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How To Fix A Nation Divided

Updated on September 29, 2017
jdw7979 profile image

John D. Williams has written everything from articles to short stories, and even songs, going as far back as childhood. Writing is therapy.

Division Amongst Us
Division Amongst Us | Source
Who Can Help?
Who Can Help? | Source
Divided | Source

Split: A Deeper Divide

What do you say?

If feasible, would any of you people be on board with allowing those you disagree with politically to secede or be given their own states?

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Hey liberals young and old, listen up! We on the other political spectrum, not specifically Republicans, but small government Americans with a liberty-driven slant will cut you in on one heck of a deal, so pay attention.

We non-conforming, freedom-loving Americans come together and conclude that current citizens who wish to change American Idealism with Constitutional Freedoms to fit a dictatorial style mold, and one with tyrannical leanings as such, shall be allotted three current states within our union. How does California and New York sound? We'll even throw in Illinois.

I would like to move anyway.

You wonderful people can represent the East Coast, West Coast, and Midwest, while fencing off your states, allowing TYRANNY and big governmental shenanigans dictate your every move, thought, and general well being. Just think about this for one second: New York, California, along with Illinois to spread false communist ideals and tyranny throughout? Labor with phony means being key.

Heck yes!

Sounding like a win-win here, huh?

In response, we liberty-driven and Constitution-loving citizens require you to fence off these new home states. Those left in the United States Of America are then allowed to watch liberal progressivism destroy this newly created form of government, via FREE OVER THE AIR T.V.

Heck, cameras watching every move of "The People" should not be a problem for you boys and girls. Quite frankly, I believe if you do not request them on every corner, your political leaders will supply them regardless.

A commie tyrant's version of The Truman Show. I Hope you don't mind my saying.

Also, adding to that promise, we will build you a giant air tube made entirely from earthy, yet GMO (as Ole Barack promotes) ridden ingredients to allow you all to travel between those 3 states. With the advantage of mingling amongst your Marxist brethren, of course.

That's right folks, we are going to blow you through a giant tube of air! One powered by slave labor, and without race or gender restrictions. You'll be forced to pedal on bicycles producing enough power by way of a fan. A huge fan I might add! All made from reusable parts, specifically donated to push this new means of transportation, while allowing it to function without issues. Hopefully.

How's that for green energy travel?

The catch: You have 0 say in regards to how we taxpaying citizens govern ourselves through free elections, and the rest of the states within the union. Come to think of it folks, we can just annex those three particular states if that would help transition all of you to the new Tri-States Of Big Government.

I'll even go as far, unless other citizens object, to allowing you all a new national flag for this newly formed nation. Colored blood red delivering the face of Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Obama, Chavez, Marx, or whomever your favorite dictator, tyrannical mad man, and communist leader may be.

We in the updated 47 states that now represent America shall need not worry, nor sweat the threat of aggression, similar to how South Korea does from the North. Korea. Veggie burritos and vinyl, yes vinyl Grateful Dead records (we know how you hipsters are concerning digital) will be given out via FEMA trucks, meanwhile Jerry and the boys are jamming from speakers high above. The only time the music will cease is for communist propaganda, played once every 3 hours for ten minutes daily, and set forth by a steam whistle.

Housing will obviously be provided, yet regulation as with building codes will require any new structures built, be so to the specifications and/or expectations of/and mimic the slums in Venezuela.

So, what do you all think so far?

I personally see it a win for all parties involved.

Why tear apart this whole union, also our rights? We will just compromise and give you a few states. Why rip apart the Constitution fronted by the Bill Of Rights, Declaration Of Independence, and our values as a Free Republic?

This will be a much easier transition.

You all like freebies, right? I myself cannot guarantee such, but am willing to make a wager that the new government officials can, as well as a few other perks you all so lovingly stand by.

Gun Control?

Done! Though government still packs a few revolvers. Duh, cannot have opposition, unless controlled. Come on people...

Abundance of solar and wind power?

Done! These three states rate well and already ahead of the curve.

Welfare robustly spread like a new Chinese virus, all while living upon your neighbors communally?

You got it!

Sharia Law?

Sure! Why not, have at it. I bet you wile progressive gals are excited about that one.

Separation of powers? HA!

Those of you lucky enough to work, but c'mon now, do not overdo such. Anyway, those of you working to support yourselves, and family accordingly, will see wealth spread amongst friends along with enemies, as a means to committing everyone in this new country, territory, or land here in— to their newest "fair share" motto. We the people would hate the lofty amount of feelings hurt, while so many snowflakes are seen as fourth rate citizens.

Remember, we are all equal in God's eyes.

Ah yes, Agnostics and Atheists need not apply. If you so choose, we offer a front row seat in the new empire regardless of beliefs. We the people, of a bygone era you might say unjustly, will not ever discriminate.

We too know the importance of youth, with their persuasive little minds. So, all children will receive trophies upon birth for just existing, instead of having to earn them through hard work or playing well in this joyous game of life, or by showcasing good judgment and talent. That is genuinely fair guys and gals. Though, trophies will be made of recycled pints of recycled Ben And Jerry's Ice Cream containers.

