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How To Prevent An Oligarchy

Updated on March 3, 2016

The United States is looked upon as becoming an oligarchy.

If you are not familiar with what an Oligarchy is, it means, a country or province that is controlled by the wealthy. These wealthy can be comprised mostly of the businessmen and women that provide some product or service.

Overtime, I have come to understand how allowing oligarchs to have control happens.

This can be begin very quickly. Their influence begins with the will of a government or governing body of a country. It also has to do with the personal desires of these people that govern and represent the people.

By being able to buy some of the governing body of a country's influence, vote, rejection of a policy, or neglect, an Oligarchy can rule or control a country.

An oligarchy can harm us all by neglecting certain factors to do with health issues, the environment, social issues, and economic issues.

I see two things that are needed the most to stop and prevent an oligarchy.


The Government Official & The Will

Not all lawmakers are guilty of this.

I think everyone clings to their jobs and careers and strive to have money to take care of their families forever if they have to.

We must encourage some lawmakers, people of the government, or people of governing bodies to think of the people. Be considerate of the people. We need to remind them that their job is to represent, protect, and help the people.

Think of how many social issues will disappear when we could all benefit in life together. Realize that change must happen. Certain types of energy and means to living cannot be used forever. A price tag cannot be placed on everything. That alone takes the most away from everyday people.

We cannot ignore the environment, it can kill us. We cannot ignore poverty, that can kill us and it can cause extreme crime. We cannot ignore social injustices, that can kill us by causing revolutions and breeding terrorism.

We cannot let a price tag be placed on everything, it can harm people. It prevents the ability to have a simple living, and places money on the pedestal of God. If money is allowed to be placed this high, it can harm us all, even these governing bodies.


Increase in Wealth Distribution

Increase the amount of wealth and power distribution in the United States among it's citizens.

We have a system in the government that is supposed to prevent the more crucial forms of dictatorship. We could also have a balanced distribution of wealth and power.

The increase in the distribution of wealth, allowing citizens to take out loans and start businesses can contribute to more jobs.

This can also contribute to more programs established to provide major careers and jobs, but also improvements to our country. We can improve the way we live, how we eat, healthcare, longevity, and so forth.

Allowing more wealth distribution gives more freedom and stability back to our economy. This gives us all access to better and easier living and the benefits of healthcare. It gives us the ability to live and exist in peace. It allows us all to be able to take care of our families also.

Last Note

The balance in our government is precious, and it must be preserved and fought for.

It is meant to keep one person or a couple of people from being more powerful than all of us. I think the Founding Fathers meant to keep oligarchies from ruling the masses also.

To let a man or woman change the perspective of a leader is disastrous.

It can lead to biased behavior, bad decisions, discrimination, or the influence of stupid decisions that will affect us negatively and plunge our country into more economic and social distress.

Everyone deserves the ability to take care of themselves and their families. With better wealth distribution and a strong government, we could all be able to live a more fulfilling life.


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