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How Would You Make The Call

Updated on October 2, 2009


How Would You Make The Call?

©-MFB III-the 9/11 chronicles


It was the window or the 1000 degrees of heat
melting the nylon stockings to her legs
and her dress bursting into tiny blue flames
and her hair reeking as it crisped beyond
any curling iron damage she'd ever known.

Sure her dress would blow up
and she would look so ridiculous in mid-air
but the heat, the God awful heat
melting her barrettes to her skull
panties like hot glue around her waist
molten metal in her brassiere straps
"Please God forgive me? she begged
as the window burst first
and then she followed shortly after
taking an early flight from her short life
with a long wail of .............

" I love you....Mom and Dad........

Tears streaming as
she plummeted 110 stories
to land with a wet crump below
along with hundreds of others falling
in twisting spirals to
the waiting avenues of death.

How would you have made the call?
as you stood poised on
the edge of that blast furnace.
Nothing to go back to,
nothing to look forward too,
but emptiness
and a long drop into eternity.
Who would you have called?
and what would you have said?
in the mere seconds left
as the cell phone melted
into a soft blob
even as you spoke.

9/11~~~Never forget.


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