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How Will The World End? Hm?

Updated on August 20, 2017

Doomsday has for some odd reason always fascinated people, for some reason the idea of the Earth randomly exploding or going into a nuclear devastation has always kept peoples attention.

Think back to when the Fallout Series of games were made, it showed what could possibly happen if the world was ever to go into nuclear war, or perhaps the old Mayan Prophecy which said the world would end in 2012. In all honesty however I feel how the world will end won't be so entertaining or come from the pages of a book.

War has been around for decades, from wars with simple black powder rifles to full on tank and airplane warfare we have come to a more technological powered age where the weapons we can create could possibly end the world more then it would the war. A zombie apocalypse has always been one of the fan favorites when it comes to the worlds downfall, it usually has it to where once the zombies rule people will turn their backs on one another and then the zombies do not seem like much of a threat.

In any case I believe there might be a better chance of dying from to much oxygen rather then a case of the un-dead. Humans have always been a rather negative species, we don't see many other animal species stab each other in the back or reign over those who are weaker. Unless you watch the Lion King. There is a good chance of humans simply being sick and tired of humans, that we get tired of are own negativity and destroy one another with what the Crusaders might call Gods Will.

As of now when this article is created people have talked about a second Civil War brewing in the US, it could be true or it could simply be the Illuminati. A usual scapegoat for some reason.

Humans have technology, while guns are not easy to simply get many cunning folks have been able to create weapons even without the use of steel and bullets. While zombies and aliens, Mayan Prophecies and world floods do sound rather interesting those are normally just the ideas of Hollywood.

With all of the anger, hate, annoyance and wrath that fill the void that was once called Earth I have no doubt Humans will be the end of themselves. You can see the reasoning behind it, many comics or movies come to this. A being tries to learn the reason of humanity or why it exists only to come to the conclusion that it should be eradicated or that Humans will be their own downfall.

While I agree with some people, aliens don't come to earth cause we humans are idiots I think it is safe to say that when it all comes push to shove Mankind will either aid one another or destroy their members of their race.

In any case if you think perhaps there is another way humans will perish leave a comment below, I am interested to see what everyone else thinks of the subject.


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