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How Would a No-Fly Zone on Libya Occur?

Updated on March 18, 2011

If there is a will to do something, it can usually be done. If there is any reluctance about doing anything, then, that creates an excuse or wall not to do it. That is the difference between success and failure.

The Libyan situation is the perfect example. A week  ago, the rebels trying to topple Gadhafi, were well on their way and expressed needs of a No-fly Zone, because the rebels only have a few very old planes to fly. Gadhafi has a modern air force. Yet, America insisted of not going alone to impose it, talked about it, consulted about it. Now, the rebels are nearing their end as Gadhafis forces are near Benghazi. Finally, the discussions ended and it was voted to impose the No-fly Zone. Now, more time is needed, how?

Geez! Just start to do the frickin thing. The USS Enterprise carrier with 34 F-18F and 10 F-18C, a host of ECM aircraft is only days from the area. The Enterprise alone could demolish much of the Libyan Airforce with its Tomahawk cruise missiles (which is why Libya wants a ceasefire!). There are also many British and French combat aircraft based at Aviano AFB in Italy. Even in Tobruk, Libya, which is under rebel control, the British built AFB of  Abdul el-Nasser stands ready for US or other aircraft. Gadhafi is nowhere near this base. It is one of Libya's main airbases the rebels seized. Egypt or Saudi Arabia could also fly some of its aircraft to this base and begin operations.

As to the SAM-2 missiles. These are Libya's long range surface to air missiles and are at least 40 or more years old. They are not dangerous because currently technology makes them near obsolete and cruise missiles can easily destroy them. Even Libya's other SAMs are not that dangerous because of their much shorter range and can be jammed without much issue. They are also at least 30 years old.

There is nothing stopping immediate action but the "will" to do it.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      who will pay for the expenses if the U.S. decides to go it alone? Aircraft cost a lot of money to keep in the air. The U.S is already fighting 2 wars. The Arab countries should do more militarily then just push the U.S into every conflict that comes up.

    • perrya profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      As Rango might say "hold on there partner, Libya is like Rattlesnake Jake, full of venom"

    • moncrieff profile image


      7 years ago from New York, NY

      Well U.S. just has launched an air attack on Lybia. It's another edition of 1999 Belgrad bombing. The hint that attack would be launched was given 3 weeks ago when British PM announced that Gadaffi had fled to Venezuela. What I don't understand, why the operation is not carried solely by France, Great Britain, Italy and Norway? It's their parish... Well, I do understand. But I really want to see the real reason behind this mission. Violation of human rights is only a smokescreen here... Gadaffi's days are numbered?


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