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How To Fix Health Care

Updated on March 15, 2010

The Wrong Way

I once taught a class of three-year-olds for a year and the thing I remember learning is that they will scream louder and louder, not if they are denied something, but if they think you are not hearing them. One child was a real pill until I learned to repeat what she was saying. This calmed her right down even when the answer I was giving her was no.

I think the town hall meetings about health care are an example of this phenomenon. Far from being right wing conspirators, these people do not feel that they are being heard by their elected officials, so they ratchet up the volume. Sadly, they may be correct. The pictures of Shelia Jackson Lee on her cell phone while being asked a question, does not bolster confidence in our congress people.

The Wrong Solution

Right now, I believe we are headed the wrong direction on the health care issue. Claiming that the government's plan will force private insurance companies to lower their prices by introducing taxpayer subsidized health insurance shows either a disingenuous attempt at disinformation or a gross ignorance of the workings of capitalism. Neither case bodes well for American citizens. Government run health care will simply squash out the private sector with unfair price support advantages leaving government health care as the only option for the consumer. From there it can run amok as it pleases. Ask yourself how well Social Security is fairing and how about the costs of medicaid. Perhaps we can point out the success of the prescription drug plan--not! In fact there is no federal government entitlement program that we can point to that will instill confidence that Uncle Sam knows what he is doing.

Socialized Medicine Is not far behind.

Frankly the more the government tries to reassure us that its 1500 page plan is not socialized medicine, the more worried we should be. Our politicians are not exactly upstanding, trust worthy, unbiased sources of information and given the penchant that liberalism has for collective solutions, it would be a down right miracle if anything proceeding from the current government were about individual freedom and success and not really some form of socialism no matter what the label. This country will turn into a socialist nation unless one power acts decisively

The Sleeping Giant

The only salvation for the American Experiment, the only way to stop this great nation from being dragged down with the burden of ignorance, complacency, and indifference is the American people themselves. After all, that is the root of this great American Experiment: can individuals form a government which must derive its power from the people instead of the government controlling the people. Will this experiment prove a failure before it is 300 years old.

You can shout about the failures of America until your blue in the face and you can rush to try and fix those perceived failures by changing the system, but that is to utterly misunderstand the nature of the American Experiment. Our failures were also our successes. The Civil Rights Movement, Women's Suffrage, and Child Labor Laws are all examples of the self-correcting nature of the American Experiment. We the people make mistakes, but we the people fix mistakes. Lets not imagine that bureaucrats in D.C. will do that, no, they will merely institutionalize mistakes and make them part of the flesh and blood of tyranny.

The government was never meant to be our daddy, or a big tent, an idea of liberalism founded on the belief that the masses need guidance beyond the constitution. Instead the constitution stipulates the government to be our servant. And I would say this servant is insubordinate!

A Quick Outline Of A Solution

Time and space do not permit me to write out a complete blue print for a solution to our health-care dilemmas, but needless to say a solution should include:

  • Respect for our capitalist economic model.
  • Control of the health-care system by the people and not the government.
  • Freedom to chose doctors and health-care providers.
  • Tort reform.

Instead of making a complicated bureaucracy we could have a health saving account for each person to spend on their health as they see fit. Anything left at the end of the year would carry over to the next this would allow young people to build nest eggs in their healthy years. It would also allow each person to control his or her own health-care and encourage competition among health care providers. Added to this would be caps on law suit awards that drive health care cost higher and higher.

The plan could be phased in with younger people so as to not disrupt present coverage. There would have to be a lot more work done on such a plan, but I believe it would end up being far better than the current one that congress seems determined to ram down our throats. Our government would never back a plan like this one because it does not further its interests in increasing the scope of its control and power over us.

The only thing more powerful than our government is us and the first step is to say no to this current ill conceived plan that smacks of a power grab and begin searching for solutions that lie with in the scope of the constitution and capitalism.

Should our health-care system be left just as it is.

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    • Christian Walker profile imageAUTHOR

      Christian Walker 

      8 years ago from Maryland


      Your assertion that many seniors head to Mexico for their health care is sustained by evidence. Some people may go to mexico for treatments that our FDA does not approve of, but they do not go there for socialized medicine.

      To argue that healthcare should not be a "for profit" business is like arguing that food should not be sold for profit or housing. Both of these are just as essential as health care and one might argue that food is even more important than health care. Are we going to socialize Safeway and Kroogers? Where do we stop. Personally I would rather die than become a ward of the state.

      What ever happened to "Give me liberty of give me death?"


    • nickshamrock profile image


      8 years ago

      I have an article similar to this, proposing (in a sense) that the healthcare system should be torn apart a bit. Privatizing bits and pieces (diagnostic imaging, preventative measures, etc.). I plan on writing much more, but I get what you're saying. The problem is that it's hard for the people to actually be able to make a stand as it is now. lol there isn't enough hours in the day to discuss what exactly is wrong with healthcare, but they'll never listen to us on how to fix it.

    • dfager profile image


      8 years ago from Federal Way, Washington

      Many of our seniors are crossing the border to Mexico because health care is more affordable there. That's why a lot of seniors live down south. Leave things as they are and US health providers will just lose business anyway, either to Mexico or people who can't afford health care will just go without. Then US businesses will suffer due to failing health in it's workers.

      Heathcare should not be a for profit business. It's like selling water for a profit during Katrina. It doensn't seem right to profit from people's misfortunes or poor health. It's not ethical. America will not become a socialist nation just because we reform health care.

    • Christian Walker profile imageAUTHOR

      Christian Walker 

      8 years ago from Maryland

      The problem with your analysis is the fact that the companies were only half deregulated. The only regulation that the Government should exert over companies is antitrust and legitimate environmental regulation.

      If this were followed the free market would bring prices down and competition up. Credit card companies did not go astray in a vacuum. There were plenty of greedy gullible consumers all to willing to purchase things way beyond their means. If we let the free market come to bare then the consumers will wise up forcing the credit card companies to compete. We do not need to prop up either greedy companies or greedy consumers with government bail outs. Let greed and avarice be punished by a free market system that is unfettered by socialism.

      The same can be said about health care. Once the nanny state starts providing health care then the nanny state can begin looking at ways of controlling costs and that leads straight into regulating citizens behaviour. I'd rather die than place my liberty under the yoke of a government.

      We have survived and even thrived as a nation up until now. And all with out a government run health care system. The fix that health care needs is less government. Much less.


    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Health care should not be based on the capitalist system. The idea that you can have a system based on maximizing profit that will not try to screw people over is silly. Reganomics has already shown us that if you deregulate industries they will merge into de facto monopolies that will collude with each other to make as much profit as possible. The idea that shopping across state lines for insurance will help is defeated by looking at what happened when they did the same thing to the credit card companies. They all located to the state with the most lax regulations and then proceeded to jack up their rates to levels that used to be considered loan sharking.

    • Christian Walker profile imageAUTHOR

      Christian Walker 

      9 years ago from Maryland

      One way would be to deregulate insurance companies and allow them to offer policies with large deductibles, say, $1800 dollars or so. This would dramatically lower the premiums. Then have employers set up the $1800 savings accounts for their employees.

    • profile image

      Health Guy 

      9 years ago

      I agree with you, but I am not sure how the savings account thing would work. Where does the money for the savings account come from?


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