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How To Become A Socially Happy Person

Updated on February 3, 2016

Are You A Socially Happy Person?

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Social unhappiness is a state that is obvious everywhere. Just go outside and look in the eyes of people; you will notice severe faces, harsh words and aggressive behaviors. What factors influence or determine the happiness of a society? I think they are, in essence, four, happened immediately, displayed and analyzed.

Happiness is not a gift but a conquest of intelligence and consciousness. Today will refer to the issue of social happiness, which I understand as a sum of achievements and welfare generated by a diverse group of people who share unexpectedly desires, interests and common needs.

The pursuit of happiness has always been seen as an individual phenomenon, something that everyone craves and seeks. Today, with what we know about politics, physics and spirituality, we can say that individual happiness might depend more on imagined social happiness, because we are all connected and affect each other at every moment, whether we realize it or not. The programming of a broadcaster changes the values ​​of the home; the decision of a president or disjoint joins a country, what a teacher says in class takes students to make decisions about their future. We are so close we invested thousands of hours to gain the acceptance of others.

Now if we can agree that this is so, it is true that we must think of social happiness because it influences our own happiness, what elements must we include, review or promote to create that state of fullness group? I propose here seven elements as a starting point, as a first step of discussion and work.

Learn Not To Attack The Congener

The man is one of the few species that attacks and destroys its peers. So humans must learn and be taught not to psychologically or physically assault the other members of their species.

Aggression is natural to man. But man can and must learn to convert the force of aggression in force for love, not for death.

There is no happiness without peace. Peace is the field that makes possible the peaceful coexistence, which, incidentally, is built on the basis of harmony. This does not come spontaneously, but requires a structure of values ​​promoted by the great social training centers, such as: family, school, media and business. Paradigms of tolerance, respect, integration, solidarity, negotiation and compassion are formulas that break from there within, and not by imposing artificial or decreed human tendencies to selfishness, greed, envy, jealousy.

Learn To Communicate

When I communicate, I hope that the other recognizes me. And when the other contacts me, I also expect to recognize him. This recognition is the affirmation.

The basic means of self-assertion is dialogue. Social Interaction requires learning to talk, because it is through dialogue that we learn to express ourselves, to understand, clarify, agree, disagree and commit.

So we allow all individuals and groups to express their messages on an equal footing by creating better conditions for coexistence.

Learn To Interact

We are all strangers until we learn to interact. Learn to interact involves the following:

  • Learn to approach the other, following the rules of greeting and courtesy.
  • Learning to communicate with the other recognizing the feelings and the messages of others, and achieving to recognize mine.
  • Learning to be with others accepting that they are with me in the world, seeking and desiring to be happy, and learning to agree and disagree without breaking coexistence.
  • But above all learning to perceive myself and perceive others as people that evolve and change our relationships always guided by human rights.

Learn To Decide As A Group

Learning to live together means learning to survive and these three fundamental purposes of people are not possible if you do not share with the others the interests and future.

The agreement is the condition of the group decision. The conclusion is the selection of a shared interest that locate outside each of us, guiding us and making us to force all we selected.

The conclusion of an entire society, we call constitution. And every good agreement (as every good constitution) establishes the rules to change or modify the agreement.

The degree of coexistence of a society depends on its ability to arrange interests in a way participated at all levels: family, union, regional nationally and internationally.

Learn To Care

Learn to take care also means learning how to create and care for the lives of all (housing, food, work, recreation) as a factor in coexistence. If the others does not have adequate living conditions, coexistence is not possible because before cohabitation it is survival that matters.

Learning to live together is primarily a socially condition to be in the world, taking care of the place where we all Biosphere.

Social coexistence is possible if we accept that we are part of nature and the universe, but we are superior to them in no time. We are not "the masters of nature."

Social life also involves learning that we can not survive if the planet dies, and the planet Earth can not survive as "our home" without our care.

Learn To Value The Cultural And Academic Knowledge

Social Knowledge (the Academic and Cultural) is defined as the set of knowledge, practice, skills, procedures, values, rituals and ways that a society deems valid to survive, live and project; it is important for social cohesion, because it is within the culture and academic knowledge that he lives, is modeled and evolves.

The human being does not evolve biologically, but evolves culturally.

So the knowledge and contact with the best Academic Knowledge that each society produces is more rational, more linked to the history and everyday life of society and therefore, we can better understand the benefits and possibility for social coexistence of human beings.

Value The Freedom

Freedom is essentially an ability to choose between options. It is, after life, the most valued by humans. Although many seem to opt for the peaceful slavery, to privilege the safety and survival before flying freely, it is not more than a delusion arising from fear and ignorance.

Awareness of choice and language to express preferences, are two potentials that makes us truly human. Freedom, of course, must come hand in hand with respect and responsibility, as each choice creates a destination and affects others. Your air is my air, my land is your land, my sun is your sun. No way that leaves no trace, there is no seed that yields a result, there is no night that does not bring a day.

Society which restricts freedom or conditions the ideological or political submission, opens the door to hell, to rebellion and resistance, for nothing can stop the outbreak of talent and the drive for excellence, you want to rise at the end of all mediocrity. That is human and so history shows that has taken us from the Stone Age to the Quantum Mechanics. Regulation must be consensual and not abuse of power for creating a true social happiness.

Create Prosperity

Prosperity is the result of smart, sustainable and ecological work. Create prosperity, involves generating abundant resources for self and others to enjoy.

The society we want to prosper should create development opportunities, encouraging freedom of thought and pioneering initiative that seeks to go a step further. It must also assess in high production, fair trading, savings and investment. Always in the context of human values ​​that prevent the dehumanization and the prevalence of money over human beings.

With these qualities, as vital north of everyday life, without a doubt we would move towards a more just, livable, productive, free and therefore much happier society.

My quote of the week: "You can not advocate for equality between all who assumed superior to all."


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