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To All Presidential Pollsters:

Updated on September 30, 2015

Who Do You Like This Year?

To All Pollsters: It's None of Your Business

At last. I got it. I finally figured out why the pollsters are so interested in me and my political preferences in the forthcoming presidential election. A few months ago, I averaged one or two annoying and unsolicited calls a week. As we draw nearer to the presidential elections, the call volume continues to increase dramatically. I grow more annoyed each passing week. My calls seem to come in about dinner time. Now, as has been my practice in the past, I absolutely refuse to pick up the phone. In fact, I have considered eliminating my phone service completely. Its my way of denying these aggravating and very persistant poll takers any information that might help them with their polling figures. In my mind, and in this small way, I fight my private war. I hope to drive the poll organizers bonkers I have something they desperately want, but I won't cough up that information.

It finally became clear why they are so interested in me and persist in trying to interrogate me. Why? … because I am one of hose citizens who has not responded. I believe the pollsters have classified me as being “undecided”. The undecidededs hold the key as to who the ultimate winner and our next president will be. I refuse to respond to any poll. Whatever I believe and whomever I intend to vote for is none of their business. I am not undecided. I just don't want the pollsters to know what's on my mind. I like it the way things used to be. Everyone will know who won the morning after the election. The only ones who benefit from a poll are the campaign aides who need to find out where to spend their PAC money to spread negative lies or half truths about the competition. I don't care to be a party to that kind of political malfeasance.

I don't care for of polls, pollsters, guesstimaters, trend followers and any other living or nonliving entitiy that requests that I share my private thoughts about anything and everything that goes on. As far as I am concerned, my thoughts belong to me. They are not for publication and are none of their business. I feel that the incessant polling process is a violation of my rights to privacy. Actually they are a pollster's business, but I don’t like their choice of careers. Why don’t you, little Ms. or Mr. Pollster go out a get a real job and stop bothering people like me. Leave us alone. Go off and pester the millions of Twitter and Facebook freaks who love to share their inane thoughts with their half baked, patriotic Facebook and Twitter buddies. I don’t want to be “friends” with you, nor do I want to share my preferences with you.

I prefer instead to remain one of the independent free thinking citizens who minds my business and prefers to keep my thoughts to myself, while leaving all the pollsters wondering how Mr. Undecided will vote this November. If I, and millions like me drive you all crazy, that’s terrific. That is our goal. People should not vote for the trending candidate. They should choose a candidate based on their convictions and beliefs, and not because of what a poll may attempt to indicate. Spend that tainted PAC money on worthwhile projects. Find another way to get your information.

I am the kind of guy who loves to see pollsters get it all wrong as in the case of the famous New York Times headline; "Dewey beats Truman" back in 1948, when the opposite was true.


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