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Our Leaders' Mental Fitness--or a Lack of It: a Satire

Updated on September 13, 2018
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long practically oriented student of effective emotional and attitudinal responses to the many challenges of life.

No Matter How Gigantic We Want to Present Them, They All Were Only Humans
No Matter How Gigantic We Want to Present Them, They All Were Only Humans

Our Diagnosing Ability Doesn't Count

If we would care to google about the mental health of all American presidents so far, we might be up for an amusing surprise, or---depending on our own mentality---a possible depression.

Namely, according to some google sources, about 37 of those "most powerful men on earth" were diagnosed with one or another mental illness. You don't have to take my word for it, check it out for yourself. And the way those diagnoses sound, we are not even talking about those passing personality issues, but some serious crap.

Well, maybe it would be a good time for American voters---although I really mean voters all over the world---to chill out a bit and stop taking their leaders so seriously. If for no other reason but to stop embarrassing themselves with some ceaseless badmouthing which never produced any effect in the political arena.

Just take for example this latest and probably most entertaining election in the American history. Without me playing a smart ass about it, what has really been achieved so far by all those derogatory names in the English vocabulary of insults?

Not forgetting to mention those in some foreign languages that also flared up reflecting international reactions amongst this particular breed of political "experts"?

Now, quite ironically, it wouldn't really take a qualified shrink to start questioning the mental health, or at least the I.Q. of the authors of those insults targeting the mental health of both presidential opponents involved.

There must be a standup comedian somewhere who said it before me---but with that widespread epidemic of lunatic badmouthing, how did they even deserve anybody else to represent them in the White House, but someone of their own kind?

Applying for a Presidency May Be the Craziest Process Among All Job Applications
Applying for a Presidency May Be the Craziest Process Among All Job Applications

Some Irrelevant Questions

With all due empathizing it comes easy to understand the uncontrollable cheer and bitching at a typical British or Brazilian soccer stadium. I mean, it's normal---whatever "normal" means these days---that folks need an outlet for all those crappy and trapped emotions generated at home, at work, in hectic and self-gratifying road traffic, not to mention facing a mother-in-law at every Sunday dinner.

But that version of normalcy becomes somewhat questionable when we seek an outlet for that emotional crap under an excuse of something like "patriotism". Couldn't we be just as good patriots by allowing our leaders to be imperfect humans, let's say, like ourselves?

And, in all honesty, how is their privacy less important than ours? Here I mean privacy which has nothing to do with their qualifications to run for a country's highest office.

Just to see the point I am trying to make here, let us examine how ridiculous would look some of those same questions on an application form if we would apply for something like a programmer's job:

What is the color of your hair, and how do you style it? Are your fingers normal size or stubby? Is your husband inclined to have extramarital affairs? Is that hair yours or is it a wig? If you have kids, are they showing any signs of a mental illness? Does your wife speak English with or without a foreign accent?

And the answers should determine your qualifications for the job of a programmer.

Now, as much as it pertains to leaders-to-be, probably the most ridiculous question of them all is about their affinity to lying. Are you serious, folks? I hope I don't have to tell you how there are no politicians who lie and those who don't---but only those who get caught and those who don't.

Why do they remind us so much about ourselves, with an exception that they are nor forgiven?

Big Money Speaks Louder Than Any Leader
Big Money Speaks Louder Than Any Leader

Limited Power of a POTUS

Just the other day a judge apparently overturned one of the president's executive orders. I couldn't help laughing as I thought how limited actually is a president's power.

For an example, he or she could not start a war without the Congress first approving the expenses of it, let alone the political, economic, or moral motivation for it---although these lastly mentioned concerns don't seem to pose an obstacle, if they ever did.

We are so quick to accuse our new leaders of false promises, without seeing the complete picture of what's really going on "up there". While I am not buying much into those conspiracy theories, it looks pretty believable that leaders are forced to dance to music played by those ultra-rich bankers and other influential groups.

And even if they happen to be lousy dancers who keep stepping on their partners' toes and elbowing other couples dancing around---that doesn't spare them from a performance on that dancing floor. So they may show all kinds of inconsistent, if not erratic behavior which we passionately ascribe to their "mental unfitness", while they may only be getting confusing signals from all those influential sides, or, shall we call it "an inconsistent rhythm in that music".

So really, why not allow our leaders to be just humans with a mental flaw-or two, with a past sin-or-two, and with lies---well, a dozen-or-two? Is there anybody in this wide world who naively believes how leaders have to be impeccable human specimens created in some lab's petri dish?

That Eagle Flies Too High For You
That Eagle Flies Too High For You

Silly Face of Freedom

Whether we like to admit it or not, those two political parties are unconsciously experienced by public as some sort of parental figures. To use it in a metaphor, imagine a family where parents don't give a damn about the kids' feeling of security while they keep playing a tag-of-war between them two, brainwashing the kids into hating the other of them.

