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How To Get Rid of the Islamic Center in New York City

Updated on October 11, 2012

Losing the Battle

Attempts to prevent the creation of an Islamic Centre within spitting distance of Ground Zero have failed. The Court has ruled that 'Freedom of Religion' covers buying a property and converting it to a religious venue.

That it is situated so close to where the Twin Towers stood means nothing.

That it is an affront to  people who lost relatives in the 9/11 attacks is a non-point. Muslims have freedom of religion and are well within their rights to have set up a dummy company to buy the property and well within their rights to call it Cordoba House, and well within their rights to have a mosque in that Centre.

So New Yorkers will just have to accept it.

Lets Go To Plan B

There is no legal challenge one can use to confront a Constitutional issue. The lawyers for Cordoba House knew it. They were wise enough to instruct their clients to form a company; 51 Park Place LH LLC to buy Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Corp.

Nothing in the name of 51 Park Place LH LLC would have alerted any eye that this was an Islamic front. Hence we are dealing with a firm of quite crafty lawyers who had this planned out possibly from 2002.

So let us move away from court rooms and emotions and let's deal with something else. Let's get to the meat of the issue.

Take the Diagonal

Right Now, have whomever owns the premises across the street from the
proposed Islamic Centre immediately set about opening a restaurant.

A nice big fresh food restaurant. Lots of outside tables and balconies,
country music, noise and excitement.

A restaurant which prides itself on having the best and freshest pork in New York City.

The Front Window

In the front window, for all to see, have this lovely presentation of roast pork.
For those who don't believe their pig is fresh, there will be deliveries of walking
porkers early in the morning, just about sunrise.

Pigs brought from the farm will arrive and be led into the modern slaughter
facilities, proving that the meal you are eating for lunch ate its own breakfast
that morning.

The Smell of Burning Flesh

The restaurant, with the thick smell of roasting pork will perfume the street, as happy
dinners stuff their faces.
Those who visit the Islamic Center will probably complain, after all, if they don't like
the smell of dead pig, if they don't like the sounds of squealing, if they don't like
knowing that the drain over there is catching pig's blood each morning, well hey,
tough turnips.

And if the restaurant is there first, if it's doing business before the doors on
Cordoba House open, well, hey, don't people have the right to eat what they want?

The owners of the restaurant could offer a discount to members of the Islamic Center,
but that might be pushing it.


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    • qeyler profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      For those who do not 'Get it'' when the Muslims invaded Spain they destroyed a church and on that very site built a mosque. That is Cordoba; the greatest victory of Islam over Christianity.

      The reason why the name was chosen was to prove, beyond doubt, that Americans have no grasp of how they are being played; even with the give away name.

    • qeyler profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Christina, I know you're one of those lovely people who doesn't realise when you're being played. The building was bought under a dummy company. The funding is going to come from other front companies. The name Cordoba is special. Islamists have a practice of destroying temples, synagoges, churches and building mosques on the site to prove victory.

      Those behind the purchase and the proposal have always depended on people like you to put yourself in the front line.

    • profile image

      christina Johnson 

      8 years ago

      You people are ignorant and disgusting. You are the reason we have hate in the world. It's not a "victory mosque" and that isn't even where it is going to be built. If you people say you love the Constitution so much, how can you deny anyone freedom of religion? You're hypocritical bigots, stop being to hateful and stupid.

    • qeyler profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      I think my method is the most pleasing. Since the idea of a lot of Muslims around GZ is a problem, lets see how my Pork Shop works out. If I had been in charge in NYC as soon as I heard about it, I'd of gotten Trump to buy/lease the other side of the street fast and have my 'In a Pig's Eye' open for business before the case reached Court.

    • LRCBlogger profile image


      8 years ago

      I worked downtown in this area for years. If it wasn't an election year, you wouldn't hear a peep about the "Mosque" being built. It is a community theater, basketball courts, swimming pool, and oh yeah, there is a prayer room.

      Were you upset when a mosque was built in the pentagon shortly after 9/11....did you even know?

      So you don't want the community center but you are ok with 'Guys and Dolls'? (strip club right next door to ground zero).

      What about the mosque on warrent street (4 blocks north of WTC?)

      Don't let the right wing media bias your mind. This area of NYC has little nightlife, no community, etc. There was a huge boom in condos built downtown, I think a community center will be a welcome addition once the rhetoric from politicians die down.

    • qeyler profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      I think a pork shop would be just peachy there. Esp. if the swine are slaughtered and the worshippers might step in their carcasses or flop.

    • SheriSapp profile image


      8 years ago from West Virginia

      Like the above commenter, I also know about the proposed pig burial which would deem the land "unsanitary" and useless for a mosque. That idea, or yours of a good old pork bbq joint are both GREAT ideas that are constitutionally legal, and they could STILL have their hugely unpopular mosque on that site, but then they would be forced to demonstrate some tolerance for folks eating the pork. Any sane person clearly understands that tolerance is not a really popular concept in the muslim world!!

    • readytoescape profile image


      8 years ago from Central Florida


      Interesting idea, though someone may not have to go to that extent, I read somewhere here on hub pages that if swine carcasses are buried on the property, the land would be desecrated and therefore deemed “unsuitable” by Islamic Law as a site for a mosque.

      However, I think I like the idea of just refusing to build it might be better, a little harder to do, but it gets the point across. For more, I published a hub back in August of just how this can be done. I will not post a link but if you are interested the title is “How to Stop the Ground Zero Mosque.”


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