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How To Riot The Right Way

Updated on November 19, 2014
Spanish Demonstration turns into huge Riot
Spanish Demonstration turns into huge Riot

For many years, and many more years to come, people have always been and will continue to disagree with the Government and large Corporations which always seems to be trampling on the rights of workers. When people are displeased with situations that sometimes are repeated offenses which they have grossed about and as fallen on deaf ears. The anger and frustration builds up inside and it will eventually spill over into sometimes dirty and life taking riots. Chaos will eventually echo in the streets as people come out in their numbers demanding to be heard or getting their point across. However, these citizens normally are met by what they call riot police. Riot police are regular police officers who have been given special training in riot techniques. They are trained in crowd control and are given special riot gears such as large shields, batons, full body armor and helmets with face protection. They come out ready with even more lethal weapons such as tear gas, rubber bullets and if needs be, real live ammo. At the end of the day, instead of citizens vs injustice, it boils down to citizens vs the police.

Riot police Fighting Citizens
Riot police Fighting Citizens

Some things People Riot Against


  • There are those in this world that think that the government should do more to produce more jobs instead of funding armies and wars. People are very restive when it comes on to unemployment frustration and seek to let their voices be heard.

High Cost of Living

  • This is a famous cause for a riot, even now, the cost of living as skyrocketed to much that many middle class families have been pushed into the poverty class bracket. The vast difference between the haves and the have nots are steadily increasing daily and people see all these changes and decide to take to the streets to let their voices be heard.

Unjustified Killings

  • People are even more wiled up when it comes on to this touchy topic, especially if the killing was done by a white police officer on a black youth. Many racial attributes are built up into these street riots and as such cases many tensions to fire resulting in injuries during riots or even death.

Categories of Riot

When we normally look at a riot, we mainly see civilians vs the police and we may automatically think that the police are the bad guys and the civilians are the good guys, but on rare occasions, the police have made a stand for human rights. Lets take a look at the different categories of riots so we can lean more.

A communal riot is collective violence directed at persons of an opposing group, and may involve racial, ethnic, or religious groupings. Although police or agents of social control may engage in violence to keep the groups apart, the vast majority of collective violence occurs between groups. This is where the police come in and try to actually do their jobs of keeping these groups from hurting each other.

A commodity riot is collective violence directed primarily at property, but may involve people of different groups.

A protest riot involves spontaneous or planned collective violence directed against a specific policy. In contrast to the communal riot, during a protest riot most of the collective violence occurs between the police or other agents of social control and the rioters.

revelry or celebration riot. As with a commodity riot, collective violence is directed primarily at property, but may involve persons. However, in contrast to all other riots, a celebration riot does not necessitate grievance and often occurs after a victory over a traditional rival or the winning of a championship. (Can some one say English Premiere league)

The riot we are preparing for is a protest riot. People who practice celebration riots should be branded and put to work long hours in cornfields as they are utterly stupid and maybe and probably missing a couple chromosomes.

civilian running with tear gas cylinder after it was fired t them by the riot police
civilian running with tear gas cylinder after it was fired t them by the riot police

Do you think that it is necessary for people to riot?

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Riot Preparation

Demonstrations organized can become nasty really quick, it just takes one individual to boil over and sending both the demonstrating and police in a beating frenzy. Always be prepared for a riot by ensuring that you are well protected defense wise in case the police transforms into baton maniacs.


Ensure that you are properly suited, buy puffed or cushion clothing that can absorb any form of baton hits. Ensure that your arms shoulder, back and rib area are properly protected against baton attacks. Get leg and knee padding for those essential protection. If you are creative enough you can make your own padding out of Velcro straps, Sponge and Plastic. Do not where easily seen colors during a planned riot or even demonstration. Where uniformed clothing like the police to let the riot posse be seen as moving in unison. Where dark clothing and if possible, hard boots. Ensure that everyone is equipped with a simple backpack with water and small foods to keep going in the riot. Where gloves for protecting your fingers and even picking up hot cylinders fired at you by the riot cops and nicely give it back to them.

Chemical Protection

In riots, police love to fire tear gas to help disperse crowds, this is not effective anymore since as soon as the tear gas is fired it is actually thrown right back at them. However, you should always be prepared for chemical warfare by the police. Ensure that you have high quality breathing apparatus ready that can be quick to use in case the government goes for the chemicals. Find welding shades and have that ready for the protection of your eyes as well.

Brave Dog barking at Government riot police
Brave Dog barking at Government riot police

Plan and Strategy

The riot must be properly plan and strategised, if not, the only thing that you will accomplish is baton pains, swollen and burned eyes and skin. Not to mention those caught and dragged away and arrested by the police. A riot must be considered as a battle and therefore must be planned in that way. You need to understand the power of your enemy which is the riot police and find their strength and weaknesses. Know the numbers that you may face in a riot, find out how long would it take to get reinforcements if the riot crowd is not controlled by the wave of police, know how far these riot police will go will they resort to rubber bullets or more lethal form of offense. Have your GPS outline all major entries to the area of riot and try to cording off those area with massive amounts of people to block any form of reinforcements called upon. Have some central point vehicles that are ready with medical equipment to treat emergency wounds. Place look out persons on top of buildings and have radio men handy and coordinate the riot from all directions of the riot police so that the swarm on them becomes overwhelming that they will just have to give up and let the voices of the people be heard. Do not hurt any of these riot police as they are just paid government puppets who are just seeking bread for the table like anyone else.

Always have backup crowd ready to push forward in-case the front line riot becomes weak and are being brought down by the police. Let them think that the riot is weak and allow themselves to be drained , then send out wave after wave of rioting havoc on them. Split those groups in to riot battalions. Give each general a clear and precise order and plan. Do not loose focus of the message that you are trying to bring off.

No Property Destruction

Ensure that everyone is given the order than no property is to be destroyed or vandalized. By vandalizing and destroying property, you are only putting your own brother and sister into more misery and they will not sympathize with you during your cause. Destroying property can not bring you closer to your point unless your point was the destruction of a particular property or item. Ensure that riot representatives are lined along stores and are there to block unscrupulous people who are just there to rob and steal who don't even give a rats ass bout your cause.

The Rioters Famous Offense

The most famous offense of a civilian rioter is the molative cocktail. This can be quite a dangerous piece of weapon and may cause severe destruction on human and property. The cocktail is made not of sparkling champagne or best aged wine, but of extremely flammable solutions poured in a bottle, then a piece of cloth is stuffed inside that bottle with a piece left hanging out to be lit, it is then lit and thrown at riot officers who by now are probably firing stinging rubber bullets. The throwing of molative cocktail should be the last resort taken by any rioter as this is "back against the wall offense"

Protestor throwing Molative Cocktail
Protestor throwing Molative Cocktail

Many people will scuff at riots without realizing that if it was not for people who would stand up an actually fight for their rights, their living conditions, better treatment and change, many of us would not have the privilege that we have today. I salute all true rioters and heroes who have lead changing rebellions for the goodness of the people.

Riot in Greece - Athen Burns


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    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 3 years ago from Nibiru

      blessings to you frank

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 3 years ago from Shelton

      my goodness..i dunno im all for a quiet riot...:) good hub because of its uniqueness... my friend :)

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 3 years ago from Nibiru

      thank you billybuc.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

      What a unique article. It's not every day we see someone pro-riot and having the guts to write about it. I've been in a few of these during the 60s and they can be scary...but...effective. Nicely done!