Imagine such a kid, with all due family pride bragging among the neighborhood kids: "My parents didn't get married out a love for the family, to look for ways of bridging their differences, but their marriage is based on mutual hate, defamation, under-the-belt-punches, intrigue, false information...---and therefore, there is no better household on earth to live in."

So, come on, everybody speak up, spill your bile all over the political arena, be like your political parents are, don't save any punches. Many other countries don't enjoy this freedom to vote for someone and then call him or her an idiot, an imbecile, a psychotic, a psychopath, a self-serving narcissist...

I can't help laughing as I read---never more than a few lines of---those pearls of compulsive badmouthing here at Hub Pages, with some writers so reminding of those tiny Chiwawas yapping incessantly while imagining to be huge Danes and taken seriously in their dog pound. Barking being a silly substitute for biting.

May All Find Their Excellence to Be Cheerleaders at Their Own Show
May All Find Their Excellence to Be Cheerleaders at Their Own Show

Cheering at Our Own Show

Well, on the bright side, America has survived all those presidents with some kind of a mental diagnosis, and for a consolation, not much is different in so many other countries where political careerism is posing as a genuine care for the people.

In my conviction, and I can't repeat it enough, politics is just one of the necessary evils in the arrangement of a social structure. The big game may change its name but the rules stay almost intact throughout the history.

What used to be a ruthless colonialism now is a subtle neo-imperialism, with smaller players being either intimidated or bribed to take sides as vasals. Military bases mushrooming all around the globe under the excuse of a country's homeland security, while it's only the old, good display of political machismo.

So, what does it really matter who are national representatives in that unholy political Olympics, and how "normal" they are---as long as they can run to the finishing line and arrive first.

It will take time in this slow consciousness evolution for everyone to collectively snap out of this negativistic spell. We can't force that evolution collectively. If we could, there would have been enough great minds, even almighty gods and their messiahs to ignite that awakening so far, and they failed us or we failed them---as our truth-speaking hearts would have to admit.

Maybe our own mental clarity and emotional equilibrium are more important than that one of our leaders. Indeed, wouldn't that be nice if we could start cheering at our own "presidency" within our newly elected sovereign minds, which suddenly got inspired to use all history books for toilet paper and contribute to the mankind with our own shiny example.

Championing in our own lives would make obsolete this futile question about the sanity of our leaders, because that Big Daddy worth following would be right within us. Can you imagine---suddenly we would free ourselves from this compulsive projecting on our leaders our dissatisfaction with our own level of competence.

And then, with such a hypothetical "epidemics" of positivism, maybe some entirely new parties would sprout out from the manure of the old politics.


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    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      7 months ago from Canada

      Jo Miller---Never having been a "political junkie"---to use your words--- but rather a pragmatic dude, I have seen America surviving no-matter-what during my 73 trips around the Sun. Usually not thanks to those from the front pages, but those with a heart for the common good, which are in the silent majority.

      Being loud doesn't mean being right, and there is too much noise in the American politics. Which usually happens when people are obsessing over what makes them different, instead of bridging the differences. I would call it a sort of a national pastime when everyone feels called upon to play a smart ass, while not seeing that they are not helping at all.

    • jo miller profile image

      Jo Miller 

      7 months ago from Tennessee

      Vladimir, As a long time political junkie of the American political system, I would like to assure you that this is not normal politics in our country. In yours, maybe. Not ours. Though many of us are still dismayed by our current political situation, we remain convinced that the basis of our democracy is strong and will survive. And the true spirit of a democracy can be found in the people and their belief in a democratic system. When the people become cynical and lose faith in democracy, that's when it begins to die. We're not dead yet.

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      8 months ago from Canada

      Bradmaster---I understand. I wish I had not missed the point of so much in life that mattered more.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image


      8 months ago from Orange County California


      I guess I missed the point of this article. I picked something easy.

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      8 months ago from Canada

      Ptosis & Bradmaster---Your comment to me only means that the congress can be manipulated just like the potus, which I did mention. While I have no clue by whom, when an Israeli prime minister can give an inspirational speech at the American congress, then just about anybody from the outside may help in major decisions there.

      However, both of you gentlemen grabbed the first irrelevant detail from the article to comment on---while ignoring the main topic of potuses' mental fitness. I wouldn't have been surprised if you had objected to a spelling or a syntax error.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image


      8 months ago from Orange County California

      I have to agree with ptosis on his comment.

    • ptosis profile image


      8 months ago from Arizona

      "For an example, he or she could not start a war without the Congress first approving the expenses "

      POTUS43 said that Congress is not a mere bursar.

      Congress hasn't declared war since WW2. Doesn't stop the President does it?


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