Did I mention they were recycled?

All precious metals will be revoked, and strictly for monetary use within the newly formed United States Of America, not your newly formed AmeriKan Empire. Only the nation consisting of the other 47. Yes, naming rights will be applied soon enough good people. Just working on the finer details. However, if new wording with this specific spelling (AmeriKa) does reach namesake status, it absolutely, and this is very important, it absolutely has to be pronounced with a heavy Eastern European accent. No formal or impromptu debate on this. It is law!

Hey, FREE education for the kids though. Remember those precious minds to control? This will compliment the indoctrination process. All universities within will close their doors for one big collective school. Bill Ayers will be the dean, and many professors can just grandfather themselves over to this new College. The lesson plan will behave however the new government decrees. I am guessing C-Scope, possibly Common Core will be in the naming. Also, Saul Alinsky's Rules For Radicals is required semester reading. Hey, maybe a Cloward/Piven chaos debate too? Every semester!

Sadly, crime may become an unwanted concern inside this new nation, with insanely high statistics stating such. Hey, at least the abundance of cameras should condemn these men and women rather quickly. Plus, you can install Martial Law at will. Due process being revoked should speed up the courts, which will surely be created without corruption... Wink-wink. Hell, you will never again see a police state such as the one being developed for this new AmeriKa.

I can call it that now, correct? It is a pretty safe bet that name will go through.

No expanding into the free states either, fellow humans. The prisons will most likely become crowded since no death penalty is planned. That issue lies with all of you citizens of this new world. I am sorry, but we in the America Of Old are cutting this new government a lot of leeway and slack already.

Whew! Nation building is not easy.

This could truly be the liberal utopia that so many of you hoped for. The real "Change!" Even Hollywood celebrities and their films will be in constant circulation throughout, you know, to be gushed over. Sarandon, Penn, Clooney, and Fonda will become like family. Propaganda film making will take on a New Deal, venture if you will.

Yeah, I know, it is like Christmas. Wait... Cannot say that. It is like President Obama's birthday, if anybody really knows when that occurs. Anyone? The real date only please, as I imagine those under his iron curtain will promote such as holiday soon after he leaves office, or if he leaves office! How about his birthplace? Anyone? Aw, forget it.

Oh, almost forgot! We citizens and elected officials of the Republic, the true United States, promise you servants... sorry, sorry, slip of the tongue. I mean to say, promise the people of this new nation with only the aforementioned rules applying, one more little demand, however forced request sounds better. We throw this upon you in the beginning so as not to bog down those having trouble adapting. YOU MUST, YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO ACCEPT THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION, and anyone siding with them or deemed so, no matter political affiliation. They will be the initial leadership installed, and many from the Bush administration will be given some cabinet positions. You and your leaders will decide which. A viable and reliable progressive thought process for you all to enjoy.

The reasoning involved in this is simple, it will make things interesting. Plus, hilarity will ensue. We however decide to keep Joe Biden, yet for no other reason but comedy relief. I know you wanted him for jester of Obama's Court, he stays though, and made to live on the property of the Duck Dynasty crew.

Again, the catch is pretty easy to understand. You men and women, as with your tyrants, have no say so at all in what goes on in the rest of our nation, just your own.

None! Nope! Nada! Zilch!

You are now completely independent of the United States Of America.

No border jumping either. Once in, you are in! No sneaking back through the gates, that will be electrified I should let it be known. Powered by the sun of course.

To all who believe that a big federal entity which has the right, and seemingly so the ability to demand compliance- To those who accept Big Brother telling you all how to live, enforcing an insane abundance of taxes you must pay, all while lying and filling the world with misinformed rhetoric and falsehoods, war mongering for selfish gain domestically and on foreign soil, playing with people's finances while catering to a banking elite's base, allowing the FED to manipulate our economy, promoting of laws which strip citizens of their rights for a false sense of security, and deciding whether or not you are applicable to breathe THEIR AIR via death panels utilizing a forced health care agenda- To all of you who see this a healthy way of living, well, this my friends will be your new way of entertaining life.

You know who you are. The ever so gentle populace who pretend to cry about too much control, then yell that the general public and their representatives are fascists, although secretly want a tyrannical system implemented. I'm telling you folks, this is for you!

I really think Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Madison, Henry, Revere, Adams, and so many-many more would approve. As the so-called "Great Orator" and president Mr. Obama loves to say, "Let's get this done!"

A time of impending enlightenment and celebration this will truly be seen as my fellow Americans, and AmeriKans. How much more beneficial for all of us can this be? I'm open to all suggestions.

Oh jeez, I almost forgot the most important rule, guideline, whatever... just make sure you follow it. According to this new undertaking, and having spoken with many like minded Constitution loving Americans and Politicians; You may never, ever enter the land of the free and home of the brave again!

Secession, this is not. More of a handshake in agreement. Then all parties involved will sit down and formalize this act in writing.

