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How To Make The World Accept Men Who Wear Women's Clothing

Updated on October 16, 2009

What will we do tonight, Brain...

Same thing we do every night Pinky.... try to make the world accept us.
Same thing we do every night Pinky.... try to make the world accept us.

Do you wish that the world were more accepting of your little quirks? Are you a guy who wishes that he could step out in his panties and skirt and be greeted with smiles and nods of approval?

Accepted norms can and do evolve over time, and in time, I think that greater acceptance for men who want to wear womens lingerie is actually fairly inevitable.

In spite of this fact there is something more important underlying this issue, and that is the need to feel accepted, not just by your loved ones or intimate partner, but by society at large. Whilst I understand that need on some level, I also have to say that it is an unnecessary goal.

Who cares if society at large agrees with what you want to wear? Are you living your life to keep the world happy? Because if you are, you're failing at it miserably. If you're an average Western citizen there's at least one group of people who want to wipe you out for your infidel ways, and if you're an average Middle Eastern citizen, then there's a rather large and well funded body of people who'd like to see you gone as well. If you're Chinese, then you're getting blamed for torturing your own citizens if they dare dissent and if you're Japanese, well, you can't go five feet on a whale hunt without screaming Greenpeace protesters hurling themselves in front of your boat. Finding acceptance is a hard road in this world.

Even within individual cultures and societies, there is always a wide variance of people. Half of America voted for G W Bush. There are significant numbers of people who think that gay marriage should be illegal. There are also significant numbers of people who think that the world was created 6000 years ago. There are statistically significant numbers of people who believe that a woman's place in the home.

No matter what you do, every time you step out the door you are going to annoy someone. Someone thinks that you shouldn't wear your hair that way, someone thinks your tie is tacky, someone thinks that your religious beliefs are stupid. Your skin color, no matter what it is, is most definitely a sign of evil doing in someone's mind.

We exist in a social aquarium of disapproval and irritation barely veiled by a thin layer of tolerance. But for some reason, some men who wear womens lingerie and clothing think that the world should change to accommodate them and welcome them with open arms.

The world welcomes almost no-one with welcome arms. The most well liked, lovely peaceful on the planet usually end up shot, poisoned or nailed to a tree. Find beauty in yourself and in those you allow to be close to you. Don't try to control the world. Change it a little by being who you are and ignoring the rest of the babble that is squealed at you throughout the day. The rest of the world will come around, begrudgingly and complaining about the cost of parking, in their own time.


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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      great hub i agree totaly with you i decided that people did not aprove of me wearing a skirt but why should i be bothered what they wanted it was not up to me to make there life what they wanted if they dont like seeing men in skirts then dont go out stay home then maybe they would not see one.

      regards paul

    • profile image

      Lester Q. Lee 

      9 years ago


      You and the "Bard" have a wonderful way with words. This Hub so elegantly restated: "To thine own self be true."

      Thank you for yet another wonderful insight!


    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Thanks Hope. I gained some new insights there...

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Bless your pea picken heart

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      "Pinky, are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

      "Doh, I think so Brain, but how will we make the world accept us when the world cannot accept itself?"

      Very insightful advice, Hope. People need to accept themselves first and then focus on accepting others as they are, not as they want them to be.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Well said, Hope

    • one2get2no profile image

      Philip Cooper 

      9 years ago from Olney

      Well written...I like it.


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