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How To Win An Election Anywhere In The World

Updated on February 23, 2016

Mastering strategies to winning an election is essential for everyone. Human Beings live in hierarchy and often build relationship based on leadership. The art of winning an election is a long-term tactics that needs to be developed and well planned over time.

Winning an election should not be a rocket science and never requires doing the extreme by getting involved in dirty politics over other competitors. Without much ado, here are the suggested steps to take to win an election in any part of the world.

Plan Few Years Ahead

Ideally you should make an election a 5-year plan. For example, this simply means, if you are aiming to become a president; start your plan early enough so it could actualize in 5 years. Many people will value your advice and contributions if they know you are non-partisan with no known political agenda in the near future. This changes if you make your interest known early enough. Many people do not like to be sold to. It will be harder to sell yourself if they know you to be a salesperson than a clergy with a hidden sales ambition. This is the time you need to choose the right people that will be needed and formulate ways to keep them in your circle. During this period you will certainly be able to know what works well and what does not.

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Conceal Your Intentions

This cannot be over-emphasized. Keeping your political plan will not only make you win an election but will also save your life. This will give you an opportunity to associate with any group you wish to while gathering all information you need to your own political advantage. Your political ambition might be truncated if revealed too early enough or some artificial obstacles might be intentionally pushed your way in an attempt to frustrate your political plan before it actualizes. You will even learn from other people’s predicament while trying to achieve their political achievement. The good thing about staying on the sideline in any game ia that you are able to see both the good and the bad guys and that is when you should start forming your friend and enemy zones.

Become A Philanthropist

People are more likely to accept things freely from you when they know that nothing is attached to it. Once the purpose for a gift is known, reactions from the receivers become subjective and might even result in an outright rejection of the gift. To have a perfect plan in line with your political ambition, you will have to meet people’s needs genuinely without any hint about the future. Always be ready to give no matter how overwhelming it becomes. People you have helped will selflessly offer to you unsolicited referrals during your political ambition. When you keep telling people the same thing for a long time, they begin to take it as true.

Sharpen Your Presentation Skill

World’s greatest leaders always have one thing in common; it is the orator’s skill. People who speak eloquently are often perceived to be sharp and intelligent. When someone speaks fast and smart, people will not notice flaws in their presentation including grammatical blunders but a slow speaker struggling with articulation reveals all and might even come across as unintelligent. You always have to make every moment you spend with people count if you choose to embark on a political ambition. However, this is not the stage to reveal the reason for the sharpening of skills. It is highly advised that you conceal your intention at this stage.

Make Competitors Your Mentors

Leaders will freely give information once they know you will not be using it for any other purpose other than personal development. This is a very crucial time as they are likely going to reveal information on how to defeat your competitors with valid history on some of their accomplishments as well as weaknesses. Make genuine friendship with these people and they will unintentionally tell you more than what you bargained for. Invite them over to you family parties and even make them chair some of the occasion you are involved with.

Keep Your Friends Close, Your Enemies Closer

Friends are great to be with but enemies are better. You never know when a friend becomes an enemy but at least you always know an enemy is an enemy who has only come to steal and destroy so you know where to place them from the onset. If you play your tricks well on your enemies, they will unintentionally reveal their own deficiency so you can strike. The trick is, you always have to reveal a bit of something they want to them and they will unknowingly tell a secret they shouldn’t tell in an attempt to hear more from you.

Friends are the most delicate element in politics. You never know when they start selling you out. You should always strive to know the Judah in your friends and never keep more than one intimate friend that you share sensitive information with most especially your past. Remember when a competitor or an enemy is about to crush you, they always come through your friends. Be on guard all the time.

Declare Your Intention

This is the point of no going back and do not give explanation for taking an action. Just declare and keep the fire burning. Pursue your ambition as if your life depends on it and have ears in the nooks and crannies to know reactions to your recently declared intention. Practically wear a jacket of flame so everyone knows you are in for a real deal. This should be happening after 5 years since your initial plan.

Beware of The Media

Many a times, media play host to the highest bidder. Your opposition might aggressively turn to the media to tarnish your image but do not pay too much attention to the media. People who often believe in the media always depend on the media. If you want to win an election, pay attention to the grassroots-they have the answers to what the media is saying. These are the people who can bring the support, who probably have no access to the media and desperately want to give their support by coming out to vote rather than rant online. Media is to the elites while grassroots is to votes. Grassroots always win elections. They know the true meaning of staying to cast a vote come rain, come shine.

Speak Like You Have Won

You statement should be like ‘I will certainly ensure the people have access to highly subsidized education once I resume’. These are the kind of statements that make an opponent shiver and wonder what just happened. Make statements that will make your competitors lose hope but never tarnish their image. Shake the media and booze the internet with your statements. Be controversial to a drop.

Use An Ex-Opposition Chief As A Campaign Manager

These are the Truth-Sayers. They have been there and know the internal formation of the opposition party and therefore give you an edge as to what steps you should take and likely modifications your competitors might make. This is a key person in your campaign team as he will often offer classified information you can use to your own advantage. You will need to have a genuine relationship with this person because both of you will have to prove integrity individually before trust can come from either party.

Write A Book When You Finally Win

Yes, write a book that talks about your success story and include a thank you message for your supporters. This will pave way for a second term and less antagonizing during your tenure. This is key to starting a new process of winning an election as you are somehow giving back to the people. However, remember what you do during your first term in a position is about 70% of the likely chances that you will win another election. If you truly serve the people during your first trial, you wouldn’t have to go through this process in order to win another one.

Let me know if you have ever won an election and the key things you did in order to win.


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    • Elesh profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from the jungle of Africa

      Hahaha. Thought those could be too complex to recommend. Rigging and stealing of ballot boxes are tactics for the political geeks. Not for the faint-hearted.

    • tsadjatko profile image

      2 years ago from now on

      Anywhere in the world? You don't live in America do you.

      You forgot "promise free stuff" like free healthcare, free college tuition, free debt payment.

      Oh and then there is the network of election fraud which includes dead people and illegals voting, rigged ballot boxes and oh yes those ballots that get lost in transport or are mysteriously found on recount.

      Anywhere else? Well, sounds like you have a good plan here Elesh, well done!


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