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How Malala is perceived in her home country Pakistan?

Updated on October 26, 2013

Malala, the wonder girl who have captured the compassionate hearts of many across the world, the 16 year old who is now nominated for the nobel prize and extraordinarily, the youngest to get the honor, the girl whose bravery and honesty touched the hearts of many and changed the image of Pakistani women across the globe: Malala, the girl who is yet to get appraised by the homeland Pakistan.

Here, I am going to explore what the people of Pakistan currently perceives about Malala.

Malala: A girl with dignity

No matter what the western media says about the perception of Pakistani's about Malala, she is viewed as a person or dignity. She stood up and against the atrocities of Taliban in the western areas of Pakistan and she stood up for herself as well as for others like her.

People often judge others on the basis of what they have done. In this case, she is judged as what she can do or could have done. Being a 16 year old, she can't do much, I presume, except to get other people notice the plight of female education in that part of the world.

When the Taliban took control of the Swat Valley in Pakistan, one girl spoke out. Malala Yousafzai refused to be silenced and fought for her right to an educati

Is Malala a CIA agent?

The right question would be, are you serious? 60% people I have interviewed thinks that she is a CIA agent. But 25% believes that she is just a subject of events. As things happened so is Malala's life.

True, she is a rising star, and true she is modest in her walk and talk, but still people are skeptical on her sudden rise to fame.

The question is why she was highlighted in the first place?

  • Maybe she was targeted to subdue Taliban's power in Swat are of Pakistan.
  • And maybe, west needed a figure to highlight the atrocities against women in Pakistan and she was an easy scapegoat.
  • Or maybe she was picked up purely by chance by the western media and then everyone followed the chase.

There are many maybes but very few answers. But the most common assumption about her circulating nowadays is that she is a CIA agent.

Malala is our Hero

While many believe that Malala is an implant, many more believe that she is a girl hero who not only stood up but also stood against Taliban and their so called anti-feminist sentiments. Its a fact that Talibans are against education, and women being educated is a No No for them.

According to Taliban, women should not be educated. Ask them why?

For girls of her age and her hometown, she was a hero, and after being targeted ad shot she was became a living legend.

The question is why was she shot down? Was she that much important or was she too much of a threat.

The answer to both the questions is a big No.

She was neither a VIP nor a threat. Yes she was applauded for her courage and her diary, but she was a mere 15 year old girl. How could she be a threat.

But undoubtedly, she was a threat to the ideology professed by Talibans. It seems she was slamming their ego and challenging that if a mere 15 year old can stand up, anyone can.

Quite a few people also believe that it was a set up to deviate the heat from the then corrupt politicians who were under the scrutiny.

There are many theories here, but the truth remains that Malala is a hero from Pakistan who is being taken care not by Pakistan. And that fact stings!


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    • Fatiha profile image

      Fatiha 4 years ago from CALGARY

      Yes a child who is played and trained to deliver.

    • Hummingbird5356 profile image

      Hummingbird5356 4 years ago

      Since when did governments recruit children? This CIA theory is nonsense. She is just a girl who was supported by her teacher father. That is all I can see. Some people are born with abilities to do more than others.

      I saw her give her speeches and it is obvious she has a natural ability. If she carries on and fulfils the potential she shows now she will make a difference. The qualities she shows come from within her not from a foreign government.

      She is a child. Do people forget that?