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Hurricane And Tornado - Precaution & Survival

Updated on September 3, 2014

Safest Place During A Tornado

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Tornado And Hurricane Preparedness Tips

The high storm in itself is not reckoned as the principal danger. But, when it turns into a hurricane or tornado then it tends to blow around the shreds buildings, debris and even turns the sharp objects into missiles. This type of storm is generally accompanied by thunderstorms, hail and heavy rain. So, before the alarming signals of hurricane you need to have a plan handy with you for survival.

The Gulf and Atlantic coastal areas are mainly subject to hurricanes, tropical storms and tornadoes. If you are residing in such susceptible areas, then be prepared always before the alarming signal of hurricanes. Here are a few simple tips that will help you to survive during a hurricane or tornado.

Making yourself prepared for the upcoming hurricane will always enhance your chances of survival during such emergency situations. It also helps you to prevent the damages that may be caused due to such heavy storms.

Federal authorities, including President Obama, are urging Americans to take precautions before hurricane Irene hits.
Federal authorities, including President Obama, are urging Americans to take precautions before hurricane Irene hits. | Source

Crucial Aspects To Prevent The Damages

There are several crucial aspects that you need consider before a hurricane is heading towards your home so as to protect yourself and prevent the damages.

  • Remove all your outdoor furniture and antennas
  • Make your home completely secure by installing and closing the window shutters
  • Turn your freezer and refrigerator to coldest settings. You should try to open only when the situation demands and close it as quickly as possible
  • Always keep the tank of your car full with fuel. If you have a boat with you, then moor it securely and move it to some safe and secure place.
  • Store all your personal papers and valuables in some waterproof container to prevent it from damages

Making an escape plan long before an emergency happens!
Making an escape plan long before an emergency happens! | Source

Must Have Disaster Kit During Hurricane


Escape For A Secure Place

If the local officials in your area send you the alarm signal for evacuation, then immediately leave the place with all your belongings to some secure place. Try to avoid all the flooded roads and take the washed-out brides instead. But, don’t forget to keep your house secure by unplugging all the appliances and by turning off the electricity and water valves. If you have some time spare with you, then try to elevate the home furniture to prevent it from flooding. So, try to locate the home furniture to higher floors of your house. Don’t forget to take your warm and protective clothing, and emergency supplies along with you.

If you reside in an area where a hurricane tends to occur frequently, then keep this supply checklist handy with you for survival.

  • Decide how you will manage for water supply during emergency situations. The bottled water from supermarket won’t be sufficient for your survival during hurricane. So, you need to have large containers handy with you where you can store tap water for your use. Definitely, you will require enough water for bathing, drinking and flushing the toilet. To store non-drinking water you may use the bath tubs and use caulking to seal the drain.
  • You need to have well-stocked Family Disaster Kit handy with you as during a hurricane you may lose power.
  • Ensure that you have sufficient funds with you to survive the long days of hurricanes.

These were some of the most important tips on how to survive during a hurricane. If you follow these tips, then survival in a hurricane will become easier for you and for your family.

How To Prepare A Hurricane And Disaster Emergency Survival Kit?

Best Tornado Safety Tips



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