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How being stuck where I am is intolerable.

Updated on July 13, 2017

How complaining has got me nowhere

I have been complaining to Barclays for years about their appalling customer service. That and the fact that they (having ALWAYS known what I wanted to do with my money, said - 'No, you can't do that, you have to stay with us') refuse to admit they have done anything wrong. Even though they bullied me into keeping this account.

Telling Them Like It Is

They know exactly how much I was worth when I decided to quit the stock market and use my (then much more) money to buy properties to rent out and earn an income that way. They said "No, you must stay where you are."

They also dispute the amount I was worth. I had to show and tell them.

And so now I am worth hundreds and thousands of pounds poorer. With no job and no prospect (with age) of ever getting a job ever again and - because of self-same company, Barclays - with the prospect of being penniless in the near future because they are so determined to keep me a prisoner within their company.

I have shown and told them what I was worth, but they still deny me. I have completely stopped talking to them. They have stopped ringing me up on the phone (thank goodness) and I have long since refused to call them. Although they constantly invite me to call them, they must now realise that is never going to happen.

Useless Help From Them

They generously, (Hah!) offered to pay legal fees for me to bring my case, knowing FULL WELL that no solicitor will touch this case, because I am "out of time". Well, that's great isn't it? Offering to pay when there's NO chance of them ever having to pay up. Really generous that!

I blame the person who bullied me into keeping this account. He knows full well who he is. I told him what I wanted to do, that I didn't trust him. What did he do? Instead of giving me my money back, he shunted me onto another "adviser".

I use that word hesitantly. Because not one of them has advised me. Not one of them has helped. Instead they tell me what to do, intead.

The current one seems totally unaware - until, that is, I put her in the picture. She still seems totally unaware. Useless, utterly useless.

Where Else I Went For Help

Through the Financial Ombudsman Service, I did complain, but me being "out of time" means they cannot help either. There is no-one out there in an official capacity that can help me. I wish there was.


I tried them too, but none of them can help. For the same reason - out of time.

Meanwhile, in my possession are files and files of my letters of complaint and Barclays responses. I have made it so clear what I want and yet still Barclays are determined to keep me as their customer. They have seriously bullied me time and time again. In fact, their entire ethos is of bullying.

That is absolutely no way to treat anyone.

So, where are you, James Bailey? You bullied me into keeping this account. You admitted to my face that I was right. Are you still enjoying your nice fat salary that is probably more per year than I am now worth in total? Do you sleep at night? Do any of you horrible people sleep at night, knowing what you have done to me?

I sincerely hope not.


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