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How To Stop School Shootings!

Updated on December 16, 2012

Given the tragic and senseless deaths at an elementary school in Sandy Hook, Connecticut yesterday, one cannot help but take notice of an obvious pattern by the cowards who tend perpetrate such carnage in public venues. Most of these mass shootings tend to take place locations with a minimum amount of security and risk to the shooters. Although the issues involved are not as simple to resolve (see: "Sandy Hook, Guns, & Questions"), I can think on at least one way to at least make school/public shootings an unappealing venture.

In the wake of September 11th, the federal government responded by placing armed federal air marshals on planes in order to prevent future hijackings. I was thinking that maybe the events of the Sandy Hook school shooting would become the catalyst for placing a variation of armed air marshals in our public schools. It's not a stretch of reality; many urban (and some rural) schools are staffed with "resource officers," police officers from local municipalities who are based in public schools. This is one simple way to deter future would-be "insane" mass killers who are willing to inflict suffering on the lives others because they are dissatisfied with their own apparently meaningless lives.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. So check out this solution...


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    • Beyond-Politics profile image

      Beyond-Politics 5 years ago from The Known Universe (

      Thank you. Please do!

    • Beyond-Politics profile image

      Beyond-Politics 5 years ago from The Known Universe (

      I understand what you're saying. But outside of a consensus mindset change among males (because they are the chief perpetrators), we need to be a little more RE-active than proactive when it comes to schools. Let's face it...a determined lunatic is going to find a way to attack the most innocent and most vulnerable segment of society to prove whatever sick point he is trying to make. Guns in schools are not the best solution; it's a proposition meant to counter the minority nutcase who's hellbent on trying to make a name of infamy for himself. And since we know the majority of these cowards aren't going to go marching into an NRA meeting, a public housing project in the 'hood, on a military base, or someplace where people might actually put a cap in his @$$, something drastic needs to be done to put the fear of God (or whomever) into these maniacs.

    • profile image

      redrooster13 5 years ago

      Of the 61 mass shootings we've had since 1982, 49 of them were with legally-obtained weapons. Meaning that a majority of mass gun-related violence was basically legally-sanctioned through lack of restrictions. Had those guns been tagged with harsher restrictions and more accountability, those numbers would likely have been lower. The easier you make weapon access, and the less effort people have to put into killing others, the more likely people are going to be to use it.

      We need to be far more proactive in this society, rather than reactive. By putting guns in our every day lives, and encouraging fear-driven reactionary behavior as a solution rather than forward-thinking prevention, we're losing as a society, day by day, and we will only get worse. Violence begets more violence, and a shrugging of shoulders combined with an increase in weapon prevalence will only instill the mindset that that violence is always the solution, because it's just easier and faster.

      We're not at war. But putting weapons of war into our lives and allowing children to be caught in the crossfires will create a sense of wartime and paranoid fear for the children in our society to carry to their children, and that is not a gift that I will just hand down without a fight to my child. As a society, we should be better than this. Why we can't seem to make ourselves better and rise above our own paranoid delusions about one another speaks volumes about our own unwillingness to take responsibility for the violent lifestyle we've created through neglect and lack of accountability.

    • teachfreedom profile image

      teachfreedom 5 years ago from West Virginia

      Love it! I am definitely sharing this.