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How The B2 Bomber Is Powered By UFO Technology - Electrogravitics

Updated on July 31, 2016

The Classified Technology Goes Against Mainstream Science

The B2 Bomber as it breaks the sound barrier
The B2 Bomber as it breaks the sound barrier

The B2 Bomber Uses It's Jet Engines To Generate Electricity

The technology is not accepted by mainstream science because it is classified.
The technology is not accepted by mainstream science because it is classified.


By charging the front end of an object with a powerful positive charge and the rear of the object with a high voltage negative charge, it creates a gravitational well in front of it and a gravitational hill at the rear, this generates propulsion in a forward direction.

This was first experimented by Thomas Townsend Brown in 1921.

Some sceptics say the highly powered current creates an ion wind which the object can ride on making this electro-kinetics. Electro-kinetics is accepted by mainstream science, unlike electrogravitics. But this is because it is classified technology.

To prove that the newly discovered type of physics was not related to electro-kinetics, Brown tested his experiment in a vacuum and said that it worked more effectively. In a vacuum ions have no mass and de-materialise proving that the effect is not because of ion wind.
In 1953 Brown had made significant advances in his research and demonstrated the technology to some "top brass" in Pearl Harbour.
A year later his project was classified by the military, making the advanced propulsion technology inaccessible to the public.

The B2 Stealth Bomber uses it's jet engines mainly to produce the high voltage needed to power the unearthly technology. The front of the wings are charged with positive electrons while the tail and exhaust fumes are charged with negative electrons to create gravitational repulsion. This should not be possible according to Einstein's theory of relativity.

Although electrogravitics is not taught by mainstream scholars due to the secrecy surrounding it, scientists at CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and other large particle colliders round the world are researching to try and find the physics of the phenomenon.

Below are 3 videos of Dr Paul LaViolette showing how this works and how the Top Secret B2 Bomber is powered by the same technology. He also tells how a lot of UFO's are actually military vehicles using different types of propulsion systems.

Electrogravitics, B2 Bomber & Man Made UFO's

Part 2

Part 3

Russia's New Hypersonic Stealth Bomber Can Reach Space

The PAK-DA is also thought to be using electrogravitics as propulsion.
The PAK-DA is also thought to be using electrogravitics as propulsion.

Russia Has An Answer to The B2 Bomber

In recent news President Vladimir Putin has rised the bar in military aviation by showing off his new hypersonic stealth bomber which can launch a nuclear attack from space.

The PAK-DA could be fully operational by 2020 and is thought to have already been on test flights. This craft which looks quite similar to NASA's space shuttle could reach any destination in the world within 2 hours. The PAK-DA is thought to also be using electrogravitic technology for propulsion.

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I always encourage people to do their own research on subjects I write about before coming to a conclusion.


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