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How Jamaican Police Get Away With Murder

Updated on August 3, 2010


No police officer has ever been convicted of murder. 

Men have been crammed into cells at police stations until they smothered.  Bodies have been recovered of men last seen alive entering police jeeps.  Children, women, have been shot and killed.

No police officer in Jamaica has ever been convicted of murder.

The Video

On July 31st, Television Jamaica began its newscast with a warning that what was about to be broadcast was not suitable for children, then rolled the video taken by cell phone camera.

The video was brief.

A man lay on the ground.
A uniformed police officer hit him with a baton at intervals.
A plains clothes detective, holding a gun, walks around to face the man.
Then shoots him in cold blood.

The video ends.

The Constabulary Communication Network, unaware that TVJ had this video, had issued a release in the afternoon claiming that a man with a knife attacked for police officers and was shot dead.

This is the most important factor in the murder.
The CCN; the official mouthpiece of the Constabulary Force, issued its usual lie.  TVJ, showing more courage than any other media house has ever done, ran the video, then read the 'official' report.

Shortly after, pants well around his ankles, the Commissioner of Police called TVJ and claimed that the police who murdered the man on that video would be arrested and charged.

Innocent Until Proven

No police officer has ever been convicted of murder.  This is because Jamaicans lie. Jamaicans tend to lie about anything and everything without effort. 

When a citizen goes to court to give evidence against the police, the chance to get up on that high stand and vent is so tempting, that many start embroidering and don't stop until they have covered the court room in a quilt.

People have 'seen' police standing over their brother firing shots, when the closest they could have been was sixteen feet, (by the medical evidence.)

Mothers have claimed what a saint their son was, and then the police records and arrest warrants are put into evidence.

The jury, hearing the eye witness lie about all the little things discards their testimony.  The Police know this.  The Police know they can literally murder a man in front of his mother because when she comes to give evidence she will lie. And lie. And so destroy her credibility that when his lawyer addresses the jury it will sound something like;

"This woman has testified that she saw this police man, out of a clear blue sky, walk up and kill her son in cold blood for nothing.  Does this sound truthful to you?  Remember how she swore he had never been in trouble before, but we submitted the various warrants for his arrest. If she can lie about her son being such a Saint, can we believe her when a policeman's life is at stake?  Can we believe this proven liar when she concocts a ridiculous story about a policeman killing her son in broad daylight, in cold blood?"

And the jury, which has been annoyed by the lies they were fed, by the senselessness of the mother's story, finds the police man not guilty.

This has happened every year in the history of Jamaica.
A man is dead.
Died by police bullet.
Witness lies.
Jury acquits.


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    • qeyler profile image

      qeyler 7 years ago

      It has always been this way, to my personal knowledge, from the 70s. Police have no credibility. The moron at the Constabulary Communications Network; the 'minitrue' in Jamaica, confronts those who wish that organisation abolished. As if it has actual use. The CCN were the ones who released the 'stabbed 4 police officer before being shot' story.

    • equealla profile image

      equealla 7 years ago from Pretoria, South Africa

      I am just wondering how many other countries on earth have hidden secrets. I think all of them! I just do not know a solution to this madness.

    • qeyler profile image

      qeyler 7 years ago

      We're a failed state.

    • Randy Godwin profile image

      Randy Godwin 7 years ago from Southern Georgia

      Terrible justice in a beautiful place! So sad!