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How To Stalk Someone

Updated on January 19, 2013

Stalking Is A Crime

No, I'm not going to give you information that will aid in your stalking efforts. I apologize if you found this page and that's what you came looking for.
Being that I started this(I started a blog outlining many of own experiences with stalking) with the focus on stalking I think I should be well informed.
Looking for information online I stumbled into websites that actually tell people how to stalk someone and how to choose a victim. One was more privacy/detective/snoop based than actually teaching one how to choose a victim, there was no mention of that on the site, however in reality in makes no difference if your motives are to purposely frighten and scare someone or just snoop. Snooping is just another form of stalking if not frightening and scary. Certainly there are many people out there who want to know more about their coworkers, neighbors, the people in church(I say this because nowhere have I found more people that love to snoop and dig into peoples personal lives and business than church, I'll focus on the reasons for that later on) and just about anyone else who crosses his/her path whom he/she finds interesting. To some degree it's human nature to want to know information that we have no business knowing. But there is a time when that crosses the line. Personally, I think there is no time that is good to snoop on someone but there are times it may be called for such as a new boyfriend/girlfriend, childrens boyfriends/girlfriends. As a parent you have the right to know if your child has just gotten caught up with someone who could be a criminal or have done bad things.
Beyond those instances there really is no good reason and even then this road should be treaded lightly. Unfortunately, we live in an information is power age where everyone we encounter in our daily lives from the casheir at the supermarket, coworkers, neighbors to the people in your church and other groups believe they have a right to know all about you such as where you live, work, go to church and just about every other concievable personal thing about you. It's understandable that new friends, etc. want to know these things but what about when you don't want to share that information?
All this information sharing leaves us oblivious to the pitfalls of sharing this type of information with the wrong person and it only takes one little tidbit in the wrong hands to wreck someone's life. Many people don't even realize when they are sharing just how dangerous this can be if such information falls into the wrong hands. But we falsely believe that if we share personal information with our friends that it goes no further and that is a fallacy, one that come back and bite you in the rear end down the road of you're no careful.
For most people they will never have to experience the awfullness of stalking but if you ever do you will never again take your privacy for granted. Even the common, harmless snooper can create big problems with his/her snooping.
If you've ever been stalked you'll understand fully the need to keep most of your life completely private.
A few years ago I didn't think much about this concept. I wasn't brought up to fear sharing personal information with others. It was considered impolite to not tell someone where you lived, worked and all kinds of other personal information. OUr parents didn't teach us about privacy, sure they taught us not to talk to strangers when we were kids but once you got to know the people around you a little it was all fine and dandy to share and share away. It isn't their fault they didn't teach the crucial element of safety and that being you don't share personal information until you get to know new people in your life very, very well which can take months even years. It's a shame we live in a society that makes sharing such an unpredictable hassle. Our parents and grandparents grew up in a different time, a time when things are not like they are today.
It's a shame there are websites out there that actually try to teach people how to stalk without even a mention of entertainment only which in my opinion is still gravely foolish. BUt at least they could make mention of what can happen when you stalk someone as it's illegal and will land you in jail if caught.
There are alot of crazy people out there who don't realize the person who wrote this is either a nutcase ot falsely believed people will know to not actually go out and stalk someone. Either way, the author should be ashamed. There are far too many people who will read it and believe it's okay to harass and stalk someone because some unknown author on the internet said it was okay.
It's free speech and as much as I hate what the author had to say I don't believe his/her words should be censored as am a big proponent of uncensoring of free speech. I do believe each and every one of us has a duty to think about what we say. JUst take a second longer to think about it especially if what we are proposing involves illegal activity.
A friend brought up a very important point about someone reading a post online and you never knowing how that person is going to take what you've written and that is very unfortunate but true. You don't know how someone will take your words however that doesn't give anyone the right to stalk or harass someone.
As always I'll end with be safe.


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    • profile image

      Ariana 5 years ago

      I agree stalking people is invading a persons privacy and it leads you into a life situation

    • profile image

      arriadna 5 years ago

      I was also surprised that there were sights about how to stalk people and so many. I would have thought stalking was quite easy if you have lots of time and a weird obsession about someone, obviously some of the weirdly obsessed need guidence on what I would have thought would come naturally if you are time rich and weirdly obssessed. I would have thought getting rid of a stalker would be harder and warrent many sites. Anyway

    • profile image

      Mystery Maiden 6 years ago

      This was misleading.

    • profile image

      Almost got killed  7 years ago

      I know how it feels to get stalked. I also have escaped a kidnapping plot. But your url is misleading. I now some times feel like taking revenge. Shoot the arrow back. Do you really have some ways?

    • profile image

      cfgvg 7 years ago

      missleading thumbnail is illegal.

    • profile image

      jkgfcju vybn 7 years ago

      In reply to Hue Jass:


    • profile image

      Hue jass 8 years ago

      Dude your gay