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How To Stop Others From Parking In Your Spot

Updated on January 31, 2013

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Stop Parking in My Spot!

I live in a two bedroom apartment in a small tenant apartment complex. Each unit has a space to park their vehicle, but the number of parking spots is seven. This happens to be the number of apartments there are. But the problem is we have two spots and so does another apartment. The lower number apartments are rented by questionable .types. They are asked to park on the street. This has created issues with the parking situation. Not only that but we have no room for guest parking.

I have sat in my living room and have had strange vehicles park in my spots. It drives me crazy. I usually ask them to move nicely but there are those times I cannot locate the owner or they give me an excuse as to why they need to stay parked in the spot. I then have to be more resourceful.

Tips On How to Stop Someone From Parking In Your Spot.

  • Talk the to the vehicle owner and ask them to move their vehicle.
  • Explain that the spot is paid for in your rent.
  • Contact the landlord and explain the problem.

More drastic Measures:

  • Have the vehicle towed at the owners expense.
  • Place cones and a no parking sign in the parking spot.
  • if the party that owns the vehicle removes your blocking measures the stand your ground.
  • I have parked my vehicle in both spots diagonally.
  • I have also blocked their vehicle from leaving by parking directly behind the alien vehicles.


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    • robie2 profile image

      Roberta Kyle 4 years ago from Central New Jersey

      I am thinking you might also put a sign on a pole that you can move when you are using the parking space that says something like " Private-- Do Not Park Here" so people will know that the space is yours-- or, if the person who parks is someone who lives in your complex, you could just put your car in their parking space whenever they are parked in yours. I also had a friend who had problems with people parking in front of her driveway all the time and she could not get out ( it was a busy city street) so she just painted a big hand lettered sign across the concrete driveway that read " Thou Shalt Not Park Here" in big letters. It worked.

      Good luck and you have my sympathy:-)