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How To Disappear And Start A New Life

Updated on July 17, 2017

For what reason would somebody want to change their identity? There are many reasons someone would want to do change their identity. It could be as simple as a man trying to disappear from a wife that would take everything from him if they went through a divorce. It could be someone that owes a lot of money to the I.R.S. in taxes and either cannot pay or refuses to do so. There could be a murderer or other criminal that is trying to evade capture or detection. The most simple of reasons are those that are stuck in a rut and only wish to start their lives over.


There was a time when undertaking a new identity was much easier to do. With the new technology of today it has become more difficult to achieve now. The so called grid that the world is becoming tied into means many more sources are monitoring the databases. But it is still possible to get off the grid and disappear so to speak.

Once upon a time you could just search death records to find a deceased child born about the same time as you and take this child’s identity. The term for this is paper chasing and as times have changed it will take more research and work than that. Don’t even think about paying some service you found online, as the documents you receive may not be good. Trying to build a new identity and fake I.D. is tricky and a forged I.D won’t stand up to close scrutiny so is of limited value.

Regardless of how careful you are there will come a time you will have to use your new fake identification. You may be stopped by police for a traffic violation or it may be necessary to open a bank account. Whatever the situation is, your I.D. may be closely scrutinized and you may find yourself arrested when it is found to be a fake.

If you really want to start a new life by changing your identity you will need a complete new set of documents. This would include driver’s license, social security number, proof of birth and credit cards. Having all of these documents will benefit you much better than just having a fake I.D. card of some type that you purchased from someone on the street or online. .

Having said all that, a fake I.D. could be a benefit when you are starting to work on your new identity. You will also need a mail box, preferably a post office box to receive mail, but you must be careful with how you use it.

This article is not to try to explain all the things you can do to disappear when you get your new identity or start a new life, and it may be illegal to do so. There are a great number of books out there that can teach you in detail on how to pull these things off. And of course a search online will give you so much information and you may have to go to the Dark net. Expect to put in a lot of leg work and research to put together all the info you need.


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