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How To Train An Islamic State Fighter

Updated on December 28, 2014

The Islamic State or Daesh has seized a lot of territory over the past year. Like Hitler's SS troops or as a matter of procedure, the boys, as young as 8 yrs. old, are recruited into their Islamic army, but most are teenagers. Of course, there are many men who have traveled to join the jihad. These men are the discontents, criminals, revenge seekers and use this jihad as their excuse to kill or obtain authority. The women are sorted as well, with many of them becoming slaves and trophies to Islamic fighters for sex to produce babies for future generations. Others are sold for profit or just executed based on religion or resistance.

One key training for all recruits is desensitizing to the brutal horror of killing other humans, whether through executions with a bullet to the head or beheading a victim. This would be the ultimate method and frequently used. Once this training is done, the soldiers are killing machines, in a sense. Hitler's SS troops had this reputation, yet, even they retained some humanity.

The beheading class has a group of recruits facing captured victims. The victims are jeered and forced to their knees. As the instructor states that it is like learning how to chop an onion, he grabs their neck by the forehead and then slowly slices with a knife across the neck. After the demonstration, the teachers asks for volunteers. Those who do so, will be rewarded with gifts for God, so they are told. Such stupidity boggles the Western mind. Really? What would a 10 yr. old boy do with 21 virgins? Of course, none of the recruits ask about these rewards in this classroom of fear. The volunteer selected is then guided through the bloody beheading of the captive. When completed, many are in shock and to remove the shock, the head of the victim is passed around among the trainees several times.

Many of the boys or teens within the IS held territory are forced to serve IS as fighters. These are mostly from the rubble of Syria and taken away from their parents. Those that go to schools are forced to learn the strict Islamic law. Some of them eventually defect to tell of the horrors they or others faced. One such teen indicated that he and others were forced to behead many Syrian men that fought the Islamic State ranging from 18-45. This was confirmed in the Dein Ezour area of Syria. Some of the heads were used as a soccer ball by kids as shown in a released video. These teen soldiers are paid $150 a month, a huge sum of money for them, who have little but rubble and rags. Some families will offer their sons to IS for this money just to survive.

The Islamic State's training begins with a a 45-day course in Sharia law and then 15 days of specialized military training. It begins a 0400 with prayers and then three hours of Shariah study. The first meal is at 0700 and then there is an hour of sports but from 0800 to 1600, military weapons training occurs with guns and mortars. This is followed by three hours of Shariah law and a meal. Lights out is at 2100. Once training is completed and the recruits graduate, they attend advanced training for another 15 days preparing for battle drills, guarding duties or becoming suicide bombers. The less intelligent kids or those who are marginal become the bombers.

Not all will submit to the IS indoctrination. These are the more intelligent ones who did have an education. Resistance is dangerous. Many defectors tell of horror chambers used by IS to torture even their own recruits who show infidel tendencies. The whole culture is of fear that one's actions or words may bring a beating or worse upon them. It is like East Germany or the USSR in the Cold War. One either submits to them or be killed.


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    • profile image

      Rusty 3 years ago

      Unfortunately, many of the young men are often taken down to the river and corn holed.