Now, grab a copy of Saul Alinsky's Rules For Radicals or Barack Obama's Dreams From My Father, and chill, for now...

Remember this too my progressive friends: Our founders implemented many laws, along with checks and balances to keep fools in order. Those that attempt to tarnish and withdraw the laws of liberty which sustain freedom. Our forefathers, themselves so strong, so brave, while being steadfast in the face of tyranny and who chose to stand side by side, predicted 230 years ago that a handful of delusional blowhards would eventually try to inhibit the growth of freedom.

You goofs are similar to that jerk of a friend bringing his obnoxious gal out on guy's night. You know the individual I'm speaking of. He, who screws up a good thing with the majority of his pals.

See here, I'll break this definition sided with a small comparison down to Layman's Terms. Most on the whole big growing government side of America intensely share that same jerk's ideology, in regards to said girlfriend. The other side remains loyal to each other and free to enjoy life, while attempting to attain happiness along the way, personally and socially. They share the ideals of Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and many other patriots. In this case, the other side being the majority, or those representing the Constitution-Loving American populace. The lowly yet proud tax payer, or true citizen if you will.

I can see all of our forefathers now doing cartwheels of joy throughout the land, while high-fiving to this new proposal!

Which side are you on?

Again, let's get this done!

Truth Can Be Quite Telling

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    • jdw7979 profile imageAUTHOR

      John David 

      3 years ago from Middle America

      I always find it so very difficult to understand why we have to fight so feverishly to sustain our liberty guaranteed by our Constitution.. We should be saluting that document, not always trying to silence or manipulate her! There is a reason why this grand experiment in a Constitutional Republic allows the most freedom in a world of chaos..

    • jdw7979 profile imageAUTHOR

      John David 

      3 years ago from Middle America

      ColleenRose, do you take into consideration the cities in those states which account for such, and how liberal run policy is what causes this epidemic? Or do you just check to see which party the governor belongs to?

      And if you are content being of a worshipper base to an overbloated bureaucracy, that is on you.. But that to me is slavery. Also, many republicans are guilty of progressive leadership today as well. They enjoy kickbacks and power as much as the left!

      Progress is grand, progressivism a tyranny inducing disease.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I think we should get the states we won in the election, unfortunately for you guys you just inherit three quarters of the poverty, most of the obesity, less than 30% of professionals and less than 25% of people with a higher education. Not to mention most of the crime, so yeah enjoy.

      OH also if you care to look at a map of states receiving federal aid you will vote Texas is the ONLY red state that pays for itself, all the other red states receive federal aid to a greater extent than they pay back (compared to about 10 blue states). SO good luck without all that communist federal money :P

    • jdw7979 profile imageAUTHOR

      John David 

      5 years ago from Middle America

      I gotcha. Sadly, whether we agree or not and in on the joke or just bystanders, the problems and division within this country are nothing like I have ever experienced.

      I have my opinions and views, and will state such through hubs, other outlets as well.

      I may even add to that division at times, which is not my purpose. You just feel adamant about something and then feverishly talk, or in this case write about it. As we all do.

      It is one heck of a good venting process, at the very least.

      Either way, let's hope things get better inside these United States.

      Have a good one.

    • Josak profile image


      5 years ago from variable

      Yeah I know but why not roll with the joke :)

      But seriously no one wants a Marxist system, more like a system that resembles the incredibly successful Scandinavian model.

    • jdw7979 profile imageAUTHOR

      John David 

      5 years ago from Middle America

      Josak, just playing a bit of satire here, littered with honesty.

      The overall picture is quite simple. Why try to remake a nation with a system that has never functioned the way those such as Marx imagined?

      Despite the quite base in America, most citizens, at least depending on who you believe or what poll may be popular at the time, however the quite base which represent more than half this nation prefer capitalism and respect the Constitution as is, all while standing by it.

      My article was to point out the blatant obvious is all. The minority, which always the loudest is seemingly pushing big government down the throats of Americans. We, the majority do not want such.

      Since President Obama's second term began, his rhetoric and actions have shown a scary precedent in overshadowing the Constitution. Privacy, gun control, and allowing too many federal entities access to the tax payers. His poll numbers are down because of it.. plus, Benghazi and other shady goings' on within the White House surely is not helping.

      Anyway, the article is more along the lines of comedy relief for conservatives, and liberals alike if they can see through the hypocrisy.

      If you cannot see that much at least and/or not find it funny- Try smiling. It's a beautiful day.

    • Josak profile image


      5 years ago from variable

      I think we should get the states we won in the election, unfortunately for you guys you just inherit three quarters of the poverty, most of the obesity, less than 30% of professionals and less than 25% of people with a higher education. Not to mention most of the crime, so yeah enjoy.

      OH also if you care to look at a map of states receiving federal aid you will vote Texas is the ONLY red state that pays for itself, all the other red states receive federal aid to a greater extent than they pay back (compared to about 10 blue states). SO good luck without all that communist federal money :P


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