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How To Catch A Serial Killer

Updated on June 3, 2012

FBI data points to Killer Truck Driver Link

Heather, missing since July 1993

Heather Mehlhoff at age 13
Heather Mehlhoff at age 13 | Source

Not ALL truck drivers are serial killers and not ALL serial killers are truck drivers. That said let me tell you why I am writing this hub.

Heather Mehlhoff

I have been searching for a little girl since she went missing from Salem Oregon on her 14th birthday, July 25th, 1993. Her mother last saw her on that date.

I am not saying Heather was killed by a truck driver. I am just amazed that this information is not OUT THERE for the public to read and pay attention to, at least not all in one place.

Serial killers come from many walks of life and job titles; however, I don’t think there is ANY profession with as many serial killers as Long Haul Truck Driving.

Heather stopped by her mom's house in the afternoon. She was living with her aunt at the time due to family dysfunction, she told her mother she would be back later to celebrate her birthday.

She was with two kids, a brother and a sister, in a small red pickup truck, toyota or nissan, with some different colored doors, primer, due to body work being done, both were blonde. The brother waited in the pickup but the sister came in with Heather.

Heather never opened her birthday presents that day or any day after. There have been no phone calls or letters from Heather and this is completely opposite her character.

Doe Network

One of the places I have looked for Heather is the Doe Network. This is a webpage that is updated, regularly, with unidentified remains found in different states. This website tells you where the body or remains were located as well as approximate age, gender, hopefully some belongings that are identifiable.

Most remains are tagged with what is available for identification, DNA, Fingerprints or dental impressions and, hopefully, a forensic artist's drawing of victim.

Dump Site Pattern

Over the years I have noticed a sick pattern to the location of the dump sites of these killers. The remains are being found on truck routes, rest areas and truck stop locations, anywhere a truck driver can pull off the road and park for any length of time.

Being involved in the trucking industry, since I was born, I realized what this pattern meant, I put two and two together and came up with four. These dump sites were places truckers would frequent. I wondered why nobody was doing anything about this horrible pattern of murder.

Nobody has a better, foolproof pattern, of serial murder or child abduction than a lone wolf moving from state to state in a matter of hours. How can you track that?!

Most serial killers are territorial, meaning they live where they hunt. Long Haul Drivers hunt where they are which means they adapt strike and are untraceable, unseen by friends, family or witnesses.

I don’t think truck drivers become serial killers, I think serial killers become truck drivers because they can evolve and move as they please. Truck drivers are unseen; most people never come in contact with them unless they are your neighbor or family member. Even that contact is scarce since they are on the road weeks, even months at a time.

FBI Hunts Killer Truckers

FBI Hunting Long Haul Serial Killers

I started researching my theory and found that the FBI also felt as I did about who these killers could be. They started their own task force to link truckers to murder victims.

DNA Database for drivers, controversial

There was some talk in 2005 about making it mandatory to have a DNA test on record for truck drivers for a database reference. I have since heard anything about this.

I feel that a recorded DNA reference for CDL holders is an excellent idea. Not only would it deter predators it would narrow the search for them when they do strike. This would also be a great idea for school bus drivers as well as any public transport service.

DNA testing would also be a second check into a driver’s citizenship papers; we have thousands and thousands of drivers out there from Eastern Europe, Asia, India, Middle East and Mexico who are driving here illegally. I know this because I was a Transportation Broker for a number of years. This fact means that millions of dollars are going out of the United States to other countries, drivers investing in their home countries. I don’t have a problem with people making their dreams come true, that’s what America stands for, just do it legally. I think this is one reason our economy is in such a ditch.

I-70 Highway Serial Killer

Seven Convicted Trucker Serial Killers

I have listed seven convicted serial killing truck drivers and the atrocities they committed. This is just the tip of the iceberg I’m afraid.

My hope and prayers are for a better tracking system and capture of these predatory animals. If DNA printing is a deterrent for them to become long haul drivers then so be it, they give the industry a REALLY BAD NAME.

I hope drivers don’t argue or take this personally, you are our modern day cowboys out there on the range, I respect the driver, I detest the serial killing drivers. Let’s put them out of business!

In the mean time, please if you have any information about Heather please contact me here on HubPages. I am awaiting your contact.


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