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How can we counter act terriosm without retaliation?

Updated on March 12, 2011

Besides retaliation our best defense against terrorism is our intelligence. A terrorist has multiple amounts of ways they can attack the United States. The United States should begin deciding how to create an anti-terrorism tactic manual by first remembering what and why terrorist do the evil things they do. In the past terrorism was used as a political tactic, a way for a terrorist to push and shove their way into a chair at the negotiating table, to make their demands or ideas heard and get what they want from their actions. Currently terrorists are motivated by religion or national beliefs, and do not want to negotiate any longer, all they want now is to destroy the negotiating table and rebuild what they want in its place.

In order to ensure this does not continue to be a threat to the United States then we must gather several expert individuals form several different fields, to calculate some ‘what if’ scenarios. The main fields that would or could be affect by terrorists or would be involved directly if there was a terrorist attack is medical, bio-chemical, military, electric, water, banking and finance, telecommunications, oil and gas, transportation, government services and emergency services. Gathering an expert form each field will allow us to come up with a lot of different what if scenarios and a lot of different ways to either prevent the action form taking place or to minimize damage after the fact.

For example let’s say terrorist’s decided to create a combined attack to wipe out all electrical systems and hack into a major credit card’s computer database to create a financial crisis. What would we do? How would we fix that situation? How would we stop the terrorists before they did any damage? Having the answers to these questions would aid us in being able to stop the crisis from happening in the first place or would give us a way to fix the situation after it did happen quickly.

Being one step ahead of the terrorists, in my opinion, would aid the United States in fighting terrorism better than retaliation. Being prepared and ready to prevent or quickly fix the wrongs terrorists does is a lot better than going and trying to wither locate them or fighting an unseen source. Keeping connected with others countries and helping and working with each other to fight against terrorism is another good anti-terrorism tactic. It will allow everyone to be on the same page and everyone to be able to look out for the connections between the many global networks terrorists are using to stay in contact with each other. I do not believe that the world is ever going to be free of terrorists because there are too many people with their own opinions that do not care who they hurt to get the things they want. But I believe that one day we will be able to feel safe knowing that no matter what they attempt to throw at us we will be able to counter and defuse and fix the situation and be able to link it back to the terrorist that created the plan in the first place.


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