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Yes, He (Tea Vendor) can! How a Pawn Got the Position of a Queen in Indian Democracy?

Updated on September 3, 2014

Narendra Modi's Journey From A Tea Seller To PM

Wednesday 12th February 2014 is the day when a BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate, Shri Narendra Modi first kicked off the “Namo Tea” campaign to address people across the length and breadth of India on the issues concerning to good governance in India. It is a unique interaction session where Mr. Modi addressed the questions of people right from a tea stall in Gujarat. In his statement he declared that it is the correct time to bridge the trust discrepancy amongst the people of India and to focus on the development so as to attain “Surajya”.

The tea campaign by Mr. Modi is the first of its kind initiative organized in India that is supported by five diverse kinds of technologies. Suggestions, ideas and questions from people for Mr. Modi were shared over social media and internet and he addressed each of these questions put up by the coming generation of India. Mr. Modi answered each question directly to people.


Ultimate Concept Ever To Interact People

Talk about the selection of a tea stall for an interaction session, Mr. Modi conveyed that “Tea Stall is the ultimate choice for interacting with people and it is the Footpath Parliament, where all topics can be discussed under the sun, making it easier for people to share their suggestions and ideas with the BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate. He believes that this unique concept will help him come closer to the people and understand them better which will further help Mr. Modi to cater their needs and requirements easily.

Through this tea campaign, Mr. Modi got the opportunity to reach maximum number of people across India, irrespective of caste bar and age group. Both, technology and tea have given Mr. Modi greater opportunity to understand the coming generation in the best way possible. Through this campaign, Mr. Modi interacted with the common people of India over the brew via social media, satellite services and DTH.


Branding of an Uncommon Things In a Most Common Place

This program has been broadcast at over thousand tea stall locations which been identified by BJP’s managers in over 300 cities across India, including 22 towns and cities in Gujarat, through video conferencing. According to the BJP, it is an out-of-the-box initiative by Mr. Modi, especially against the traditional way of electoral campaigning that is conducted by other political parties in India. Whirling the criticizes to Modi’s benefits, the poll managers of BJP have affirmed to use the background of Mr. Modi to reach a large number of voters across India simply by inviting them to enjoy an interactive session with the BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate through this tea campaign.

Whether the cause of success is development, corruption or due to any other issue.

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Influential Impact of Campaign Among Veteran Leaders

Senior leaders of BJP like Arun Jaitley, Rajnath Singh and other heavyweight chief ministers were influenced by this campaign and soon they will start frequenting tea stalls to discuss political issues with the locals. These remarkable stopovers will be the part of this tea campaign by Mr. Modi, which is truly a hoping to kindle the political hurricane amongst the Indian through tea stalls. The magic of this tea campaign by Mr. Modi improved the conversations around the PM candidate of BJP.

A Tea Seller was Modi's Proposer During Vadodara Nomination

Kiran Mahida, Narendra Modi 's proposer for nomination in Vadodara
Kiran Mahida, Narendra Modi 's proposer for nomination in Vadodara | Source

True, Transparent And Emotional Appeal

In adherence to Mr. Modi’s background as a tea vendor (Chaiwala), the BJP managers at Vadodara have selected a low profile tea vendor as one of the five proposers for his nomination. Mr. Kiran Mahida, a tea vendor in Vadodara, signed as a proposer when Mr. Modi filed his nomination.


And Finally Checkmate

Considering the results of polls where Nehru-Gandhi dynasty saddled with worst ever performance, the BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Mr. Narendra Modi won the democratic battle in central with maximum number of votes. Mr. Modi also stated that if Congress fails to win 100 out of parliament’s 543 seats, then Gandhi family’s leadership will directly come under threat and it would be the ultimate checkmate to congress by a low-caste tea vendor's son and BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate, Mr. Narendra Modi.



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