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How Long Should You Date Before Any Commitment?

Updated on October 3, 2015

A very famous and important  question of  today’s world is that  how much time one should take before going to start a relationship with somebody  who met you on some online dating website or chat rooms etc. well, I would say that this decision is totally depend upon yourself and behavior and attitude of the other person as well. 

Well there are couples who understand each other personality and attitudes and they decided to pursue a long relation on their very first date. While on the other side, there are people who take weeks, months to understand each other characteristics, behaviors and attitudes. They took a lot of time to become familiar with each other and to start a relationship. 

Consider Your Past Dating Experiences

Sometimes you already have some past harsh experiences of dating and developing relations. Such women may take long time in understanding the behavior and attitude of the other person. She may think positive about somebody but she will take time to get certain on believing him. It’s all because of his past experiences. She may compare the characteristics of this guy with the last one she met. She will surely take more time in getting familiar with him n trusting him.

You know about the pain of broken relationship so this time you will be careful and you will not show hurry in making decision this time. I would suggest that when you are going to judge or decide about building a relationship with somebody, you should avoid Hallo effect behavior. Do not judge a person on the basis of your past experience, because every individual has go tits own specific characteristics, attitude and behavior. Everyone is different so try to be rational then being emotional in choosing your partner.

Compatibility Issues

Anther important point sometimes women starts judging man on the aspects like will he be a good father etc. my point is that you should more concentrate on your compatibility issues. Your issues must not conflict with other person issue. Compatibility is the very important factor in the success of any relationship. It gives your married life a happy move and peace of mind and soul. Both of your interest should be same and both of you should have high tolerance then other.

Are you having fun?

Every woman has different preferences and mindset to select a guy. Some women may like rich guys, some may like powerful and strong guys etc. whatever is your preference, but keep in mind a rewarding relationship is only when you are enjoying life with your partner, weather he is strong or week, richer or poor. Having fun and enjoying life is the most important thing. Any women should not compromise on this thing. Because once you are not enjoying life with your partner, all rest is useless weather its money, power, authority etc. if you feel yourself happy and safe  with being somebody that means he is the right choice for you, and your are lucky one to have such a partner. Always prefer a relationship which gives you internal happiness and peace of mind on all other things.

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