NK has done three nuclear tests with Iranian scientists present. If NK claims are true about them being able to load a nuclear bomb into a missile, then Iran should be able to, since they have the same NK rocket.

The warhead, while small, is enough for Iran to use it as political clout. North Korea produces up to six nuclear bombs a year in secret, undisclosed sites inside mountains. NK needs the money and they are willing to sell them to those who want them for a price. Syria bought a nuclear reactor from them before the Israelis destroyed it. Iran would be more than willing to buy it if the "price is right". Maybe, so far, it is not but with all the recent NK saber rattling, this very well might change.

Something that seems to have been not considered by the Obama administration. Iran can more easily buy a nuke than to make it. Maybe the deal has already occurred. Maybe that is why Iran seems to be not concerned about the sanctions nor anything the U.S. does.

It may be just a matter of time.


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