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How The Blue Bra Girl Changed Everything

Updated on January 14, 2012

How the Girl in the Blue Bra Changed Everything

The Girl in The Blue Bra

I really hate to keep calling her that because really she is a woman a student someones daughter. But, we don't really don't know who she is other than a protester in Egypt being beaten senseless by the Egyptian military. For no reason, if you watch the video. I won't include the video as it is very graphic. But I believe the girl in the Blue Bra did change how people see these protesters. This girl or young woman went from walking down the street protesting fully covered as the law in Egypt and then the next minute she is being beaten by the military with sticks and truncheons. Litterally there are about ten men beating her with sticks and dragging her away by her shirt. At that point she is just another protester getting beaten by the military as has happened all across the Middle East and the way it's happened is pretty much the same. Protesters protest military beats or kills the protesters and everything back to normal. As they are dragging her away by her shirt, her top is raised and her blue bra is exposed and it's this beutiful blue color in the almost black and white of the rest of the video. So this woman becomes almost a symbol of hey this could be your wife, your daughter, your sister, your girlfriend because the picture just changed from this drab black and white picture of some protester being beaten by the egyptian military to this young girl who you can relate to because of this flash of blue bra on this black and white background. She changed from just someone in a land faraway to someone who you can relate and feel sorry for. But at the same time proud of because here is this young girl and all these women standing up to the military of Egypt and millitary's all over the Middle East.

Girl in the Blue Bra

The Girl in the Blue Bra
The Girl in the Blue Bra | Source

December 17 Give Someone A Blue Bra Day

December 17 Give Someone a Blue Bra Day

I think December 17, should be Give someone a blue bra day. We shouldn't just forget all the sacrifices that this young woman made for woman in Egypt. They are literally fighting for their rights and lives in Countries like Egypt and places like the Middle East. Here in the West and the United State women have fought most of those fights and won and it's the smaller battles that are still looming here. But the huge things like the military can't just beat you to death they are fighting for that in the Middle East. So on December 17 on Give Someone a Blue Bra Day if one of your girl friends is going through some struggle give them a blue bra. Be it cancer, family problems, the loss of a loved one. These types of big life changing things, they deserve a blue bra, get them a blue bra and tell them about what it symbolizes and how you understand the struggles they are facing. It shows that you recognize the struggle they are having and that you are there for them. It also symbolizes the struggle for rights that all women have to fight for until all women have them all over the world.

The Bra in Pop Culture and Protest

The Bra in Pop Culture and Protest

The Bra has a unique place in Pop Culture and Protest. It is one of those things a girl cannot wait to get. Her first training bra even when she doesn't have anything to fit in it yet. Then as she gets a little older it's out of that training bra into something her father would be afraid of but her boyfriend would love as she becomes a young woman. Then the 70's came and the bra became a form of protest so that item of clothing they couldn't wait to get was now a way to protest their parents and government and the war in vietnam so it was burn your bra for everyone.

Bra in Pop Culture

Remember all the crazy cone bras of Madonna when she was a big pop star and how that was a big deal. Then there was Brandi Chastain a member of the USA Women's World Cup soccer Team who famously took off her top and after winning a match.

Who Should Get a Blue Bra

Who Should Get a Blue Bra

Wonder Woman- Because she fight evil everyday

Rosa Parks - Don't give up that seat for anyone

Amelia Earhart- She flew a plane almost all the way around the world at the dawn of aviation

Sally Ride- first woman in space.

Your Daughter- explain to her what it means and what it symbolizes


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    • JustMike profile image

      JustMike 6 years ago

      I disagree with your statement. The people of Egypt disagree with your statement and my opinion sitting here comfortably in America with all the freedoms that entails does't reAlly matter. Only their opinion matters and not only did they rebel against their government they got rid of it's leader. When the leader was simply replaced by the military they rebelled again. My opinion doesn't matter you have to make the citizens of Egypt happy and that will come by giving them more freedom.

    • profile image

      Indigital 6 years ago

      Egypt should have never rebelled against it's government. They're heading for more than just another uprising, if their actions do not calm down.