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How am I supposed to Feel about Donald Trump?

Updated on July 10, 2016

Donald Trump

Surely, he is the most interesting man to be running for president in recent years. But is this really the guy you want running the country? Personally, I can't decide.


Having a successful business man as president would most likely be beneficial for this country in many ways. He knows business, America might as well BE a business, considering our capitalistic structure. Would Donald Trump even want to live in the White House instead of one of his many mansions?

Not Sure How to Feel

No one can dispute Donald Trump's success as a business man- but what is it that has made him so successful in his run for the Oval Office so far? Is it his blatant honesty? Is it just the fact that he IS a business man- and not a politician that, has driven him to the top of the Republican Party?

Does he Actually Have a chance?

Being that Donald Trump is not a real politician, I don't know if he can actually win the election. He also has a tendency to say the wrong thing and get blasted by the media for it. Is this really the man you want in office? I don't know how I feel, but I don't know how he can possibly be an appealing candidate for president, (not that Clinton has my vote,) I am unsure who to vote for in this election.

Do we really need to keep talking about the Clinton Emails?

Surely everyone knows about Hilary Clintons email scandal by now- should this exclude her from the presidency in your mind? I fail to understand the importance of this. Yes- she obviously lied about it, to everyone. But she IS a politician, that is basically what they are paid to do. Can't say I prefer her over Trump, it seems either choice may not turn out well.

What Do You Think?

The true purpose of this article is to have my questions answered, please explain why you support either candidate in detail to help me to understand why either of these candidates even made it this far in the first place. I would really appreciate your comments! Thanks,


Trump or Clinton?

Who will you be voting for?

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    • GaminCouple profile image

      Daniel And Amanda 21 months ago from Texas

      I couldn't vote during the last presidential election because I actually had not yet turned 18. But my girlfriend voted for Obama (she is 3 years older than me.) I have never had a preferred party, as I find myself agreeing (and disagreeing) with view points from both sides. My gut says maybe sit this election out as well, I can't see myself being happy with either candidate at the end of the day

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 21 months ago from Auburn, WA

      Full disclosure: I'm not voting for either of the candidates. I've been a Republican for nearly 30 years and we made great strides in expanding the "base." Until now. So as painful as it is for me to not vote (something I love), I just can't. The thought of another Clinton makes me just as ill. She is loathsome. Every time I'm tempted to vote for Trump, he does something stupid, like suing a former staffer. So I'll spend my time down ticket.

      The choices are so odious, it is hard to believe my country has come to this mess. But the only quality Trump has is that he is not Hillary.

      Have you voted before? If so, do you have a party preference? Otherwise, go with your gut.